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Calico & Stone

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Amelia Oliver

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A lot has changed for Calico since leaving The Magnolia House. Find out in this spinoff novella.
**Recommend reading Brothel: The Magnolia Diaries before reading this**

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Amelia Oliver Books


My phone tucked into my tank top strap begins vibrating against my chest.

“Hello?” I answer.

“Bend over,” Stone grunts at me on the other end.

“Huh?” I ask, tossing some more feed out for the hogs.

“I said, bend over. I’m jerking off in the shower watching you out the window.”

It’s then I hear the water, hear his quick exhales. A smile instantly spreads over my lips,

“Oh yeah? Bend over and what?”

“Fuck yourself,” he pants.

I turn toward the house, seeing his face in the small window in the shower.

“Go to the other window so I can see you,” I tell him.

I watch as he disappears and then reappears in the floor to ceiling window beside the vanity. I moan as I see him, naked, muscles hard and flexing, his hand stroking his mammoth erection, and I feel my knees weaken. But I casually walk over towards the picnic table closer to the house, pulling my dress down and spreading my legs as I sit on top of it.

“Fuck,” he curses as I put my phone on speaker and set it beside me on the table.

Leaning back on one arm, I run my other hand over my tits, squeezing them together and tugging my barbells hard. Biting my lip as I pant and watch him move his hand faster. Between my legs grows wet and I sit up as I open my pussy lips with one set of fingers, looking down as I rub the nub of my clit with the other.

I hear Stone groan and a clatter, looking up to see his phones not in sight and both his hands are tugging his cock. Our eyes lock as I stroke hard and fast, making a real show of it and then slide three fingers inside my cunt. I moan and tilt my head back, shoving into myself hard, but ever since unicorn dicks been in my life, fingers really don’t do shit for me anymore. Mainly my fingers rubbing my clit so hard I could probably start a fire there if given some flint, is what’s getting me off. That, and him, so I focus on both as I feel my body reaching for an orgasm.

Veiny forearms, bulging biceps and pecs that pop and flex with every downward stroke. His abs are tight and hard as fuck, his balls drawn up but swaying along with his movements. I love those balls. Thighs strain as his hips move back and forth, and his eyes, lord Jesus, his eyes. They fuck me too, own me, control me. I do everything for him to look at me like the way he is now, and I feel the tightening of my core begin to pulsate. His hands move faster, grip growing tighter as my body jerks and I start coming. My vision blurs, but immediately focus as splatters of Stones cum start streaming out of his dick and audibly nail the window.

“Jesus,” I pant.


The sound of the blasted rooster crowing wakes me from my dream, but I try to stay there as Stone comes and I need to see this, but alas, the goddamn rooster is so fucking loud, I slip into reality. “Fuck,” I groan, rolling onto my back.

“Morning,” Stone says and I can tell he’s brushing his teeth in the bathroom just a few feet away.

I groan again as the rooster crows. “That thing ruined my dream,” I state.

“Was it a good one? I thought I heard you moaning in there.”

“Yes. I masturbated through the window for you,” I almost pout.

“Oh shit,” he says sexily, just before I feel his body weight shift the mattress. “Show me,” his lips speak along my neck as he leans over me.

I inhale him, fresh from a shower but the smell of him still clings to his skin. His long, still damp hair tickles my skin along with the hair on his chin and jaw.

“Touch yourself for me,” he whispers in my ear.

I bite my lip and open my eyes, it’s dark as fuck outside and the only light in the room is from the bathroom. My hands wander between us, just as his cellphone begins to ding, his vet cellphone. Stone growls and reaches over to the bedside table, reading the text before looking at me with pained eyes. “Gotta go inseminate a bitch,” he states, then kisses my forehead swiftly before getting off the bed.

“You can stay and inseminate this bitch,” I tease and I hear him laugh as his boots stomp down the wood steps.

Cue the intro to Green Acres, because this is my life now. Becoming Mrs. Unicorn Cock two years ago has been a dream come true, but not exactly how I envisioned. Let’s rewind. The day I left The Magnolia, I moved in with Stone. I got a full-time position at the clinic, got engaged, and got married on a horse ranch by an internet ordained minister friend of Stones. We went to Turks and Caicos for our honeymoon, and I looked slammin’ in a pink string bikini, when I wasn’t naked. And for a year and a half we lived blissfully in his apartment working at the vet office.

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