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Damaged Goods: A Single Dad & Nanny Romance

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Rye Hart

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Mr. sexy and enigmatic is seeking a nanny.
I’m the lucky lady.
But he’s rude, impatient, and totally barbaric.
And it’s getting hard to ignore the rumors.
Suspicions for why he moved into my small town.
People tell me he’s damaged goods.
Flawed or not, I wouldn’t mind accepting his package.
I just hope whatever he’s running from is locked away for good.

This is a full length standalone story with over 60,000 words. The kindle version includes a never before released full-length bodyguard romance. All of Rye Hart’s stories are cliff-hanger free and include a HEA.

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“God, you’re gorgeous,” he said breathlessly. “Holy shit.”

I closed my eyes and rode him harder than ever, throwing myself forward and back with a power I didn’t know I possessed. His groans turned into growls as he took in the sight of me on top of him. In his eyes, I could see how much he wanted me, and it fueled my own desire.

“Harder, baby,” I told him, begging him to take me.

He didn’t need any encouragement. He grabbed my hips and thrust himself upward, slamming into me desperately. With the first thrust, I cried out and rode him harder. We met each other’s rhythm easily, never slowing or losing our desperate need for each other.

“Oh God!” I cried out, unable to control myself.

“Come for me, baby,” he said, his voice low and husky. “Come for me.”

I obeyed in an instant. My body shook violently as I continued to meet his thrusts. I fell forward, my hands pressing into his chest while he held me up and continued to pound against me. The pleasure I felt was so great that I stopped breathing for a second, unable to think or move.

He flipped me onto my back and threw my legs onto his shoulders, never once sliding out of me. He rammed into me over and over again, seeking his own release. The pleasure was still tingling through my body, and as he took me hard and fast, I felt myself lingering on the brink all over again.

His eyes were hungry, and his chest was glistening with sweat as his thrusts became more urgent. I came for the third time and screamed out his name.

“Holy shit,” he groaned, feeling my walls collapse around him again.


“Are you sure this was the best idea?”

Tommy’s face was turned down in a frown that I knew all too well. Ever since Telissa died, he’d become the worrier of the family. While I shut down and closed myself off, Tommy turned into an eighty-year-old grandpa, always worried about the safety of any situation.

Tommy was all me. His dark hair was cut the same as mine, and his eyes were a mirror image of my own, deep blue and brooding. If anyone was unlucky enough to catch us on a bad day, good luck to them. We were both extremely protective and also had the tendency to be hot-tempered.

“Yes, Tommy, I do,” I told him, no trace of doubt in my voice. Tommy wouldn’t know the real reason we were moving until I thought the time was right – if that day would every come.

The truth is I received an email from Sarah’s biological father. He wants to take her away.

It had taken me all of five minutes after opening that email to make the decision to move. The three of us had already lost so much that there was no way in hell I would let us be broken apart even further.

We’d been on the road for two long days. It was just over thirteen hours from San Diego to Telluride, Colorado. Alone, the trip would have taken me exactly that long. But with two hell-raisers piled in the backseat, everything took twice as long. Bathroom breaks and food runs took up many stops, and occasionally, I had to pull over to break a fight.

I glanced in the backseat again, my eyes falling on Sarah’s sleeping face. She looked so much like her mother, Telissa, with her dark hair and striking green eyes. They could have been twins.

For years, I searched for a sign of myself in Sarah’s face, but I never found any. Finally, when I learned the truth about her, it made sense. Everything I thought I knew was no longer true. I expected my feelings for Sarah to change, but they never did. It hurt like hell to know the truth about the affair, but as far as I was concerned, Sarah was 100 percent my little girl. No one could take that away from me.

As I watched her sleeping beside her brother, I knew I’d made the right decision to move. Sarah and her brother were the only ones that kept me pushing forward. Without them, I would never have risen out of my deep depression. It was an ugly place for me and they deserved so much more. I still had demons inside that wanted to pull me back into that hell hole, but I had two good reasons to tell those demons to go fuck off.

At five years old, Sarah was the bane of her brother’s existence. Tommy was seven and smack in the middle of a “girls-have-cooties” phase. If Sarah so much as sneezed wrong, her brother flew into a full-blown rage that took hours to subside. Sarah, of course, loved to rile him up. It was her mission during the entire ride to make him as angry as possible and then watch while he got in trouble for being mean. I knew it wasn’t fair, but I expected more from Tommy. He was older.

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