Autumn Chaos (Season’s War #1) Read Online Olena Nikitin

Categories Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi, Paranormal, Romance Tags Authors: Series: Season's War Series by Olena Nikitin

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My magic made me the Harbinger of Chaos. My temper made me an outcast. I am the force that can break the kingdom.
And now I’m tied to him…
As strange monsters terrorise the land of Cornovii, the life of an exiled mage is thrown into turmoil when a half-dead warrior is brought to her door.
With no other choice, tapping into the depths of her magic, Lady Inanuan of Thorn inextricably links her life to Captain Marcach of Liath, pulling him away from the jaws of death. However, the witch learns that no good deed goes unpunished, not even if you’re friends with the Forest God.
The body count rises, and soon Ina must use the forbidden spell again to save the captain’s best friend, Sa’Ren, and the connection her magic forges with both men awakens not only dark desires but also an ancient bloodline and creates an intense rivalry threatening to break warrior’s friendship.
Unwilling to give up her new freedom, Ina must follow the clues to uncover the truth behind the plague of monsters, all while she struggles with unwanted passion toward the two men. But will the witch who doesn’t believe in love be able to deny her feelings as she attempts to clear her name, or will the kingdom fall before she can solve the mystery?

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The Black Forest hadn’t gained its reputation just from the thickness of the vegetation. While the dense foliage caused deep shadows, it was also full of poisonous plants and animals much larger than you’d expect them to be. The Leshy, the trickster Guardian of the Forest, gave sanctuary to many creatures and spirits rejected by the rapidly expanding world and ensured no members of the civilised races encroached on his domain. However, one person strolled, unconcerned, through the hostile undergrowth, enjoying the sun’s rays filtered by dark green leaves. Ina reached up and played with the warm sunlight. Shadows created a pattern on her skin, and adding a bit of magic, she formed the shape of a viper’s head rising from her forearm. One of the tree branches reached for her, dark wood stretching out, trying to tangle in her copper hair.

“Oh behave,” she said, swatting it with a laugh, and the giant oak trembled when Chaos-fed flames consumed the illusory snake. Her carefree manner and random display of magic were out of place here, and Ina often wondered what people saw when they looked at her and whether she even cared anymore.

Exile was difficult for a single woman, but life is life, and one had to eat. For now, she wandered through the forest, picking herbs and some very special mushrooms. The potions she created out of necessity, and for fun, always contained a bit of light entertainment on the side. The wildwood was full of life. A veritable cornucopia for someone who knew what to look for and could find a path in the almost impenetrable foliage. After ten years, she knew every stone here. She peered down into her brimming basket and nodded with appreciation. It hadn’t taken her long to gather all she needed today. Nice and easy, just like I like it, she thought, heading back to her hut.

With her mind preoccupied with plans for the evening, Ina strolled back to her cottage. The latest batch of cherry liqueur should be ready by now, and she was curious about how her new recipe had come out. Oblivious to the voices that grew louder as she approached the path to her home, Ina came to the clearing, and the view in front of her just took her breath away, but not for long, though.

“What the hell are you doing in my garden?” Ina shouted at the top of her lungs, seeing far too many peasants having what looked like an afternoon party in front of her house. She was a Fury incarnate. The witch was not a hospitable person and, after all these years, the villagers should know this. Her temperamental magic flared up, goaded by her anger, and raw Chaos pooled around her. Golden eyes looked at her from the rim of the roof in silent accusation. See, see what happens when they are not afraid of you? Her cat’s disdain was palpable.

As Ina looked around, committing each face to memory, she spied a bottle in one of the villagers’ hands. Her cherry liqueur—those thieving bastards had found her cooling barrel in the yard. They took her evening reward, and some village idiot was gulping it like moonshine in the tavern.

The sudden change in the air, caused by red mist, swiftly made the common folk very aware of how furious she was. The wisps of primal power sprang forth and firmly attached themselves to the peasants’ guts with a rolling curse.

“May you not shit for a week! And when you finally can, you will not make it to the crapper before your arse explodes, you fucking drunkards!”