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Baby Makes Three

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Chance Carter

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The Saragossa brothers are handsome, sexy billionaires who are heirs to the throne of a small European province. Their country is strictly conservative and they’re forbidden from having sex until their government finds them suitable matches from one of Europe’s royal families.

The problem is that there are no eligible princesses, and there never will be. Added to this is the fact that both brothers have always fantasized about being with a normal, sexy, American girl they could trust. Privacy is vital to them and they’ve never been sure they could avoid scandal until they meet Baby Sinclair.

Baby is the girl they’ve always wanted, the American girl who will accept them for who they are and share the greatest pleasure on earth with them. They want to taste her. They want to enjoy her. They want to share her.

But most importantly of all, they want to keep her, Forever.

This is a short MFM ménage story between two sexy European brothers and one innocent American girl with a guaranteed happy ending!

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Baby Sinclair stepped out of her yellow cab and hurried across the sidewalk into the building. It had been raining heavily all day and she’d already had her share of getting wet.

“Can I help you, Miss?” a stern voice with a British accent said from across the lobby.

A doorman in uniform was sitting at a desk looking at her through his glasses.

“I’m here to see the Saragossa brothers,” she said.

“Are you expected?”

It had been a long day and she was feeling a little more impatient than she should have.

“Well, am I on your list?” she said defiantly.

She knew she was expected and the doorman knew it too. He was just throwing his weight around.

He looked her up and down, no doubt assessing the cost of her clothes. She’d just bought the shoes and coat on sale and Bloomingdale’s and her dress was from JC Penney. Probably not what he was expecting but what did she care, he was just the doorman. She’d been personally invited.

“Name?” he said.

“Baby,” she said, walking past him to the elevators.

He let out a little laugh but Baby ignored him. She’d heard enough jokes about her name to last a thousand lifetimes. She doubted this guy was going to come up with anything original.

“Very good, Miss,” he said.

She waited for the elevator and when it arrived she stepped in without looking back. She pressed the button for the penthouse and only then realized the elevator was made of glass. It shot up a few floors in darkness before emerging into the night sky like a rocket. All around her, the Manhattan skyline sparkled like so many stars.

She looked out at the lights of the city, an orange glow cast over everything in the rain. When the elevator finally stopped she was high above the rooftops with a stunning view west over Central Park.

She took a deep breath before stepping out of the elevator. She didn’t like to admit it but she was nervous. She knew nothing about the mysterious Saragossa brothers other than what she’d heard in the news.

They were fabulously wealthy but also fiercely private. Since arriving in New York from London, they’d amazed the city with their extravagant real estate projects. The building she was in now, the tallest skyscraper overlooking the park, was just one of their many creations. It spiked a hundred stories into the air and sent a beam of light up into the sky as if it was searching for spaceships.

It wasn’t their wealth that made Baby nervous though. It was their status. They were royalty, members of the aristocracy. She’d seen photos of them in the South of France with the British royal family and had read exposés about them in People Magazine. They were rumored to be heirs to some small kingdom somewhere in Europe but she couldn’t tell for sure where it was or whether the rumors were true.

And they were sexy. So sexy. New York’s most eligible bachelors. London’s most eligible bachelors. Wherever they went, women swooned. They were wanted by a million women on both sides of the Atlantic and it was obvious why. They were charming, dashing, and the fact they shied away from the limelight only added to their allure.

They’d never been spotted in public with women ever. Both brothers were unmarried and, as far as the world knew, completely unattached. They attended social galas and events alone, just the two of them, not a date in sight. The topic came up on talk shows and celebrity gossip columns but what could anyone say? It was all just speculation.

Were they secretly married? Were they hosting private orgies in their penthouse, or in their private villas in Europe? Was it all just an act to get attention?

All Baby knew was that in her experience, no one with their fame could keep a secret for long. If they really hosted private parties filled with beautiful women, someone would have leaked a photo on social media by now. If there was a scandal, someone would have broken the story. The fact there had been no such leak either meant they were even more secretive than she thought, or they really never got with any women.

She stepped out of the elevator and checked herself in the mirror in the corridor.

Her hair was a mess and she straightened it out. What was she doing here?

This wasn’t her world. This was way out of her league.

Baby Sinclair was a single, twenty-five year old girl who shared a cheap, Brooklyn apartment with her cousin Klara and had never done an extraordinary thing in her life. She was a private detective but not because she loved adventure or wanted to fight criminals in the dead of night. She did it because she couldn’t afford to go to law school and the next closest thing she could find was a three hundred dollar correspondence course her cousin had signed her up for last summer called, How to Become a Freelance Private Eye.

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