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Complicated Hearts (Complicated Hearts Duet #1)

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Ashley Jade

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Breslin—I was in love with Asher Holden the moment I saw him...and I knew nothing would ever be the same.
Then he hurt me. He wrecked me. He ruined me.
I spent three years putting myself together—fixing what he broke. I never thought I'd see him again after that day. I was counting on it. Little did I know—life had other plans...and things were going to become a lot more complicated.

Asher—I finally know who I am. I own it, I embrace it...I'm no longer afraid.
I live my life with no regrets now, because I've learned my lesson—the hard way. I thought I had it all figured out. But then my past collides with my present...and things become complicated. Turns out I don't really know myself after all.

Landon— My life was all mapped out.
I knew exactly what direction I was heading in—I didn't have time for any roadblocks or obstacles. Then I meet her. And him.
Now, my heart is split right down the middle. She controls the rhythm. He controls the melody. Complicated doesn't even begin to cover it...and there's only one way this can end.

Warning: This story is for mature readers only, due to language and sexual themes. This duet contains explicit content featuring m/f, m/m, m/f/m.
Trigger Warning: This story is strange and unconventional. It's everything you hate. That's the only warning I can offer you.
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Complicated Hearts Duet Series by Ashley Jade

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Ashley Jade

Chapter 1 (Landon)

It was going to happen.

The moment I've been waiting for since the day I knew what it was.

I was going to have sex for the first time.

My only regret was that I'd waited so long...but it wasn't like it was by choice.

Being labeled the class nerd since middle school didn't boast a whole lot of sex appeal with the females.

The only time they sought me out was when they needed help studying for finals or someone to do their homework for them.

Too bad I never had the balls to suggest the cheerleading squad ought to exchange something for my services...but I wasn't a dick. Instead, I helped whoever needed it and never uttered a harsh word to anyone.

It kept the school’s sports teams—or as I dubbed them—the douchebags on roids from making me a target of their bullying and provided me with enough fake friends that I wasn't a social outcast.

Just a nice nerd.

A nerd who had yet to get laid.

But now? Now my moment had finally arrived and I won't be going to Woodside University a lowly virgin after all.

A soft moan fills the air and the long legs that are wrapped around my head begin shaking. "Jesus, Landon. Oh god, I'm gonna come,” she purrs and I continue to lap at her.

Like I always say...studying really pays off.

I suck her clit at a steady pace and continue finger fucking her to the point of oblivion…a moment later I get a mouthful of her orgasm.

Damn, pussy tastes good. I could have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and stare down at her as she fights to catch her breath. I try like hell not to smile from ear to ear.

Amber Alpine—captain of the dance squad is currently spread eagle in my bed. I never thought I'd see the day. Hoped like hell for it, but never thought my wish would actually become reality.

Her blonde hair is splayed out over my pillow and her peach colored nipples are standing at full attention — just begging to be sucked on.

I crawl up her body and proceed to pull them into my mouth, lavishing them with my tongue. Giving each one the attention it deserves. My cock is so hard, I feel like I'm about to come before I even get a chance to accomplish what it is we came up here to do.

I reach into the nightstand and roll on a condom. With a grin, I prop her legs on my shoulders and press my hips forward.

Jesus Christ...this is the best feeling in the world. So warm and wet.

So mine.

There's no way this moment can get any better.

That is, not until she utters her next statement, "Fuck me doggie style, it's my favorite. I want it rough and hard," she pants, looking like an addict waiting for her next hit.

With a growl, I quickly flip her over and proceed to do exactly that.

The next four years are going to be the best four years of my life.

Of that I am goddamn certain.

Chapter 2 (Breslin)

My heart is beating so rapidly I can feel it in my rib cage. I force myself to take a deep breath and try and steady my breathing as the lights around me spin and slow music fills the air.

Right when I think I have it under control...I look up.

Smoldering blue eyes meet mine—and just like that—I'm right back where I started.

His full, sensual lips turn up and he gives me that cocky, panty-melting grin of his. Like he knows exactly what kind of effect he has on my body.

After three years together...Asher Holden can still manage to make my heart beat faster and slower at the same time. And I only want him more with every day that passes.

He twirls me around on the dance floor one last time as the song comes to an end. His eyes hold mine and his thumb softly brushes my cheek. "You look so damn beautiful tonight, Breslin," he whispers as the sound of clapping fills the air.

"Alright, let's hear it one more time for Truesdale High's very own, Prom King and Queen!" the announcer shouts.

The words echo throughout my head and I want to laugh at how odd it all sounds. I never in my life thought I'd be that girl. I never thought I would have this perfect life.

I was a nobody—a loser—before Asher came to town.

I was just a poor girl from the wrong side of the tracks, living in a trailer with an almost-always drunk father and a mother who took off shortly after I was born.

Asher changed all that. He made me someone special. He made me feel loved.

And then the bastard ruined me.

The second he collided right into me, knocking both me and my books