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Ava and Jasper have danced around their attraction to one another for the last two years.
What happens when they finally give in?

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“Shit, shit, shit…”

I kept swearing as I weaved in and out of traffic, before peeling into the parking lot of the Richard Alexander Woodson School of Performing Arts. Katrina, my daughter, had been attending RAW for three years now, and I’d been on the PTA ever since she’d started.

I was currently late for the meeting, which I was in charge of bringing treats to this week, which was why I was still swearing as I hopped out of my SUV. I rushed to the back and grabbed the saran-wrapped tray of brownies and cookies that I’d baked after I got off work and, as fast as I could in five inch heels without busting my ass, ran up the stairs. Once inside, I headed for the auditorium where the meeting was being held.

I yanked the door open and hurried in and let out a shocked gasp when I collided with a tall, dark wall of muscle.

“Whoa,” a deep baritone voice chuckled, causing every nerve ending in my body – especially the ones between my thighs – to tingle. “Where’s the fire?”

My gaze slowly slid up and my eyes locked with a pair of light brown orbs that sent a shiver of awareness up my spine.

Finally managing to find my voice, I spoke. “Mr. Mills! Good evening. Sorry I’m late…and for bumping into you.”

“No apologies necessary, Miss Richards,” he said. “And we haven’t even started yet. We’re waiting on Miss Branch. Since this meeting is mostly about the festival and she’s in charge of it, she’ll be running it today, and she’s not here yet.”

“Oh,” I said, nodding. “Good.”

We stood there for a moment just staring at each other.

Jasper Mills was the theater teacher at RAW. Since Katrina’s focus was theater, and Jasper was also a member of the PTA, I saw him quite often.

I liked every inch of him that I saw.

The man was absolutely gorgeous with his dark chocolate skin, strong jaw, wide nose and full lips that I’d dreamt of having kiss every inch of my body more times than I cared to admit in the last two out of three years since Katrina had begun attending the school.

That first year was spent dealing with my extremely unpleasant divorce.

“Here,” he said, reaching out to take the tray out of my hands. “Let me get that for you.”

“Thank you,” I said, hoping I didn’t sound too breathless from the current of electricity that shot up my arm when our fingers touched as I passed him the tray.

“How’re you doin’ this evening, Miss Richards?” he asked, following me over to the table to put down the tray of treats.

“Exhausted, but good,” I replied, removing the wrap from the tray. “And how are you?”

“Even better since I got a peek at this tray,” he said. “Are those your famous brownies?”

“They sure are,” I replied, lifting the tray up to him.

“Now, you know these are my favorite,” he said, plucking two off of the tray.

“Which is exactly why I made them, and why I was late.”

“Technically you’re not late,” he reminded me. “And you didn’t have to go through the extra trouble for me.” I tried not to moan as I watched him take a bite of the brownie, and then lick his lips. “But I sure do appreciate it.”

I quickly turned and placed the tray back down as an excuse to hide my heated cheeks. There was something about the way he looked at me that always stirred heat in my belly.

I cleared my throat before I turned back to him to speak again.

“I hear prep for the festival performances is going well. Katrina is so excited.”

“She’s been working hard,” Jasper said. “You should be proud.”

“I am. And I can’t wait for the performance.”

We turned at the sound of the auditorium door opening and I noticed Miss Branch, the school psychologist, walking in.

“I’m so sorry I’m late!” she exclaimed, as she rushed down the aisle towards the stage.

All the parents and teachers that had been milling around in the auditorium, headed for the seats. A grin spread across my lips when I noticed Jasper swipe another brownie. I shook my head as he winked at me, before bringing the brownie up to those sexy lips of his for a bite.

I joined the rest of the parents as Miss Branch started the meeting. I tried my best to focus on what was being said by everyone who came up to the podium to speak, but admittedly I’d tuned everyone and everything they were saying out.

That is…until I noticed Jasper stand up.

He smiled at me as he walked past me, and I discreetly squeezed my thighs together tightly as I watched him walk up to the podium.