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Branagan - The Kelly Brothers

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Aria Cole

Mila Crawford

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Branagan Kelly was born with the luck of the Irish--except in matters of heart. He gave up on finding Miss Right long ago and instead built a successful business in corporate finance. He’s accepted he was born to be a good son and brother and nothing else.
Until one stormy night leaves a mysterious, quiet girl stranded at his parent’s Irish pub. Now, life will never be the same.
Raven MIller can’t catch a break. She learned early that the world isn’t fair and life happens when you’re too busy making other plans. Navigating the world alone, she’s learned to rely on only herself after life landed her one sucker punch after another.
Until one stormy night leaves her stranded at an Irish Pub...
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Aria Cole

Mila Crawford

Chapter 1


“Bro!” My brother, as resident pain-in-my-ass, tossed a wet bar rag my way. I caught it before it slapped me across the face. “Stop scaring off customers and get your ass over here.”

I grunted, no words to describe the annoyance rippling through my veins. All of my brothers had a way of getting under my skin. Or rather, maybe it was people on the whole that rubbed me the wrong way. Always.

That’s why I’d broken tradition and decided not to work at Kelly’s, the family bar, and went into business for myself. “You know, assholes like you are the reason I work for myself.”

“Consider it my gift to the human population that I’m takin’ your ass out of circulation then. No wonder Mom and Pop only have you around after hours, sitting in the corner like a big, angry mother fucker--”

“Hush with that mouth, Cillian Kelly. It does my heart so good to see you boys helping out your dad like this.” Mom wrapped an arm around my waist and I enveloped her in a one-armed hug instantly.

“I tried to tell him--”

“Bullshit, old man. Stop kissing up to Mom and start lifting.” He gestured to the opposite corner of the antique cooktop that’d finally fritzed out. The replacement stove was due any minute, which is what’d brought me to Kelly’s Bar in the first place.

The four of us Kelly brothers had grown up rambling around the dark corners of this place, Kelly’s. Mom made sure we were tucked in bed peacefully well before the rowdy drunks came around, but that didn’t mean we all didn't bust our asses witnessing the wreckage in the night before morning.

The smell of beer-stained rags still made me gag, which is why Cillian had tossed it at my head earlier. These three assholes knew how to push every button I had, and I had a lot of them.

“It’s good to see you, Branagan. Don’t you leave without finding me, I’ve got an extra Guinness pot-pie stew I made last night that I want you to bring home.”

“Thanks, Mom.” I placed a soft kiss on her cheek, warmth radiating off of her as it always did.

“Thanks, Mom,” Cillian teased as soon as she was out of earshot.

I whipped the wet rag at his head. He ducked just in time, but not before a spray of soapy water hit his face. I erupted into a laugh just as our other brother and Dad pushed through the back door of the kitchen. “You ladies don’t have that old thing moved yet?”

I bristled at the expectation in my father’s voice. “Just need another minute and a clear doorway.”

My father’s eyes narrowed before he huffed and turned back to the truck. Sean, my other brother, followed him just as fat drops of rain began falling from the sky.

“If you woulda been here sooner,” Cillian grit as he lifted the stove. I ignored him as we shuffled the old thing out through the door. We shoved it out of the way as my dad and Sean shuffled in with the new stove, still wrapped in the box from the warehouse.

“Let me, Dad--” I moved to take his place at the corner, every one of his seventy-one years showing as he strained to maneuver the stove through the small doorway.

“Stop, I’ve got it.”

“Aiden, sweetheart, let Bran--”

“I said I’ve got it, Moira.” Warning laced his words as I caught my mother’s worried eyes. She only shook her head, my father’s stubborn attitude driving him beyond all sense yet again.

“Aiden!” Mom shrieked, just as my father’s foot caught the edge of a metal shelf and he and the stove nearly tumbled.


“That’s it--you two need a timeout.” Cillian blurted, before Sean’s grin shot up in a knowing smile.

“Haven’t taken a day off since the day my youngest was born, why change anything when I’ve got a good thing going?”

“Dad--that’s been thirty years.”

“Well.” My old man shrugged.

“Not a single day off, forget a vacation or some alone time with his wife,” Mom said.

“I’d offer to pitch in, but--” Cillian started before my dad waved him off.

“Don’t need your help.”

My eyes took in my mother, worry lacing her irises as they wandered from her husband and then up to me. Mom and I had an unspoken way of communicating, maybe it was because I was her oldest and knew her mannerisms best, or maybe because in a lot of ways we were so damn much similar, but either way, I knew what she was thinking now.

This bar would drive my father, her husband, into an early grave if we let it.

“I can work Saturdays,” I offered without thinking.

“Excuse me?” Dad turned, eyes catching mine for the first time. They were hard as nails. “We don’t need your help.”

“It’s not for you.” I grouched back. “It’s for Mom.”