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A Love Like Ours (Finding Love #1)

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Tory Baker

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Presley Stevens has a good life. She loves being a teacher and she has two of the best friends a girl could ask for in Lyla and Callie.
They’re closer than sisters and always make sure to reconnect, despite their busy lives. They have monthly girl’s nights at their favorite bar in town, Maverick’s Place.
Lincoln Anderson is the bar’s owner and Presley may not know it, but he’s had his eye on her for a while now. He wasn’t ready, before. He had to get his priorities in line, making sure his bar was a success was at the top of his list.
A chance meeting one night has Lincoln claiming Presley and now that he has her, he’s never letting her go.
Tory is back with a series she can’t wait to deliver. The Finding Love Series is about three best friends, finding their Happily Ever After. It’s a whirlwind romance with insta-love, and Alpha-males finding the women of their dreams and heating up the pages.
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Finding Love Series by Tory Baker

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Tory Baker



Getting ready for a girls’ night out shouldn’t be this difficult, I’m exasperated trying to find the perfect outfit for our monthly night out. One where Lyla, Callie, and I let our hair down, drink a few glasses of wine and catch up. Something we missed out on last month, not that I’m complaining, but this time it’s my choice. We change things up every time we go out, but for some reason, we always wind up at Maverick’s Place. So, today when the girls and I were talking, I suggested we just grab some food at home and then head to our usual haunt. There’s nothing better than a live band, a breeze from the water, and downing our drinks.

We usually grab an Uber or one of our parents will pick us up. Nine times out of ten though, it’s an Uber. We all hate to drag our parents out at closing time. Then we make our way to one of our places — we all live within twenty minutes of each other, but in different directions of town.

We girls learned during our college years, we’re best friends until it comes to living with one another, we like our space. Not that there is anything wrong with that, we lasted our whole way through college together. Sure, we had our fights, but we also made the most amazing memories ever.

Our mothers are best friends, they made a pact long ago to live near each other and raise their children together. I couldn’t be more thankful for that, even if we wanted to wring each other’s neck sometimes.

Shaking my head, I get back to the task at hand, finding something to wear. Do I want to go with a dress, skinny jeans, or a skirt? The weather is perfect for just about anything, but even with a closet full of clothes there’s nothing standing out that I want to wear.

Walking away, I turn around and flop down face first on my bed. I don’t care if it messes up my makeup or my hair.

The reason for all of this turmoil? A man, of course it is. I mean who cares if Lincoln has given me those looks, yet doesn’t follow through. I really thought it was a figment of my imagination, but when the girls noticed it too, well, I knew it wasn’t just me.

“Ugh,” I groan out loud, lifting my head up and flipping over so I’m on my back. My thoughts go back to Lincoln, the way his grin had me more than hooked. The chestnut hair that is always messily tousled, arms that are strong, so strong it’s what we girls call “arm porn”, plus there are these intricately designed lines tattooed along both of his forearms, that disappear under his shirt. I’d love to know just how far up they travel.

He’s been the focal point in not only my dreams, but also my fantasies for months now.

I finally get up, knowing just what to wear. I remember what I wore the first time he gave me a glimpse of a smile that he never seems to give anyone else.



It’s been six months since I’ve walked into the small town of Shiloh, bought this place, and turned Maverick’s Place into a success. I wasn’t sure what I was thinking about moving all the way across the country to a small town that’s mainly along the intracoastal waterway. Yet, when I was looking online, the bar popped up and I saw the potential and something solid to invest in.

Not to mention, I needed a change in life and pace. Helping my dad run his multi-million-dollar construction company was slowly wearing down my thirty-three-year-old self. Sure, the money was great, but the hours were long and not being my own boss sucked. It wasn’t my passion, so I was smart during my time with the family owned business. I socked money away, invested wisely, and was able to buy Maverick’s Place with cold hard cash. My parents didn’t have any hard feelings when I told them my dream. They whole-heartedly accepted my decision, and I’m thankful as hell for that.

Walking into my place, seeing the lights, the dance floor, the pool tables to one side, and it’s packed. Even though we’re only open four nights a week, it’s slammed every single moment. I thought about opening it an extra night a week, but profit is good, and it gives me the opportunity to have the down time I desperately needed just a year ago.

I may be the boss, but I have no problem pulling my weight behind the bar when we’re busy, something that looks like it is tonight. The back patio looking out to the water is full of paying customers and so is the inside.

“You need help out here?” I ask Carmine. He’s manning the bar along with Angela.