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9 Under the Mistletoe

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Tia Siren

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Four sets of twins? I want them all.

It’s Christmas.
So what if I just broke up with my boyfriend?
A girl’s allowed to kiss 8 guys under the mistletoe.
Even if it gets me a death threat from my ex.
So now I need round-the-clock bodyguards.
And the twins all agreed to help me.
The Wolf Twins, the billionaires.
The Castle Twins, the firemen.
The Jameson Twins, the doctors.
The Oakley Twins, the quarterbacks.
I can’t seem to decide which pair make me feel the safest.
Or the sexiest.
I’ll just have to move in with all 8 of them.

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Chapter 1

I curled my hair in the mirror as Courtney put on her makeup. The resort hotel I worked for, Beacon-Ansley, threw several parties throughout the holiday season. Being the event planner meant managing everything from the VIP list to place settings, choosing the colors for the decorations, and triple-checking the menu. But by now I’d lived in Los Angeles and worked for this hotel for about three years. I knew the regulars by heart, could address every person by name, and even had a hand in hiring other individuals if people didn’t work out on my catering teams. It kept me busy working over sixty hours a week, but this year threw me a curveball.

A twin convention!

“So, you really mean it when you say this party’s gonna be filled with twins?”

“Yep,” I said as I fluffed my hair.

“Just a bunch of people who look like another person getting together because they’re twins,” Courtney said.

“Uh-huh. Apparently, it’s a big thing. Twin celebrations happen all across the world. I’m honestly surprised LA hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon sooner.”

“Good thing I’m single. Maybe I’ll get lucky tonight.” Courtney was my best friend. She was the first person who had befriended me when I moved to LA, and now we were roommates. Sure, I made enough money to live on my own, but living with a roommate was just cheaper. I got to pocket more of my money to save up for the house I really wanted to live in someday. I wanted a massive home with lots of rooms that I could fill with the people I loved. Strong men and their dashing desires. Maybe a person or two I could control. I wanted to fill my life with people who loved me.

Especially since I’d grown up without any.

“Too bad you’re off the market. I bet there’ll be some hunks at this party,” Courtney said.

“Honestly? I wish I wasn’t taken.”

“Uh-oh. Trouble in paradise?” she asked.

“He’s just—getting worse, I guess.”

“What do you mean? What’s Jeremy doing now?”

Jeremy Newberry was the man who had hired me at the resort hotel. He was the manager of hospitality, meaning he oversaw the work of the event planners. When I had that first interview with him, I couldn’t deny how attractive he was. He had this pale skin that contrasted with my dark tan beautifully and luscious lips that I kept daydreaming about kissing. His hazel eyes were mesmerizing against his jet-black hair, and I practically squealed the first time he asked me out on a date. At first our dating was frowned upon, but Jeremy fought for us. He talked with his supervisors and kept me from getting fired on more than one occasion. I owed my career in the hospitality industry to him, but unfortunately it now seemed as though he felt like he owned me.

Like I owed him something.

“He’s just—I don’t know. I don’t know how to explain it. If he calls and I don’t answer, he keeps calling until I do. One time I was in the shower and saw I had seven missed calls from him. I called him back and he picked up the phone and berated the shit out of me until I told him I was just washing my fucking vagina.”

“Yikes. Yeah, that’s out in left field pretty far. What else is going on that you haven’t told me?” Courtney asked.

“He keeps bumping into me at places. At first I just thought I was going crazy. I mean, we’ve been together three years. We’re gonna frequent some of the same places, right?”

“Right. You’ve been together too long. Continue.”

“Well, I took a trip about thirty minutes north to see if this one shop had a china design I was looking for. You know the Medical Network of LA’s Christmas party that happens next week?”

“Sure. Go on,” she said.

“Well, they found this pattern they wanted desperately for their plates, and I couldn’t find that shit anywhere in LA I told Jeremy there was a shop north of here that said they could order it, but I wanted to go make sure they were ordering the right design before we shelled out the money. I decided to do lunch there before I came back, and Jeremy just happened to ‘be in the area’ when he walked into the fucking restaurant.”

“Uh, creepy. What the fuck? Is he following you or something?”

“That’s crazy, right? He can’t possibly be. People don’t do that shit, right?” I asked.

“Well, I told you he was weird the first time I met him. I honestly wouldn’t put it past him.”

“I just feel stifled. Now I’m walking around with one eye looking over my shoulder. I’m sleeping with my fucking phone ringer on just in case he calls, and it’s driving me nuts. I’m over it.”

“So break up with him. He can’t fire you because HR finally approved your relationship, so they know he would be biased. If you’re unhappy, Lexi, leave.”

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