Demigod’s Mate (Demigods of Protheka #1) Read Online Celeste King

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A human woman has three stages of her life on Protheka…
Birth. Service. Death.
On the run, I sought shelter from a dark elf named Tarron.
I expected to die, but instead he took me into his home where he healed and protected me.
But most of all, he made me happy.
I should have never stopped running.
All it took was one slip up and I was back to being sold at the market.
My new masters torment me, hoping my spirit will break.
But it won’t.
Because Tarron has taught me that I’m more than a toy to be used for pleasure.
And he proves it when he rips the earth apart to save me.
Because Tarron is more than his caste.
More than his magic or even what the gods bargained for.
He is my soulmate.
And he will never let me go.

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I drag my hands through the dark, sun-warmed soil of the garden, making a little divot in the earth for the latest addition to my family. The days are growing longer again, the birds following the sunshine and warmer air back into the woods surrounding the farm.

With the longer days comes harder work. I’ve spent more and more of my time doubled over, whether I’m wrist-deep in soil tending to this season’s new round of seedlings or assisting in the births of new animals.

Either way, while my body aches in the evenings, I fall asleep happy. This place, my farm, is my life—every animal, every plant, every inch of soil is familiar and loved like a family member. I drop the rirzed flower seedling into the hole I’ve made for it, cupping soil in my hands to tamp lightly around its base, keeping it upright.

A huff nearby draws my attention from the little green shoot, and I look up to see Rhuv rolling fervently on his back, flattening out a space in the grass to sun himself. His thick, heavy tail thunks happily against the ground when he notices me watching his antics, wriggling against the grass again as he turns his belly towards the sky.

Most people are incredibly put-off by batlazes, and with good reason. Batlazes have been bred by dark elves for generations to be the most bloodthirsty, loyal, pack-hunting carnivore possible—and they look the part.

Rhuv, in particular, has always carried a menacing presence to those unfamiliar with him. His natural height dwarfs even other batlazes, coming in at my waist when he’s on all fours. His sleek, black coat ripples over taut muscles, and the combination of razor-sharp teeth, pitch-black eyes, and sharp ears that swivel in every direction only amplify his intimidating appearance.

To me, however, he’s no more than an overgrown pup. Rhuv notices my eyes still on him, and takes his opportunity, flopping back onto his belly and resting his face on his paws, giving me his best begging face.

Hunger. The sensation trickles down our bond like water, and I sigh, nodding and returning the sensation. Rhuv leaps to his feet, taking off excitedly back toward the cottage, not stopping to wait for me.

I smile quietly to myself as I watch him bound away, a streak of black among all the fresh greens of the season. My father always thought the bond Rhuv and I have was strange, but since his death, I have become more grateful for our bond than I ever could’ve imagined.

Losing Father was the most difficult thing I ever endured, and this season always reminds me of him. Although he died years ago, I still miss him terribly. He and Rhuv were the only family I’d ever had outside of the farm. My mother was called home to The Hunter after she birthed me, and while Father never blamed me for it, I know he missed her even more than I miss him.

The pale barn on the hill behind the pastures catches the afternoon sun, sending another pang of longing through my chest. The barn was the last project Father and I completed together before the summer illness took him. I have no time to linger on the feeling before Rhuv appears at my side again, nudging me up the path toward the cottage.

Hunger, he sends more insistently down our bond.

Patience, I respond, more interested in antagonizing him than actually making him wait. Rhuv exhales sharply out of his nose before nudging me more forcefully towards the house, making me laugh. I bat at him, breaking into a sudden sprint home.

Rhuv only hesitates for a second before following, his body sinking lower as his strides widen, every carnivorous instinct kicking in as he races past me.

I should know better than to try and race a batlaz, but egging Rhuv on is a constant source of entertainment. Rhuv is waiting not-so-patiently by the door when I finally catch up to him, swinging it open for the two of us and heading immediately for the pantry.