Court of Betrayal (Among Shadows #1) Read Online M. Sinclair

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I was born different, never fit in.
I don’t know why, but I also don’t question it. Until…
A massive storm blows into our village and changes everything.
Now I find myself missing large chunks of my memory. Even the things I can remember seem to be lies.
What’s real? And why am I suddenly so unsure about my life, my past, my purpose?
Something is coming for me—to destroy me. And if I can’t figure out what’s going on fast, that will be the end.
For me. For my village.
And for the alluring strangers who claim me as theirs. Men who claim to know me, to even love me, promising to help me. And as long as I can play along, they just might be the ones to save me.

*This story was previously published under the title ‘Fae Fiefdom’ but has gone through content change and added material.




A loud crack of thunder jolted me forward as my bare feet sank into the wet mud underneath me, encouraging me to push faster, to push harder. Lightning lit up the rose garden in the distance, the dangerous yet beautiful flowers surrounding the entrance to our home’s maze like a welcome home sign.

I needed to find Mommy. I had to find her; it wasn’t an option. But where was she? A chill of dread ran over my skin as I tried to suppress my fear. I didn’t want to be here at night—it scared me, but I needed to find her. That was more important than anything else.

Something was very wrong.

The house had been creaking and groaning all night, waking me from my nightmare. The nightmare of Mommy kissing me goodbye and leaving. My eyes had popped open, the thick shadows that always surrounded my bed not feeling nearly as harmless as they’d been with her around. Now they felt big and scary, threatening me.

Still, I’d pushed through the thick veil of darkness, searching for Mommy. Screaming for her until I thought my voice would disappear.

I couldn’t feel her magic.

Daddy said it wasn’t magic, but Mommy told me it was when she read me stories at night. She said that we had magic just like the princesses and fairies in my favorite books.

The house was empty as I screamed for her, the shadows following me. Why wouldn’t they leave me alone? Had they taken her? Taken her magic? She had promised the shadows would never hurt me, but what if they had hurt her?!

The rain pelted down on me as I sprinted through the entrance of the maze. Tears streamed down my face. Something bad had happened to her; I could feel it. My chest hurt so much, and my heart was beating so rapidly that my head was getting all spinny.

Get to the center of the maze. That’s what I had to do.

I tripped and fell on my knees in the muddy path, pushing myself to hurry. I must have hurt myself because when I looked down, I could see that my nightgown was soaked in mud and blood by my knees.

I wouldn’t get dizzy. I wouldn’t get sick. Sometimes blood made me feel that way. Sometimes it made me feel sick, especially if it was my own. I could ignore it for now, though. I kept running to the center of the maze, knowing instinctively that I needed to go there…

I rounded the corner. Finally. A boy was there.

“Do you know where my mommy is?” I asked him. My voice was so high that it reminded me of a bird. It almost distracted me, but I wouldn’t let it. I had to pay attention—this was far too important.

He looked only slightly older than my six years. His white hair was messy and wet from the rain. His face was sad, and his hands shook. Were his mommy or daddy missing too?

Instead of saying anything, his eyes met mine. They were so bright—nearly lightning-white—that they appeared to glow. Suddenly, he was there in front of me, pulling me into a hug.

A sob tore from my throat, because while I didn’t know this boy and I’d never met him before, somehow I knew that he was telling me Mommy was gone. I was shaking, my head buried in his chest as the rain soaked both of us. All I could smell was metal and blood. It filled my nose so much I could almost taste it.

As I hugged him, I felt a zap against my skin. But when I looked, there was nothing but shadows. My hands tightened on him; I didn’t want him to leave me. He reminded me of someone. Like he’d been my friend for a really long time. Maybe we had met before? I couldn’t think of anything because my heart was so sad.

Tears filled my vision. Then a loud sound ripped through the air, making me jolt.