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Simone Sowood

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Sometimes fate lands on your lap…

A stunning woman approaches me in my hotel lobby.
She’s dressed for sin. And I’m a sinner.
I brush past her and, the next thing I know, she flings herself across me in the backseat of my cab.
I didn’t want an escort tonight, but the look of her lying in my lap is impossible to resist.
Except she’s not what I thought. They never are.
Young. Beautiful. Innocent. I can’t get her out of my head.
She’s not to be trusted. But one night in my bed won’t do any harm.

Leo is way hotter than I’d anticipated when my boss dressed me up and sent me out to lure him into saving our company.
Sure, he’s arrogant and rude but the air around us is electric. Unable to resist, I wear the red dress and give him my virginity.
It’s just one time but there’s something more between us, something real, I’m sure of it.
Until I end up pregnant and Leo disappears off the face of the earth.

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Chapter 1


It’s entirely possible that the reason I hate bow ties is because I hate the events that require me to wear them.

I yank the end of my bow tie and start again. I fucking hate tying bow ties. I can never get the sides to be even.

Wrestling with the ends, I’m finally satisfied with the results. I need it to be perfect because I know a couple of hundred people are going to take my photo tonight.

It’s an industry event to celebrate new electronic toys that are being created by startup companies here in Silicon Valley. I’m supposed to present some award to a company that developed a doll with artificial intelligence.

I hate that. What’s wrong with a simple doll? Kids need to develop their imaginations, not have some freaky computer talking to them.

Listen to me, I sound like I’m my father.

My father founded Newbury Toys when he was young. He was passionate about making good, old-fashioned toys that kids could get absorbed with in their own worlds while playing with them.

He did okay, but it wasn’t until after he died and I took control of the company at the tender age of twenty-four that Newbury Toys became the multibillion dollar company it is today.

Not bad for a thirty-three-year-old guy, if I do say so myself.

After slipping my arms into the tuxedo jacket, I do a once-over to make sure I’m looking my best. I shove my wallet into my pocket and head out the door of the hotel room.

In the elevator, I realize I’m late. When the doors open, I stride down the short hallway and into the chandelier-laden lobby.

“Mr. Newbury?” a woman says.

I glance around to see where the voice is coming from.

A woman jumps up from a wingback chair and hurries to my side. I can’t help raking my eyes over her body.

She’s exactly my type, blonde, blue eyes, big fucking tits and an ass I want to squeeze. My dick twitches just looking at her.

But I specifically told the hotel that I didn’t require an escort for tonight.

Normally, I like using escorts because they’re upfront about money. All the women I’ve ever dated are gold diggers and out for my money. At least with an escort, I can pay her a grand upfront and she won’t sell her kiss-and-tell story to some website.

I learned that lesson the hard way.

“I said I didn’t need anyone tonight,” I say brusquely and without stopping.

The blonde falls into step beside me, and I tilt my head to look her.

She doesn’t look like the usual escort type. Her skimpy dress isn’t what a woman would normally wear to an awards evening, and her make-up’s a little too heavy. But there’s something about her that makes me want to turn around and take her upstairs right now.

“I’ve been looking forward to meeting you,” she says.

“With or without your clothes on?”

She gasps, and stammers without getting any words out. She must be new at this.

“If I could just have a minute of your time to explain myself,” she finally says.

“No time, I’m in a hurry,” I say, and look straight ahead as I stride to the exit.

We reach the revolving door at the same time, and cram into the same small wedge. Her perfume fills the space, and makes my dick twitch again. Fuck, I’m not in the mood to be sociable.

As much as I’d like to fuck this escort, I’m not prepared to have to spend three hours at the award dinner with her first.

We spill out of the revolving door and onto the sidewalk. A taxi is waiting. The doorman sees me and opens its backdoor.

“Look, tell the agency I’d like you to come back to the hotel around eleven, but I don’t need you right now,” I say as I climb into the back of the cab.

As I tell the driver the address, the hotel doorman starts to close the door.

Suddenly, the door flies open and the woman propels herself into the backseat. She lands face down, with her juicy ass sticking up across my knees.

I’m too surprised to react right away. The doorman shuts the cab door and the driver pulls away.

“You must be really desperate for the money,” I say, stopping myself from smacking her ass.

“I am, actually,” she says, righting herself.

“I can pay the full amount for the evening, but like I said, I didn’t want you to come back until eleven.”

“Well, um, I’m not sure if that’s a good idea,” she says.

I slide across the seat to make room for her. Part of me wants to stop the taxi and kick her out on the side of the road. But the other part of me, that lower half, enjoyed the feel of her body against me far too much to get rid of her.

With all her wiggling around, her dress has slid up to the tops of her thighs.

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