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Beyond His Control

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Clarissa Wild

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Her heart. Her duty.
My biggest mistake was seeking out Noah. He wants to own me. Ruin me.
He took me to his home, a community he rules called ‘The Family’.
Just so I could become his wife. When I find out who he truly is … who I’m supposed to be…
I run. But this man is no man you could ever run from. This man will come to claim my heart… forever.

Beyond His Control is the sequel to the exciting Dark Romance & Psychological Suspense Under His Rule by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Clarissa Wild.
WARNING: This book includes scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.
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Clarissa Wild


Brothers – men of the Community

Sisters – women of the Community

Helper – Third rank, working class

Elder – second rank, second to lead should the patriarchs fail to produce heirs

patriarch – first rank, leaders of the Family

President – highest rank, ruler of the Family, part of the patriarchs

Wife – A woman who belongs to a man after the Ceremony

Helper’s Wife – The Wife of a Helper

Elder’s Wife – The Wife of an Elder

Matriarch – the Wife of a patriarch

Untouched – A virgin female

Captured – women taken from the real world into the Commune

Initiation – A rite of passage and state of being for women before they become Wives

Initiate – a woman of age who has not yet been taken as Wife during a Ceremony

Ceremony – The party where unions take place

Ritual (Of the Wife) – the sexual and marital union of a man and a woman

Blessing – An approval of the marriage by a patriarch or President

Prayers – Praying and singing to God for favor, as well as performing blessings

The Holy Land – the land on which the Family has built their properties and Huts

The Commune – the community of the Family living together

Hut(s) – housing for Helpers & Elders

The Temple – The house in which the patriarchs and the President live

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“Planck’s Constant” by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

“Epilogue” by Ólafur Arnalds

“Fall Into Me” by Alev

“The Rocket Builder” by Johann Johannsson

“Ending Doorway Pavement” by Henry May Long

“Who’s They?” by Hans Zimmer

“Break My Baby” by KALEO

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“Anthracite Fields: IV. Flowers” by Julia Wolfe performed by Choir of Trinity Wall Street

“Planck's Constant” by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

“It’s Just Ice” by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

“Salt And The Sea” by The Lumineers

“Apophis” by Joep Beving & Maarten Vos

“Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien” by Edith Piaf

Chapter 1


Hands locked, we run through the woods as fast as we can, away from the community, away from … a cult.

I never thought I would be able to escape, that I’d be in this position right now and running for my life. I tried so many times and never succeeded … and then suddenly, it happened. There was a chance, a moment in time, and I took it and fled.

With her selfless act, my mother created an opening for me. With her sacrifice, she distracted the guards and allowed me to climb over the fence and rush off into the unknown. But anywhere is better than that place, and I can’t ever thank her enough for what she’s done.

Tears stream down my face, but I force myself to stop feeling any emotions. If she’s gone, I can’t let her death be in vain. I don’t know where I am, but as long as I’m going in the opposite direction of the fence, I’m going the right way. I will never, ever turn back willingly.

Emmy abruptly stops and almost pulls me down with her.

I forgot she was here with me, running alongside me as though she has something to run from.

She grew up there and loves the place, yet she wanted to come with me … like some kind of fun day out.

She’s gasping for air. “Wait. I need a second to breathe.”

“We can’t,” I say, trying to jerk her along. “They’ll notice we’re missing soon.”

She places her hands on her knees, panting. “Just … one … second.”

I frantically look around the forest to see if anyone’s there. Even though the fence is already long out of sight, I can’t help but feel as though I’m watched wherever I go. What if someone saw us jump over? What if someone’s behind us right now?

“C’mon!” I say through gritted teeth.

“Okay, okay!” she says begrudgingly.

Why am I even waiting for her? She has no reason to run. No one’s trying to ruin her life by forcing her to live a life she didn’t want. No one pulled her out of her world and stuck her into a cult only to be forced to marry a man just so she could birth his babies.

She thinks it’s normal, which is why I don’t understand why she wants to come with me. And why I should even care.


My eyes and ears perk up. The sudden sound of howls and barks has me on edge.


Emmy’s eyes widen as she leans up. “Hounds,” she mutters, lips tremoring.

I spin on my heels and run. Hounds are a game-changer. If they let them loose, there’s no way we can escape.

“Wait for me!” Emmy yells, chasing me.

“Be quiet!” I whisper-yell back at her over my shoulder.