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Baby, I Do

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Aurora Dawson loved helping happy couples have their perfect wedding and happily ever after. Even if she never found one for herself.When a divorce office opened shop right next to her, she was livid that someone would help tear apart the couples she brought together. But it was hard for her to stay angry at the charming, sexy lawyer when she found herself fighting an attraction like she’d never felt before.
With all the families he’d seen torn apart because of marriages that never should have happened in the first place, Will Scott was a one and done kind of man. When the stunning owner of the wedding chapel came storming into his office, he knew right away that she was the forever he was looking for. Now, he just had to convince Aurora that he was her happily ever after.
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I loved weddings. The blushing brides, handsome grooms, and especially, the way they looked at each other. The flashy rings, beautiful flowers, and decadent cakes. I basically loved everything about them, which was a good thing since I lived and breathed weddings pretty much twenty-four seven.

When my older brother asked my younger sisters and me if we’d be interested in opening a wedding chapel inside the Lennox, the hottest resort on the Vegas Strip, I leapt at the chance. Knox knew we’d be a perfect fit for the business that his boss, Drew Lennox, wanted to add to the property. Ariel was a whiz with cakes, Belle lived for flowers, and I was the type A personality out of the bunch who kept everyone organized.

Running The Chapel of Dreams wasn’t just my job—it was a dream come true. I loved coming into work every day, knowing I was going to be a part of one of the most important days in a couple’s life. Giving them the perfect wedding gave me a sense of accomplishment that had me grinning whenever I was at work...except for those rare instances when I wished the couple in question had picked a different chapel because they were unworthy of that perfection. Like the bride and groom who were getting ready to walk down the aisle of my chapel right now.

“You two make a cute couple,” I lied, infusing my tone with as much sincerity as I could muster.

The guy was actually a douchebag. But it wasn't like I was going to say that in front of the bride. She must’ve seen something in him that she loved since she’d accepted his marriage proposal, after all. She’d made the arrangements with me, and all he’d done when he came in with her today for their ceremony was complain about the cost.

It wasn't like she’d even chosen anywhere close to our expensive packages, which were tailored to the rich and famous and had the price tag to match. She’d added some of our popular bells and whistles—like limousine service before and after the ceremony, live streaming of the service for friends and family to watch, and a few of our keepsakes—but she hadn’t gone overboard. And it was my understanding she was footing the entire bill—or at least her parents were. None of that had stopped him from bitching and moaning right up until they stood in front of our officiant, though.

I hurried to gather their marriage certificate, DVD of the ceremony, and keepsakes because I wanted them on their way before I said something I’d regret. As I was tucking everything into their bag, the groom—and I used that term loosely—turned to his new wife and joked, “Getting married in Vegas was smart, baby. If we wake up tomorrow morning and decide that we hate being married, we can always get a quickie divorce at that place we saw just around the corner.”

My head jerked up as the bride exclaimed, “What? How could you even say that?”

I waited for him to try to smooth things over with his wife before asking, “What divorce place?”

“Right before the limo dropped us off, there was an awning over a storefront around the corner for a lawyer who specializes in quickie divorces,” the bride answered, elbowing her hubby in the side. “I should’ve known better than to point it out to this one since he has the worst sense of humor ever.”

“You know I like to get you worked up, baby,” he muttered.

When she cooed back at him, all lovey-dovey, I handed her the bag and wished them well. As soon as the door closed behind them, I dropped down on my chair and narrowed my eyes. Powering up my computer, I decided to do a little digging before my next couple arrived.

Who in the hell would open a legal office specializing in divorce just around the corner from one of the most popular wedding chapels in town? It was so rude! The idea of my clients driving right past an awning like that really bothered me, but I couldn’t seem to find anything online before my last clients for the night walked in.

By the time they were finished—after a wedding where Ariel, Belle, and I had outdone ourselves—I was exhausted. It wasn’t until I was back home and in bed that I started to stew over that office specializing in divorces again. “If I ever meet that damn lawyer…” I grumbled as I punched my pillow and tried to get comfortable.

I spent most of the night tossing and turning, which I blamed on whatever jack-hole had decided to rain on my parade by opening a business so close to us that was the direct opposite of The Chapel of Dreams. But at least I’d dreamed up some inventive ways to make them pay by the time I had to get up and head out the door.