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Con Man

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Amy Brent

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I am a con man, I don’t do relationships, I don’t do love.
I am not a nice guy, I don’t wanna be.
I just do my thing – con rich women, make them fall in love with me,
And then…I become history for one woman and future for another.
I’ve been living this way for the past so many years,
And loving it too.
Until, Olivia Hart happens to me – again!
I cannot fall in love.
But I give in.
Alright, what’s wrong with only once…
I’ll keep it purely physical.
I just want to taste that body… the body she denied me in high school.
But then, old flames reignite and things start looking up for me.
I realize Olivia is the private investigator hired to catch me.
How did I not see it coming?
She is conning the con man,
But what she doesn’t know is that
The story has just begun!

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Chapter 1


“Holy fuck,” she moaned. “Lick that pussy, you bad, bad boy.”

I felt Destiny’s fingertips curl around the tendrils of my hair. Her pussy lips were dripping all over my face while my tongue lapped up her silky juices. Her toned legs locked around my head, pulling me closer while she writhed in her bed. The sheets were covered in our sweat while my hands held her hips to the bed, but the moment her pussy began to clamp down, I pulled away.

“No,” she groaned in protest. “Fuck. Alex, what are you doing?”

I grinned at the use of my fake name as it sprang from her lips. It was something that always got me off, and it caused my cock to drip onto her bed. Using fake names was a way I got around things, and I always took pride in knowing I could sell my story enough for a woman to moan it in bed. I worked hard on the covers I created, and this con had me running around for weeks. It had taken me much longer than I thought to snake my way into this woman’s home, but I could tell by the way she looked that she had money.

Destiny’s breasts were fake. I could tell the moment I saw her. Her lips were blown up with injections, and her face didn’t move because of the Botox she’d had recently. Her tits were always shaped in the perfect way that made me squirm. Women who invested into themselves the way Destiny did always had plenty of money lying around. I knew I could give her what she wanted before taking what I was after, but that meant I couldn’t enjoy the body she’d invested so heavily into before I left.

“Oh, sweetheart,” I said. “It’s not gonna be that easy. By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be crying with ecstasy.”

Sure, I knew it was risky hooking up in my hometown. While Malibu was expansive, the high-end community was not. The one thing rich women did more than plastic surgery was gossip, which meant I was risking my entire cover, simply by being with Destiny. This was the third time I was about to sink my dick between her legs, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Pussy-tightening surgeries really worked if you found the right doctor, and it seemed like she had.

I sat up and pulled her into my lap before I thrust my dick between her legs. Destiny rolled her head back, her long, blond hair tumbling down her back while her jaw unhinged in pleasure. I knew my dick could fill any woman’s needs, but I could only imagine what it felt like to a woman who’d just had her vagina reconstructed. Her walls were clamping down around my dick, holding it in a vice grip while her body shook on my lap. I leaned forward and drew a nipple between my teeth, biting it playfully just as she began to rock her hips.

Then, that beautiful name that made me smirk tumbled from her lips again.

“I’ve been such a bad girl, Alex. Teach me how to be better.”

I pounded up into her hips while I buried my face in her tits. They smacked around my face while I smiled into her skin, feeling her juices dripping down my balls. The sloshing sound my dick made every time it slid out of her shivered my skin, and I rolled her over before I threw her legs over my shoulders. I thrust deeply into her, watching how she shook for me while I smirked at her from above.

“Your pussy’s so tight. Tell the surgeon I said, ‘thank you.’”

I snapped my hips against her hips, rendering her speechless as I felt her walls flutter around my cock again. Destiny’s eyes rolled into the back of her head while her hands came up to massage her tits, and I ripped myself from between her legs and watched the frustration barrel across her face.

“What the fuck?” she breathed.

“Not until I ruin that pussy again, Destiny. I’ll send you back to the surgeon after I’m done with you.”

Destiny threw herself up to me and knocked me to the bed before she planted her knees on either side of my head. Before I could do anything, she sank her pussy onto my lips, stifling my moans before my tongue began its ministrations. Her body shivered and jolted with each flick my tongue gave her swollen clit, and my hands grasped her hips, urging her to move on my face.

She rocked back and forth, my stubble raking across the insides of her thighs while my tongue slithered along her clit. I drank her down, gulping her juices before I slid out from underneath her. She fell to her hands and knees, trying to catch her breath as she trembled from the exertion of her denied orgasms. But the moment she felt my hand crack across her ass, she let out a squeal of excitement.

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