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Death~ Styx War

I’m the Enforcer. I love taking care of the Prez. I love my brothers.
The MC is family. It’s in my blood .I enforce the by-laws.
I take care of business. But I’m not perfect. I fucked up.
I got married in Reno. I was drunk. I don’t want her.
I take another girl. She touches my soul. She’s mine. But I’m married. I’m fucking up.

Sabrina Adams

I’m Daddy’s girl. I’m privileged. My world shattered. It’s turned upside down.
My Daddy is in trouble. The biker is pissed off. He’s hot. He’s scary.
His eyes are mesmerizing. I feel him. The biker takes me. What the fuck.
I’m not up for grabs. I’m not a plaything. I’m not collateral.




“Wicked, Bros, Church is now in session,” War, the Prez yells, banging the gavel on the custom engraved round wood block.

The Wicked Warriors MC colors are engraved on the block and gavel.

“Bros. The new bar, Wicked Nights club, is doing fuckingtastic, but the little shits, the Sac Boys are selling their fucking low-grade crystal in our club,” War yells, gathering his eyebrows in a tight scowl.

“That’s not happening on our turf,” Taz says, pulling his goatee.

Taz is our VP, and he’s fucking uptight.

“Those fuckers need a lesson, and it will send a message to the son of bitches out there that would think of infringing on our turf,” War growls, leaning back into his chair.

“Scorpion, Death, Zero, and Heller will work security this week,” Taz says, looking at us.

“Will do, yes, okay, on it,” we say.

“Bros, is there anything you want to address,” Taz asks, looking around the room.

“No, nah,” the Bros say.

“Okay, in a few weeks, we’re going to take a road trip to Reno and stay at the hotel for a couple of days. Dash and Diesel, get the trip ready,” War says, leaning on the table and staring at the Bros.

“Ok, will do,” Dash and Diesel say, nodding.

Dash is the Road Captain, and Diesel is the Tail Gunner; their job is to take care of the road trip details.

“Bros, would you like that,” Taz asks, tapping his fingers on the table.

“Here! Here, the Bros yell, pounding the table.

“Fuckingtastic! Church is! One for all,” War yells the Wicked Warriors MC’s Dogma, pumping his fist hand.

“Wicked Warriors Whole,” all of the Bros yell, pushing off the chairs, pounding on the table.

My Bros and I walk out of the clubhouse, ready to start our new security job at the Wicked Nights.

It’s supposed to be an upscale club, and that’s new for the MC. We have the fucking Dreamhole Bar, Tops & Bottoms Strip Club, Bob’s dinner, and an auto shop where we sell high-end cars, parts, and repairs.

Our most lucrative business is the new drug Ares, which we manufacture and sell, thanks to Vicious’s Old Lady, Misty. Her father developed a drug that is fuckingtastic and non-addictive, so we’re making a killing. That’s an amazing story; we helped my Bro Vicious protect her from the damn Mafia.

It was a win-win; now, we don’t worry about money. All of the Bros have healthy bank accounts.

It gives me peace of mind for my future because I know that I could someday have an Old Lady, maybe a few kids, and now I won’t have to worry about providing them with a decent life.

Not like the way we grew up with all the fucking tribulations, lack of love, and abuse.


I don’t need to think about that.

Not now.

I’m too busy having fun.

I walk over to my bike, pulling on my eyeglasses, gloves, and helmet.

“Let’s go,” Scorpion yells, walking to his new Harley candy apple bike.

My Bro Scorpion bike is fucking sweet, all chrome and shimmering candy apple red.

“Hell, yes! Let’s get gone. I’m ready to knock the fuckers up,” Heller growls, sliding onto his bike.

“Fucker, you need to stay out of fucking trouble! You just got out of the fucking Pen,” Zero yells, turning on his bike.

“Son of bitch, you’re such a fucking killjoy,” Heller huffs, sliding on his helmet.

“Let’s get gone,” I yell, turning on my bike and revving my bike.

We ride down the gravel drive turning onto the road in perfect formation.

It takes a few minutes to get to the Wicked Nights; we turn into the parking lot, parking at the back of the building. We turn off our bikes, pull off our gear, and slide off.

We walk into the club through the back door, and we go into the manager’s office. Our Bros Whiz, the MC’s Treasurer, Slam is the Wicked Nights manager, and Hawk, the MC’s Secretary, are working here. They’re making sure all of the books; programs are working.

“Hey, Bros! We’re ready to play security guard,” Zero hums, puffing out his chest.

“Fucker! Good, I need two on the floor, one at the back and one at the front with the bouncers,” Slam says, looking up from the laptop.