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Be My Bride

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Lauren Wood

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I had a decision to made, that would change everything.
Could I say ‘I’ do for business?
I had one rule in life, don’t fall in love. Now I have fallen for my wife.

I had everything that a man could want.
My bank account was stuffed, I had a new woman every night of the week and every guy wanted to be me.
Life was perfect.
I thought I had everything that I wanted.
Then something was offered that I hadn’t been able to secure myself.
I wanted to win the favor of the best investor in the country and learn his ways.

Ronald Gary was a hard man to get a hold of.
When I did, he had a proposal that I couldn’t refuse.
I was to marry his daughter.
A woman I had never met.

I met her on our wedding day and she was beautiful.
Long legs and a curved body called to me from underneath the veil.
I fell for her charm and wit, but I wanted more.
I wanted the real marriage, the real wife.
I wanted my hands on her.

Once I knew that she was to be mine in all ways,
I had to figure out a way to convince her.
All I had to do was get my hands on her and I would show her what I could do.
Her innocence was intoxicating and I was drunk from my own need.

I was going to be her first.
Her only.

I was going to be the man to make her scream.

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Chapter 1


“Sir, can we please have a picture?”

I tried not to look annoyed as I got out of the vehicle. I was here for a charity event, but there was never a situation in this world that didn’t involve the press. I smiled for the cameras and then put my hand out to get Ashlyn out of the limo. She was my date for the night and I might as well get the picture part over with.

We stood together for a few moments while the flashes blinded my eyes before I told them that it was enough. I was there to give away a large amount of money, the last thing I needed was to be blind for the rest of the night. As I walked into the banquet hall, there were still bright colored blotches in my eyes that I was trying to blink away.

“It is so beautiful Keenan, don’t you think?”

I looked around and agreed. It was a nice place, decorated to the hilt and I had to wonder how much of the donations tonight were going to pay for that. It would have been more fiscally responsible to just send the money in, but this was how the charity world worked. Half of the money raised was spent to congratulate the ones that donated. It was a vicious cycle and I was only here because my father insisted. He didn’t insist much, but tonight was for him. He had even remarked that I should bring a lady of class with me as well. When I found out about those on the guest’s lists, I heeded his warning.

Ashlyn was as close as I could get on such short notice. Most of the women that I saw were models and debutants, but that didn’t make them any kind of classy when a few drinks were in them. My father had asked that I didn’t bring one of my whores with me. Ashlyn was a woman I had met through the family years ago. We had a few dalliances until we realized that we were better as friends. She was the only one that I knew I wanted around that long and I loved the look on her face.

“You act like you haven’t seen a place like this before.”

She gave me a look that reminded me what else I knew about her. She hadn’t come from the same world as me and I was sure that was part of why I got along with her so well. She had none of the airs that the usual women I dated did. She didn’t care what designer she had on or what kind of drink was in the glass. I didn’t have to spend all of my time trying to impress her and she could just enjoy herself. I was almost envious at the way that she could see everything in a positive way.

“Sorry, I didn’t think about it.”

Ashlyn waved me off and was going for a tray of drinks. She looked back at me and asked if I wanted one. It was rather ridiculous for her to ask, but that was just how she was. Ashlyn didn’t have time for how things were supposed to be.

“Here. At least they have good food and drinks. I don’t know why you were so hesitant to come. It looks like it is going to be a good time.”

“Only you would think so.”

“Only you could be a sour puss in the middle of all of this. Come on, let’s get something to eat. Is there going to be any bands playing or anything like that? I really want to dance.”

Her brown eyes were alight and I wished for a moment that there was something more than a friendship between us. For all intent and purpose, we should have been more. My father would have hated me not marrying a rich woman, but that would almost be a bonus. There just wasn’t that chemistry between us that a woman and man needed to be more. It really was a shame. She was perfect, just not for me. I almost felt more like her brother, protective of her in that way.

I told her that we would dance in a little while after we ordered our plates. I was just tired of the same people around me all of the time and it was shocking how many of the same people I had seen at the last charity drive. That one was for children’s relief fund. I really couldn’t be sure because all of these things seemed to run together.

When we found our names for the seating, I saw that I was going to be next to Ronald Gray. He was a business man that was old to the investing game. He was a man that I had tried to get ahold of several times, but I was never able to secure an appointment. It didn’t matter that I was worth a few billion. He had more money than God from what I heard and I wanted a piece of it.

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