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Crave (Forbidden Series #1)

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Dani Rene

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Can love overcome hate?
When I first laid eyes on the perfect little blonde,
I didn’t think she’d change my life.
But the first time I tasted her, felt her, took her,
I knew she was mine.
I laid a wordless claim because as much as I desired her,
I couldn’t have her.
I craved the dark, she filled me with light.
I loved delivering pain, she craved it.
Opposites merged by circumstance.
Hearts melded by passion.
Can light defeat darkness?
I should have feared him.
Everything about him was drenched in the darkness he exuded.
But one glance into his cobalt eyes, and I knew I was his.
My heart allowed him entry, as did my body.
And after the first time, my soul recognized his.
Desired what he delivered.
I craved his darkness, he bathed in my light.
I submitted to his desires, he craved my very being.
Running from him wasn’t an option.
Fate bound us in its intricate pattern.
*This is a dark romance, suitable for mature audiences, 18+ ONLY. Strong sexual themes and violence, which could trigger emotional distress, are found in this story. Certain scenes are graphic and could be upsetting to some. This story is NOT for everyone. Proceed with caution. Discretion is advised. This is book one of the Forbidden Series, but can be read as a standalone. Each book will feature a different couple. There is NO cliffhanger.

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Forbidden Series by Dani Rene

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Dani Rene Books

I stalk into the hallway with my mind on everything but work. I need to get out of this house. I need a fucking break, but Father has kept me here training the girls. He instructs me to be brutal, which I am. As much as I enjoy it, though, I don’t want to do it anymore.

There’s been an influx of girls, and I’m exhausted.

What man in their right mind can say they’re tired of fucking? Well, I am.

Pulling the tie from around my neck, I wrap it tight around my hand and undo the top two buttons of my gray dress shirt. The meeting with daddy dearest went as expected, like shit. Ever since my brother got banished from the mansion over a year ago, and I managed to help that feisty little thing escape two months ago, he’s been in a mood.

It’s as if a fucking hurricane hit, sending us all into turmoil, and I’m the one left to pick up the debris.

My father—Harlan Wolfe—is a destructive force when he’s in a good mood. But this fuck up that my brother caused has put him in one of the worst moods ever.

When I reach the room he sent me to, I find a beautiful little chocolate-haired beauty sitting on the perfectly made up bed. “And you are?” I growl. My voice echoes in the empty room, and I see her shudder in response. It’s beautiful when they’re scared. Makes them taste that much sweeter.

“Amy.” She has the sweetest, most melodic voice I’ve ever heard. I stare at her for a moment too long. Her face is a picture of hope, but that’s not what she should be looking at me with. No. She should be staring at me with fear.

“Kneel.” Automatically, she drops to her knees, and my mouth curls into a satisfied smirk.

Good girl.

Those are the words I should praise her with, but I don’t. She needs to earn them. Picking up my whip, I stalk around her confidently, watching her skin dot with tiny bumps. “Please, I—”

“I didn’t ask you to speak. Did I?” I enquire curiously. She shakes her head slowly. Another tremble shoots through her. I raise the whip, bringing it down on her smooth thighs. A loud yelp falls from her plump lips. “No. Fucking. Noise.” Her body shudders with a hiccup, and I know she’s crying, even though I can’t see her eyes.

With her gaze trained on the floor before her, she doesn’t lift her head, but instead she sniffles quietly. I come to a stop at her knees. “Eyes up.” When she obeys, lifting those chocolate orbs to meet my blue ones, my cock hardens painfully. “You’re such a pretty girl when you cry.”

Tears stream down her cheeks then, and I smile.

This is who I am.

When I finally accepted it—came to terms with my fate—my father looked at me with pride. For the first time in twenty long years, he regarded me as a man rather than a child. Raising the whip, I dangle it before her, showing her what lies in her future.

The pain I love inflicting and the blood I love to draw from smooth, creamy skin make me so hard—so fucking solid—that when I drive into their tight bodies, I make them scream my fucking name, over and over again.

I wasn’t always like this. When I turned eighteen, it was as if suddenly the blood that coursed through my veins heated and pulsed with the need to unleash the monster within. The one hiding beneath the beds of sweet angels like this one. This is my family legacy and it has been for generations. It’s part of the family business. Generations of Wolfe men came into their own doing what I’m doing right now. Making sure pretty girls earn their place.

It was two years ago when I first made a girl cry and beg. When I licked at the crimson liquid that seeped from her flesh after I whipped her, I knew—I was the man my father wanted me to be. A Wolfe. “Please, don’t hurt me anymore.” Her angelic voice penetrates my memories, and I glare at her. She shifts and I can tell she’s uncomfortable. I realize her legs must be aching. I’ve had her in the kneeling position for a little while now, and she’s probably not used to it. Tough. She’ll have to learn somehow.

Gripping her hair, I tug her up. Her knees give out, which only serves to annoy me. “If you don’t stand properly, you’ll feel more pain than what I have in store for you. I’m not going to tell you again,” I grunt harshly, and she shivers, which makes me hard as rock. I’m supposed to have this one for two weeks. She’ll probably be my most difficult toy. I can tell from the way her body trembles to the tears that threaten to spill from those doe eyes, and I haven’t even spanked her yet. Most of them cry, all of them beg and plead, but only once I’ve started training. My heart rate rises as I watch her lower lip wobble. “If you cry, I’ll take it out on your tight little ass. Do you want that?” I hiss in her ear, and she quickly sucks in a breath.

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