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Complicated Hearts (Complicated Hearts Duet #2)

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Ashley Jade

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Things are going to get...complicated.

This is Book Two (the final book) of the Complicated Hearts Duet. Book One must be read first.

Warning: This book is not for everyone. These characters are flawed and the situation is intense and frustrating. Emotions—all of them—run high. If you're looking for perfect characters and a perfect story...this book isn't for you.
Trigger Warning: This story is strange and unconventional. It's everything you hate. That's the only warning I can offer you.
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Complicated Hearts Duet Series by Ashley Jade

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Ashley Jade

Prologue (Breslin)

My lungs burn as I continue running through the storm with only one goal in mind.

Make sure Asher Holden doesn't see where I live.

I take a deep breath that seems near impossible due to the heavy rain. Shivers zip up and down my spine and my feet keep slipping in the mud as I reach the once dirt road turned pseudo lake leading up to the trailer park.

But I don't let up, I'm so close to being in the clear I can almost taste it.

“Breslin,” a deep voice shouts in the distance. I take a sharp right and surge forward. Adrenaline holds my body hostage and my chest rises and falls as I suck in as much air as I can.

My teeth chatter, God, I'm so cold. It's the end of fall and Mother Nature seems to be taking no prisoners with this storm.

Lightning flashes through the sky and I run faster and faster. I just need to make it home before he sees me.

He's on a razor scooter, idiot—I remind myself before fear pummels me and I nearly trip over a fallen tree branch.

It's dangerous as hell for him to be riding that stupid thing right now.

Great, you're going to be responsible for committing homicide on your 16th birthday. Way to go, Breslin. Reach for those stars.

I look around...I'm already past the gates. The dirt land filled with dingy double wide trailers that reek of poverty a glaring reminder.

My father couldn't even spring the extra 20 bucks a month for the nicer park.

I close my eyes and tilt my chin toward the rain...waiting for the inevitable.

It's not like it matters anyway. I'm not a princess...and my life sure as hell won't ever be a fairy tale. Why I thought meeting Asher Holden and him setting his eyes on me a few weeks ago would change all that is anyone's guess.

And his family. God his family in their million-dollar house with real silver spoons, looking at their son like he had a temporary bout with sanity for bringing me home for dinner.

The only person who didn't look at me with disdain was his brother Preston, but that's only because he was so busy stuffing his face and looking at the stock market on his phone. What 14-year-old is interested in the stock market anyway?

Oh, that's right. Rich 14-year-olds whose families are loaded.

And then his mother...the look of horror she shot me when she asked what my favorite kind of cake was so we could celebrate my birthday and I said, 'The yellow kind from a box' like an idiot.

I never even knew what Crème Brûlée was before tonight. And to be perfectly honest, to me it tasted like burnt dog shit—but I have manners and didn't want to insult their chef or their hospitality; so I just smiled and thanked them profusely for it.

I look down at my poor excuse for a dress and slam my palm against my forehead.

Good Lord, there's not only a small hole, but a stain smack dab in the middle of my chest. How did I overlook that?

I guess that's what I get for shopping at Goodwill for this outfit and taking advantage of their two for one sale. Because that's exactly what I've got.

“Breslin,” Asher shouts again, his voice much closer now. Any minute he'll be rounding the corner.

I could probably meet him half way and pretend I got lost and that I don't really live here.

Well, I could have before tonight when Asher's dad told me immediately after dinner ended that he would drive me home, and I said there was no need because my father was waiting out front—and then before I could stop him—Asher ran out after me to say goodbye and quickly figured out my father wasn't anywhere to be seen.

Because—Yeah, right. My father doing something fatherly?

No, my father wouldn't waste the time or effort picking his teenage daughter up from some boy's house. On her 16th birthday no less.

Not only did he not wish me a happy birthday as I was fishing him a cold one before I left for school this morning, I doubt he even realizes that I'm gone now. In the middle of a rainstorm, shaking and shivering my ass off.

Waiting for Asher Holden to discover the girl that he—for reasons I'll never fathom—thinks is worth getting to know.

I squeeze my eyes shut and curse the rain. Silently wishing it would wash away this bleak life and give me any other one. As if hearing my prayer, the rain slows to a mist. Mother Nature is such a bitch.

I hear the vroom of Asher's scooter approaching and grit my teeth.

I mean what is he playing at anyway? Why is he being nice to me? No one else ever is.

He's only been in school a few short weeks but he can have any girl he wants. Something he must be acutely aware of given that everyone's eyes follow him and stay on him whenever he walks into a room.