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Finders Keepers

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C.A Rose

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If you’re looking for a quickie thats a bit sweet, a whole lot alpha, and ridiculously dirty, this is the book for you.

He found her.
He’s keeping her.
No one, not even her, is going to keep him from doing just that.

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My car is done… as in done. Trying the engine again, I get nothing, not even a click, click, click.

“Crap,” I groan, fighting the urge to scream at the top of my lungs. Now not only am I lost in the middle of nowhere but also my car has broke down and, I haven’t seen a house or car for miles. I probably shouldn’t have driven pissed with no destination in mind without a cell phone. Then again, I am me, and being me, I’m always doing stupid stuff.

Looking through the windshield I wonder what the chances are of seeing a bear, a wolf, or even a cougar. The chances are probably huge. Montana is known for those animals and I’m in the woods in the middle of the freaking night.

Deciding to wait in the car, I silently pray for someone to drive by, but after sitting in the dark for what seems like forever, with nothing but my overactive imagination to keep me company, I start to wonder what the chances are of a car driving by with a serial killer behind the wheel.

“You are seriously so stupid,” I tell myself, as fear starts to make me feel jittery. Not only am I outside my normal stomping ground I don’t have a cell phone and no one knows where I am. Hell I have no idea where I am exactly. Realizing I have two choices: die from being eaten by some kind of animal, or die from being murdered I obviously choose option number one.

Swinging my door open I set one Louis Vuitton shoe on the pavement then the other, and teeter on the uneven ground below my feet. I don’t normally wear heels, so I suck at walking in them, but my evil, bitch-face stepmother insisted I get dressed up for her event tonight. So, being the pushover I am, I did.

Lucky for me, I had taken jeans and a tee with me to the event, so I was able to change out of my dress. Unluckily for me I forgot my sneakers, giving me no choice but to walk down a dark uneven road in killer heels.

After walking for a while I look over my shoulder and notice I can barely see my car anymore, so at least I’m making progress even if it is slow. Continuing my trek, I stop in my tracks when a noise off the side of the road in the forest gets my attention. Listening, I hear the sound again, this time closer than before.

“Hello?” I call, closing my eyes trying to focus my hearing wishing I would have stayed in my car.

Hearing a soft growl my eyes spring open and I panic. Taking off in a sprint I curse myself as my heel gets caught in the pavement and I go down, twisting my ankle, leaving me helpless and writhing in pain on the ground.

Seeing a huge wolf come toward me, I scream as loud as I can while sweeping my hand out on the ground around me in a panic, looking for a weapon. Finding a stick, I bat it in the direction of the wolf as I sit up. Scooting away from the giant beast with the stick pointed toward him, I pant as the furry beast takes two steps in my direction, growling again and displaying his vicious teeth.

I swing the stick at him, and he backs up then disappears into the woods, probably running off to get his human-eating wolf friends. And at that thought, I pass out.


I’m being carried, I think, as I wake slowly. The pain in my ankle is throbbing, and I wonder if I broke it. Feeling my face pressed to warm cotton-covered skin, I try to lift my head, but a hand moves, pressing my head back where it was.

“Easy,” I hear rumbled, while feeling the vibration against my cheek. I soak in my savior’s smell while I fight my body to awaken. His smell is clean but masculine, and I really want to press my nose to his neck to inhale even more of it.

“Rage, stay,” my rescuer orders, and I lift my head an inch to see who he’s speaking to, discovering it’s the wolf that tried to kill me.

“Oh, God, please be careful,” I whisper, as my body grows tight in panic. That’s when my whole world tips upside down. The man holding me dips his face toward mine and his eyebrows draw together. He’s gorgeous—or what I can see of his face not covered by his beard is gorgeous. Dark hair that’s a little long, and bright blue eyes that shine like crystals surrounded by dark lashes. Full lips, and a perfect nose.

“Careful of what?” he asks in his deep, rumbly voice.

“The wolf,” I tell him breathlessly, and he smiles a blinding white smile.

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