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A Sinful Trap (Three Sinful Wishes #2)

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R.G. Alexander

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Cameron Locke is certain about three things: He’s a wolf who’ll never lead a pack. The lynx, Davide, is the love of his life . And true mates are nothing but an old shifter myth. Then Bailey Wagner lands in his arms and he catches her scent…
Bailey came to Sedona as a down-on-her-luck teen. Ten years later, she runs the Enchanted Inn, she has a five-year plan, and everybody knows her name. She’s safe, she’s happy—and she has two best friends who believe in magical wishes. Other than that, everything is under control.
Until a man in fancy boots finds her hanging from the ceiling in her underwear.
Trying to date one lusty mate can be hard on an innkeeper, but two? It’s an impossible situation, even without the angry spider, creepy attic ghosts and one familiar, interfering coyote.
*Mating, but with super sexy consent. MMF bisexual shifter ménage. Cats and dogs living together. Very little hysteria, but a lot of laughter. And nudity. So much nudity.
*This book has been completely rewritten, based on a novella in the 2011 Three Sinful Wishes anthology. Seriously, only the names and location are the same. It’s also been hugely expanded— as in THREE TIMES LONGER than the original novella. I can’t stress this enough—this is a completely different, brand new novel in the Three Sinful Wishes world. If you think you know this story, you just have to trust me on this one. Totally. Different. Book.
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Three Sinful Wishes Series by R.G. Alexander

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R.G. Alexander

Chapter One

Bailey dangled from the attic wearing nothing but a t-shirt and her lucky Wonder Woman boxers. Her first thought—after a few surprised shouts of disbelief—was that she’d made the wrong wish on that falling star she’d seen a few months ago.

Instead of a pair of Ewan McGregors, she should have asked for a handyman. A threesome with the handsome actor’s celebrity look-alikes could have been fun, but in hindsight, someone whose steady shoulder could be tapped when things went bump in the night made a lot more sense. Someone, for example, who might have noticed that the attic’s ladder at the small inn where she lived and worked was too old to survive 130 pounds of irritated innkeeper stomping to the top.

She adjusted herself, elbows braced on the sides of the opening and boobs smooshed on the dusty ledge in front of her, wondering if this day would ever end.

At five o’clock this morning, she’d been fixing a clogged toilet. By eight, she’d lost her appetite and was haggling with the plumber on the phone while helping a guest find his teeth so he could have some complimentary muffins.

They’d been in the linen closet. (His teeth, not the muffins.) And no, she hadn’t asked why.

Things had spiraled from there. Cyndy, her part-time help, was too sick to cover the desk, which meant missing lunch with her best friends, Kaya and Dani, as well as a much-needed stop at the grocery store. She’d had to settle for the last slice of leftover pizza while her guests fended for themselves.

Cooking wasn’t in her job description. A good thing, since the stove had been on its last legs for more than eight months and she’d never learned how to use it to begin with. If she couldn’t microwave or toast it, her meals usually came in a to-go box.

Thinking of food made her stomach growl as she considered simply climbing the rest of the way up and sleeping in the attic for the night.

“This is ridiculous.”

You should have wished for wings.

She slid the swoop of bangs out of her eyes and thought again about the falling stars she and her friends had wished on. Was that the night it happened? When she’d started to lose control of her life and her infamous five-year plan?

Until then, everything had been on track. When she’d shown up in town at sixteen, she’d been focused on the future. At first her only objectives were shelter, food and gainful employment. But each success since then, each obstacle she conquered, had led her to the next, reinforcing her safety net until nothing and no one could threaten it. Or so she’d thought.

Now The Enchanted Inn, her beloved problem child of a bed-and-sometimes-breakfast, had a new owner—that wasn’t her—and the last girls’ night she’d shared with Kaya and Dani had started with sangria-soaked wishes and ended barely a week later with a handsome wanderer turning into a coyote before Bailey’s eyes.

A fucking coyote.

That happened months ago and she still wasn’t over it.

Maybe you should focus on getting over your fear of falling first.

“Good plan.” Who cared if no one had come out to investigate her shouts of terror? That didn’t mean she’d spend the night broken or bleeding in the hallway until one of her guests got up for the day.

It probably didn’t mean that.

She only had three visitors at the moment, a couple in their late seventies and one shy woman from North Carolina who believed aliens from Sirius had told her to come to Sedona. The first two were deaf without their hearing aids, and the other fell asleep to recordings of pulsars and quasars whizz-beeping in her headphones. Of course they hadn’t heard her.

This was one of those moments when she wished she weren’t running this place entirely on her own. Another wish? Why not? If magic was real, it was about time it started working for her. She’d even welcome that coyote, Stax, right now if she could. Though as far as she knew, he only put out if someone had already returned the favor—the way Dani and her boyfriend Liam had.

The idea of seducing him hadn’t even occurred to her before now. She loved to flirt, but she hadn’t really wanted anyone—supernatural or otherwise—in years. Not that she had time for a relationship.

Bailey shook her head to get her focus off her celibacy problem and back to the immediate one that was likely going to land her in the hospital.

There was no way around it. She was going down. She was already halfway there anyway, pointed in the right direction and wearing her lucky superhero boxers. Maybe they would help.

“Let it go, Elsa,” she told herself firmly. The worst that could happen was a broken bone or two. As long as it wasn’t her neck, she’d be fine. Eventually.