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Daddy Issues: Part One

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Ella Blaire

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William Blackwell
Look but never touch.
That’s what I’ve lived by for years, since noticing my best friend’s daughter.
The forbidden little princess that’s been driving me crazy for years.
I stayed away.
I kept my distance.
But when staying away was too hard, I caved.
Call me what you want, but now that I’ve had a taste… I can’t live without her.

Innocent. Pure. The ultimate taboo.

Brielle Ryger
Daddy’s princess, that’s me.
Or is it?
Not everything is what meets the eye and I am far from a daddy’s girl.
William Blackwell is every girl’s dream and I’ll stop at nothing until he’s deflowering me.
I get what I want and what I want is him.

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Ella Blaire Books

Growing up some girls played with baby dolls, but me? I played with boys. It’s what I do. But before you start assuming and being judgmental, I’m more of a tease. The game is what it’s all about. It gives me a thrill, a high that’s indescribable. I string them along until it’s no longer fun and toss them aside like the old raggedy Barbie you no longer want. They love it, though. That’s why they come around in the first place. I’m a virgin. I know, I know, you probably won’t believe me, but it’s true. No one’s gotten close enough to take the sacred v card and probably won’t. No one catches my attention enough to hold on that long.

“Daddy, can we get lunch today at the sushi place downtown?” He nods along as if I’m still talking, never looking up from his phone. This was nothing new. If he didn’t have the maid check on me, he’d never know I was breathing.

“Sure, baby girl. Whatever you want.”

“Let’s go then!” I reply.

He looks up from his phone and walks over, “Baby girl, gotta run. Meeting at one. Don’t wait up.” Then he’s gone, out the door. I’m left alone in this big house. Empty. As always.

Fuck it. I’ll spend my day by the pool working on my tan. School’s out for summer break, which leaves me bored out of my mind. I head upstairs and change into my new Prada bikini, another gift from daddy dearest for being the shittiest father of the year. That’s what he does. He buys me expensive, ridiculous things to make up for the fact that he’s never around. Last year he worked on Christmas Eve and bought me a Mercedes.

I stop by the floor length mirror attached to my closet doors and inspect myself closely. My blonde hair, natural not salon, falls to my waist. The black bikini hugs all the best parts of me and I think I’ll keep it. I’m sure the boys will eat it up. Grabbing a beach towel from the cabinet, I head to the cabana. The house echoes with every step I take, a reminder that I’m alone, once again. It gets old. The quiet. More often than not I have friends over, but it doesn’t fill the hole that my parents left. Abandoned. That’s the perfect word to describe what they did to me. Mom’s on another retreat aka rehab. Her vice? Prescription pills. Usually Xanax.

The pool is sparkling when I lay my towel down on the pool chair. Dad’s new pool boy must be doing a great job. I haven’t seen him around yet, but hopefully, he’s cute. A new toy. Yum. The chair is already reclined, so I lay down and slip my glasses on.


Tanning oil.

I sit up and run to the cabana and grab a bottle and head back to the chair. I pour a generous handful and begin lathering it on.

A car door slams and I hear my name called, “Brielle!”

It’s William. My dad’s best friend, and CEO of RYGER ENTERPRISES.

Fucking sex on legs.

I can hardly stand to be around him without wanting to throw myself at him.

“Brielle, it’s Will, I’m coming back.” He calls from the other side of the fence. I hurriedly adjust my bikini, lowering it an inch or four on my hips. He struts through the gate, and I clench my thighs together to dull the ache. God, he’s beautiful. Six three, perfectly combed coffee colored hair that is always in place. Always in a three piece Armani that makes me drool. He exudes confidence, power, and dominance.

“Hi, Will,” I say huskily.

“Brielle. Always a pleasure.” He says curtly. His eyes scan up and down my body lingering on my tits a second longer than normal.

“Will, I think I missed a spot on my back, could you give me a hand?” I ask sweetly, holding the bottle up to him. I flip onto my stomach and unhook the bikini, letting it fall away.

I hear him groan quietly.

“Yeah Brielle, sure.” He squirts a handful of oil onto his hand and starts at the top of my back, rubbing downwards. He takes his time massaging my back all the way down to the edge of my bottoms, and I can’t help the moan that escapes.

He stands, and I sit up suddenly, forgetting I’ve unhooked my top. Oops. His eyes are wide, and his breathing harsh as his eyes find my tits.

“Brielle…” He whispers.

I bit my lip and stood taller. I can tell he wants me. I can tell the way the flames burn behind his eyes.

“Touch me.”

He hesitates, shaking his head. I count in my head as the seconds tick by, five, four, three, and then he steps forward.

I stand up from the chair, and we’re so close my tits rub against the material of his suit.

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