Alpha Hellclaw (Rejected Vampire Mate #1) Read Online Lia Davis, L.A. Boruff

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Braxton Hellclaw, Alpha of the Hellclaw wolf pack.

Meeting my mate should be the happiest time of my life. That would be true if I didn’t find her after she’s been bitten by a vampire. She has a 50/50 chance of turning into the creature I’ve spent my life hunting. I’ve seen the effects of a vampire bite and the carnage they leave behind firsthand.
Now my mate is fighting to keep her humanity. If she turns into a vampire, I’ll have no choice but to kill her.
Freya Workman, a woman on a mission.
My ordinary, boring life is turned upside down when I’m attacked by a monster with fangs. I’m thrust into the world of vampires and shifters without the how-to survive pamphlet. I’m learning as I go and making up my own rules.
The alpha wolf who claims I’m his mate while saying he must kill me is a few cards shy of a full deck. But we have one thing in common. We want the monster who turned me dead.
To stay alive, I must prove that I can hold onto my humanity. Dying after I found the one thing I’m good at would really suck.




“This is unacceptable and careless.”

Squirming in my seat, I tried not to let my eyes fill with tears. Those were some of the nicer words my boss had said to me in the last thirty minutes as he’d chewed me a new one. Letting my anger turn to tears would be the worst thing. I hated that I couldn't stop it from happening. Oops. In my preoccupation with not letting him see how much he’d upset me; I’d missed a few things he said.

Eh. More of the same. Irresponsible. All my fault. So, yeah, I screwed up and made a tiny typo in the code for a client’s new security software. Too bad for me and the client, that tiny typo caused a big fat weakness in the system.

At least I wasn’t taking the ear chewing alone. My whole team sat facing our hot-headed, quick-tempered boss like children cowering in front of a domineering parent.

If I didn’t have a mountain of debt thanks to student loans and my ex-husband, I’d tell this asshole to shove it. It was beyond the scope of my job to be talked to like this. My giant debt load screamed in the back of my mind, keeping me planted firmly in my seat.

Five years of marriage right out of high school was not as fun as it had seemed at the time. I do not recommend it. Zero stars.

Maybe it was time to use my skills for evil. Start hacking rich people with no moral compass and take all their money.

But, hell, I had just made a massive mistake. I’d probably end up caught if I tried anything illegal. Better stick to the straight and narrow. And this jackass.

“Freya, did you hear what I said?”

I snapped my attention to Horace, my boss. He’d stopped his pacing right in front of me. Oh, geez, that little vein in his forehead was popped out. That only happened when he was beyond pissed.

Of course, I hadn’t heard what he’d said, because it was hard to focus on a big jerk telling me how awful I was. It was a good thing this yell-fest wasn’t my first. Horace was predictable when it came to telling everyone what they did wrong and telling them at the top of his lungs. How he was still working for this company was no mystery, really. He was the owner’s brother-in-law.

“I heard you,” I said through clenched teeth, my anger threatening to bring tears again. I had no reason to cry, and all the reasons to rage.

He stared at me like he was waiting for me to say more, so I added, “Oh, uh, yeah. My team and I will get it fixed.”

“You’re damn right you will fix this. You’ll work this weekend to make it happen, as many hours as it takes to get it right.” Horace stalked behind his desk to his massive leather chair and plopped in it. He looked like a hen sitting on her nest in that thing, somehow both small and rotund at the same time. He waved his hand at us. “You can leave now.”

We did, quickly and quietly, none of us eager to set off another Horace tirade. I went straight to my desk and grabbed my bag. Eff this. I’d already fixed the mistake. I was getting the hell out of here. And no way I’d be working the weekend. On my way out to the elevator, I shot off a text to my team, minus Horace, of course, and let them know they did not in fact have to work this weekend. I’d fixed the code in about five seconds and pushed the update to the client. Horace would never know if we were here this weekend or not. There was no way in hell he’d show up on a Saturday.