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“I need a bodyguard.”
Words I never thought I’d say. Then the hatemail and death threats started.
Cut to me – Constance Greene, introverted, awkward, quite happy in my own company, thank you very much – holed up in a remote location, with my steely eyed protector, while the police hunt for my stalker and I write my next novel.
I know what you’re thinking. Idyllic setting, book boyfriend muse to hand. What more could a romance author ask for? Did I mention there’s only one bed?
It’s all going smoothly until I ask him to help me write the first kiss scene …


Chapter One


“I need a bodyguard.”

Cauliflower cheese dripped off Stuart’s forehead. It slid down his nose and over his pinched lips until it fell, with a loud plop, onto the table. The cheese sauce resembled a face mask. His eyes closed as he took in a deep breath through his nose. More cheese dripped off his chin, bubbled at his nostril when he breathed. I didn’t laugh. He was angry. I was angrier.

“Con …”

“My name is Constance!”

This wasn’t about my name. This was about the fact I refused to stop writing romance novels for a living. No complaints about the money I was making. More than him in the last year. My career had taken off and I wanted to celebrate. He didn’t like that I was celebrating my own success rather than his.

He opened his eyes. Blinked away the cheese sauce. I bit my lip. This was not the time to laugh. I’d wanted to throw things at him for months. Longer if I was brutally honest. Ever since he made it perfectly clear he didn’t consider my career, my hopes, or my achievements, worthwhile.

“Constance.” He growled the word. A sound that once would have jellied my knees.

I couldn’t remember when Constance had become Connie, and eventually, Con. I hated both. He knew it, too. Kept using them anyway. Just one of many ways he showed me he had no respect for me. I wasn’t sure he ever had.

“I’m leaving.” I stood.

He shot up from the table. Cauliflower dropped from his lap onto the floor. “You’re not going anywhere.”

“I can’t do this anymore, Stuart. We’re broken and I don’t want to fix us!” The weight of the confession fell from my shoulders. I tasted freedom for the first time in years. “We’re finished!”

“I decide when we’re finished!” He slammed his fist on the table. Our dinner plates jumped. Cutlery rattled and my empty wine glass, the bottle not even opened, toppled over. “This is all because of those stupid books, isn’t it?”

“They’re not stupid!”

“They’re embarrassing, Con. I can’t tell people what you do for a living, do you realise that? People are interested when they find out you’re a writer. Then they ask what you write and I can’t tell them.”

“You can tell them exactly what I write. I’m not ashamed of my work.”

“I am!”

I left before the cauliflower cheese finished dripping from his face.

“Are you okay?” The tall, handsome man who stood behind the desk asked.

I blinked, looked around the office and remembered why I was there. “I need …”

I let out a shaky breath. Was this what my life had become? I looked into the eyes of the man in front of me, waiting calmly while I dithered my way through my memories. I pulled myself together. Shoulders back, head up and gave my best I’m fine and have my shit together smile. My life, my rules. That was my new mantra. I was in control.

“I need a bodyguard.”

His voice held a reassuring note. “Well, you’ve come to the right place.”

Another man appeared beside him. Perhaps he’d been there all along. I hadn’t noticed. He was tall, too. Not quite as broad as the first one. His biceps, trying to Hulk their way out of the sleeve of his t-shirt sleeves, gave him away as a gym rat. His blonde hair was swept back from his face revealing eyes greyer than the sky over Frost Ford. His lips were a perfect cupid’s bow and he clearly spent longer on his beard than I did on my entire appearance. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to stroke the beard. It looked so soft.

“I’m Vinnie, this is my business partner, Axel,” the first man said. They shared a look.

“Constance.” I blinked and dragged my gaze back to him. “Constance Greene.”