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Driver’s Obsession

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Flora Ferrari

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Growing up, everybody called me Pinky. But not Steve. He always treated me like an adult. It’s not until I finish college that I understand what those feelings I get every time I see him, every time I think about him really mean.
My heart stops when I see his truck in the drive, knowing I’ll see him again. But I know why he’s here. Could an older guy like him really go for a younger, curvy girl? Would he betray his best friend to get it, even if he wanted it?
Or will he leave us both behind and forget about us when he makes it big?

It’s a dream come true. She’s a dream come true. A pro team contract, my best buddy as chief mechanic and his daughter along for the ride, all in the same day?
Maybe she isn’t into older guys. Maybe I’m just imagining things, or maybe it’s time I finally get what I want from life. And all I have to do to claim it is reach out and take it.
Consequences? Sure, everything has a price, but once I see her again. Once I know she wants what I have to give her, I’ll pay double. Whatever it costs, whatever it takes.
She will be mine.
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Flora Ferrari

Chapter One


Seeing his car in our driveway once I pull up sets my heart racing.

Steve Bennett's name has been etched onto my brain in a very special way since before I understood what that really meant.

What he actually represents to me now that I’ve finished college and become a bona fide, legally consenting ‘adult.’

A girl who knows what she wants, even though I doubt the very man sees me that way at all.

Steve Bennett could have any girl, any team; any contract it seems nowadays.

If only he’d notice me. If only he felt the same way I know I feel about him.

I just heard on the local then statewide news he’s been picked up by a national racing team, and this might be the beginning of the end of his long standing, close friendship with my dad. I’ve seen it happen before. A driver hits the big league and all the small town folk get left behind.

A little stab of fear plays next to the flutter in my heart, my chest pounding like a drum at the thought of seeing Steve up close again.

I try to calm myself walking up the drive but it’s no use. Just seeing his car, and catching a subtle hint of his woodsy-musky cologne sends my heart into a flutter.

My chest stiffens and I feel my breath start to shudder at the thought of him. Imagining his huge hands running across my body, taking me into his arms…

Tossing my bag down by the door, I pretend to saunter by the living room, seeing Steve and my dad chatting there.

Feeling his eyes on me as I pass by the doorway.

“Pinky?” my dad asks, his deep voice only made lighter by the even deeper sound of Steve’s.

“Penny, get in here, haven’t you heard the news!” I hear Steve adding, his commanding tone making me gasp, my hand almost straying to the space between my legs as I hear him calling me.

Calling me… Feeling a line of moisture spread out through my panties.

My heart freezes at the thought of him leaving, but I would cross burning oceans of fire if Steve summoned me.

I can’t be sure, but there’s a low sound at the end of his command, almost imperceptible but I feel it traveling right up inside me.

I close my eyes for a second, then retracing my steps, I move back to the doorway, giving my dad a smile and hardly daring to look at Steve in case I actually do touch myself right in front of him.

What am I thinking! What this man does to me… the very thought… it’s incredible!

“Hi dad. Steve,” I murmur, expertly avoiding his gaze, but only for fear of the effect it has on me.

“Uh, honey… we have some news. Come on in and sit for a bit will ya?” Dad asks, a degree of hesitation in his voice and I see why when he stares at Steve.

I finally move my eyes to meet his, and it’s clear in an instant.

Steve wants more than to talk, or is it just my imagination?

“Penny,” Dad starts to say, but Steve talks right over him, his own deep voice full of excitement and emotion.

“Aww, Pinky. Penny. It’s great! I got this gig with the national team and I want your dad to come head up some of the pit crew. And I want you too!”

Pinky is my nickname. I got it fresh from the adoption ward when I gripped my dad’s pinky so hard and wouldn’t let go. He agreed to make the necessary applications on the spot and it just kinda stuck after that, although my birth certificate says Penny… everybody who knows me just calls me Pinky.

But when I hear Steve call me that… I know he doesn’t like the nickname, but holy fuckin’ christ I just melt, like my sex is made of butter and all just for him.

I’ve never, ever even thought about boys, men or myself in any other way than just ‘how you doin?’… But when I hear Steve’s voice, especially today, I just melt.

The only part that registers is when he says he wants me too.

I notice my dad’s eyes narrow on Steve too, but he’s too excited to read too much into anything.

“Penny! I’ve got this job with Steve’s racing team but they need us soon, tomorrow really! What D’ya say?” Dad finally exclaims, standing up, his arms wide open.

Steve stays seated, beaming a smile but not wanting to get up.

“That’s great, dad… but how do I fit in? I mean…” I start to say, noticing Steve’s look of hurt once I start to put my ready-made wet blanket over everything.

A habit I have when things are sprung on me unexpectedly.

My dad knows me better than anyone and I don’t take sudden news or change very well at all. He pulls a smile and beckons me over to the couch to sit next to Steve, he fills me in a little more.