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Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa continues a romantic comedy series of enemies who become lovers. A romance where opposites attract and being different leads to falling in love.

I love routine. Scdedules. Stability.
And I’m about to travel across the country with an actual chicken and the one man who I would schedule a root canal to avoid.
How did this happen? Let me back up.
My mom had one final request of me before she died: to spread her ashes around the country while I completed her bucket list.

It won’t be easy, but I want to honor her wishes. However, I need some help (and I absolutely hate that).
I don’t have a license – or a car – and I need someone to drive who won’t mind my mom’s chicken, Hennifer Aniston, on board. My options have been narrowed to one person: Hutch Aldridge-Sanders.
I have no interest in hanging out with the spontaneous, easy-going bad-boy of New York. But he’s my only hope.
I’m dreading being in a car with Hutch’s free spirit for a couple of weeks. Throw in the chicken, and this is bound to be a disaster.
Except that I forgot that opposites don’t just attract—they make sparks fly.


Hutch’s Prologue

Family is the most universal group known in the world and throughout history.

Mine is somehow unconventional.

Who am I kidding? It’s unorthodox as fuck. Ever since I can remember, it’s brought some kind of polemic around our social circle.

My siblings and I grew up with a father and our grandparents for our formative years. Sadly, Grandma and Grandpa died when we were still young. After that, it’s just been the seven of us.

The few times we asked about having a mother or a second father, Dad said he was too busy to fall in love. He had us because he always wanted a family.

We’re not adopted, though. We grew up believing that we’re the combination of an anonymous woman’s eggs, Dad’s sperm, and a surrogate mother who carried us to term—not all at the same time.

And so, my father became the parent of a set of twins—Maxwell and me. Then came Brielle. We call her Brie. A couple of years later, Maverick joined us. Last but not least, the other set of twins appeared—Brice and Avery.

Dad tried his best to be a good father. We didn’t miss having a mother. Not even during those times when our classmates would ask about her.

I’m not saying our family was perfect. There were a lot of ups and downs. I came with my own set of complications and became the black sheep of the family. Which sometimes creates a problem since we’re part of New York’s Elite.

Have I been on Page Six for my indiscretions?

A few times when I was younger. I think all of us have been there at some point. After all, we’re the Sanders of New York.

I never understood why part of my middle name was Aldridge until recently, when we discovered that everything we knew about our origins was a lie.

My biological father isn’t Herbert Sanders, but William T. Aldridge—Dad’s high school sweetheart. Dad had time for love, but his heart was too broken to try to fall again. I’m actually one of thirteen children.

Getting to know the other Aldridge brothers has been… okay, I’m lying. I've been avoiding them for more than a year, unlike Max and Brie, who are trying to fit in with those guys and be part of their family.

Listen, I don’t care if their father donated his junk so I could become a person. I don’t need them. At least, I don’t think I do until Dad begins to pressure me. According to him, it’s time to grow up and do something with my life. Changing jobs and partying is frowned upon when you’re thirty-three.

Fortunately, a friend of the family needs a favor. Like the good Samaritan my father raised me to be, I volunteer myself as a tribute. Though, I wasn’t counting on Amber Livingstone. She might be beautiful, but her uptight personality needs some adjustment. I might help her loosen up a little while we’re at it.

How hard can it be to drive someone around the country? I’ve raced cars. This should be a piece of cake, right?

Amber’s Prologue

I’m the product of two different worlds.

To give you an idea, my parents' names are Clover Rain Hardy and Whitaker Thomas Livingstone III—never call him Trey.

According to my mother, I’m the result of a cheap bottle of wine, two irresponsible adults, and several bad decisions. No one was surprised when the marriage came to an end.

Dad likes to keep up appearances, and so he fought for joint custody of me. Half the time, I was under a microscope, expected to behave under ‘high society’ standards. The other half, Mom raised me like a flower child of the sixties. I don’t have a split personality, but it messed with my head.