Brackish Boss (The Mancini Crime Family #2) Read Online Lily J. Adams

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Eva Rosencrantz is all grown up. We were enemies when we were kids, but now all I can think about is getting her in my bed.
When we were teenagers, I’d never leave her alone. I bullied and ridiculed Eva until she left for school in a different city.
But her dad continued to work for my family. And now, Eva has some big shoes to fill.
She should be happy for the opportunity to work with us – the Mancini Family rules this city. But Eva has a moral code, one that doesn’t include sleeping with the mafia bully who ruined her life when she was younger.
Except I know deep down under all this hate, there’s heat and passion unlike with anybody else. And I’ve now made it my goal to make Eva submit to me… one way or another.
Outrunning danger becomes more and more important as both Eva and I fall deeper into a dark rabbit hole… We’ll need to outrun the real bad guys before we think about our future together. But can we?

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(in order of appearance within the story)

Vëllazëri (Albanian) - brotherhood

les bon temps (French) - “the good times”

cherchez la femme (French) - “look for the woman”

Come se bello, ragazzo. (Italian) “How handsome you are, boy”

madre de dio (Italian) - Mother of God

La Casa Nostra (Italian) - how Mafiosi refer to their organization “this thing of ours”

cara mia (Italian) - my dear

Ese (Spanish - Mexico) - dude

Mamacita (Spanish) - little mother

Vato (Spanish - Mexico) - dude

Cabron (Spanish) - bastard or asshole

Puta (Spanish) - whore (fem)

Pendeja (Spanish) - idiot (fem)

Querida (Spanish) - darling (fem)

hijo de puta (Spanish) - son of a bitch

Nada (Spanish) - nothing

Bastarda (Spanish) - bastard (fem)

in vino veritas (Latin) - “In wine, there is truth”

Andare (Italian) - Go

Chapter One: The Bad Boy


Fourteen Years Ago

New York City, NY

The kids at school called her “Ewok Rosencrantz,” and she’d always been a pain in my ass. It all started when we were children and her father, our family attorney, came over to our house one Saturday for a business meeting with my dad. He brought along an odd-looking little girl with braces, Coke-bottle lenses, and a little bit of a lisp, due to the heavy metal in her mouth. My father ordered me to entertain her since we were similar in age and from that day forward, she became my annoying little shadow.

Fast forward to seven years later and we’re both seniors in high school. You’d think by now, the poor girl would have outgrown some of her awkwardness ‒ and let’s face it, some of the fugliness ‒ but she’d also gained some weight on top having bad skin, so she looked like a short, pudgy little version of her father and oddly resembled a duck. She had big lips that just didn’t fit her face. The square, horn-rimmed glasses with thick-ass lenses she wore made her look like a pissed-off librarian duck.

We shared three classes together and even though we sat several desks apart in each one, I often got this feeling on the back of my neck from someone watching me. I’d look around and sure enough, Ewok Rosencrantz would be staring at me like I was a bug in a jar. My fellow football players called her my satellite and busted my balls about having a little weirdo stalker who seemed to be watching me from some corner, wherever I went.

“Yo, I bet she touches herself at night while thinking of you, Mancini,” my good friend Trey Parker said while we were sitting in the cafeteria having lunch one day. “She’s probably sporting some serious 70’s porn bush down there, too. You’d need a weed whacker to get to her pus—”

His girlfriend Sasha Marquez smacked the back of his head. “What the hell, Trey. I’m trying to eat. Don’t be talking nasty.”

I looked up from my pizza and smirked. “Hit him for me, too, Sash.”

The girl grinned and indulged me by assaulting her boyfriend again. “Anything for you, Mancini.”

“Ugh.” Trey grunted in disgust. “Why don’t you two just run away together and leave me in peace?”

“Aww.” Sasha made a face at him. “Is my widdle Twey jealous? Don’t be. You’re my one and only boo.” She kissed him, then turned to bat her fake eyelashes at me. “But look at this good-looking bastard. He’s prettier than most of the girls in school combined. No wonder Ewok follows him around like a lovesick duck.”

“I think she’s kind of cute,” my friend Romeo Trevino piped up with a smirk. “She’s got them thick-ass lips and a decent-size rack. I might have to put a bag over her head, but I’d hit it.”

I picked up a French fry and threw it at his head. “You are one thirsty bastard, Trevino. You’d hook up with anyone who has three holes and legs.” I traded a glance with Trey, who was laughing. “Dude, do you remember that Lithuanian chick with the mustache that this mofo messed around with at Tony Manzano’s birthday last summer?”