Fool Me Twice (Crimzon Steel #2) Read Online Talia James

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To the outside world, Peter ‘Cookie’ Cook was a rock god.
To Evie, he’s the man who abandoned her and their unborn child.
Evie thought she was over Peter, yet when fate throws them together, she somehow ends up back in his bed. When it looks like history is about to repeat itself, Evie is furious with herself for being duped a second time.
Peter never meant to hurt Evie, but with his estranged wife reeling from the shock of her recent medical diagnosis, he couldn’t abandon her. And how was he to know Evie was pregnant?
Now, he’s determined to make it up to his son and repair his relationship with Evie. However, she has no intention of making it easy for him. Just when he’s beginning to break down the walls she’s spent the last twenty years building around her heart, everything comes crashing down around him.
Can Peter convince Evie all isn’t as it appears? Or will this latest drama be the final curtain call on their second chance at a happily ever after?

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Chapter one

Evie closed her eyes, savouring the warmth of the sinking sun’s last hurrah before it took its final bow and disappeared over the horizon. It would be back, she knew that, but it wouldn’t be the same. Nothing ever was.

Inhaling deeply, she cocooned herself in the familiarity. The restlessness that had plagued her lately, temporarily abated, calmed by the sounds and smells as familiar to her as her own name.

A rogue waved rushed against her legs, spattering the bottom of her new dress with sea-spray and foam. Hopping backwards, her wet feet caked in the course, dirty blonde sand that always reminded her of demerara sugar, she cursed her carelessness; now she’d have to find something else to wear to the party.

Growing up on the doorstep of one of the most beautiful bays in the whole of England, Evie knew how unpredictable the sea was. Even on a calm summer’s day, only a fool underestimated its capricious nature.

And Evie was no fool.

Not anymore.

Experience had taught her how to navigate the tides, the gentle swells and crashing waves. The ebb and flow, the highs and lows; she’d travelled them all and survived. A little bruised perhaps, somewhat older and, hopefully, a lot wiser.

But this was different. Sometimes she felt like she was floundering, like a tiny sea anemone clinging to the side of a rock pool at low tide.

And she couldn’t put her finger on the reason why.

Evie, already late after her last-minute change of outfit, hurried down the hallway toward the door at the far end. She let out a small chuckle. Surely, they all knew what a give-away a closed door was in her home, and was bound to rouse her suspicions that something was going on. The doors in Evie’s house were rarely closed. Everyone came and went like it was their own home, and they were always welcome.

Her natural warmth and ability to make even her newest clients feel like old friends was one of the things that made Evie’s business such a success. The health and wellness industry had been around for years, and was nothing new. There were probably hundreds of retreats and centres dotted all over the country catering to the busy lives and needs of their clients, but there was something very special about Poise, that kept its clients coming back time and time again.

Evie stopped to check her appearance in the hall mirror, quickly ruffling the choppy layers of her new pixie crop with her fingers. She’d been a little hesitant when Meg, her hairdresser, had suggested cutting a few extra inches off the length, claiming it would take twenty years off her, but by the time Meg had finished working her magic, Evie was thrilled with the result. Leaning in a little closer to the hall mirror, she touched her fingers to the fine lines around her eyes, stretching the skin slightly until they disappeared. She smiled at her reflection. Meg might be an amazing hairdresser, but she was clearly delusional if she thought Evie could pass for a twenty-two-year-old.

The sounds coming from the other side of the door reminded Evie just how late she was, and how long everyone had probably been waiting for her. Although spacious and airy, the family room could become hot during the summer despite the heat reflective glass used in the bi-folding doors running the length of the room, and she hoped that someone had had the good sense to open them.

Giving herself a final once over in the mirror, she turned and continued down the hallway toward the door. She paused briefly outside and took a deep breath before throwing it open and acting like the surprised birthday girl everyone thought she was.

Her son, Jaxon and his new bride, Anya, were the first to throw their arms around her and wish her a happy birthday, followed by the other guests, all offering their own birthday wishes and hugs.