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He’s the one guy I’m supposed to stay away from.
Salvatore Mancino walks around with bruises on his knuckles and blood on his hands.
Dangerous. Brooding. Loner.
And the son of the most powerful mafia boss in the city.
As the daughter of the district attorney, I shouldn’t go near him.
When our paths keep crossing, lines start blurring.
Everything about us is so wrong, so bad, yet feels so good.
But my father won’t stop ‘til he tears us apart.
I’m learning what’s forbidden always comes with a price.
She’s off limits, but I’ll make her mine, anyway.
Delphine Adams is the type of girl who thinks good always triumphs over evil.
Smart. Rule-abiding. Idealistic.
She’s the perfect daughter of my sworn enemy: the law.
A violent psycho like me should stay away from someone so pure.
Unfortunately, the last thing I do is follow rules.
I’m out for revenge on the DA and his war on crime.
My plan is simple: use her to destroy him.
The DA has no clue who he’s really dealing with.

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july 2005

Summer afternoons in Westoria aren’t meant to be spent baking under the hot sun.

Ashley skates past me, showing off her moves in her new rollerblades. I shake my head and wipe away beads of sweat from my forehead, my focus more on just trying to keep from falling on my butt. These rollerblades have a mind of their own. Thank god for knee pads—I’ve already fallen twice in the last hour.

This is Ashley’s doing. We’re only out here because of her. If I had my way, I’d be hiding out in Dad’s private library with a book and some iced lemonade. There’s not much else to do in a community like Westoria during the summer months. Most families holiday in cooler, beachier climates.

We do too, some years. But with the election coming up within the next year, Dad’s entire life revolves around work, and Mom refuses to go anywhere without him.

Which means I had planned to hole myself up in the library.

Until now.

Ashley’s determined to catch the eye of varsity water polo player Terrence Harding. He’s three-and-a-half years older and doesn’t so much as know she’s alive, but she’s convinced her plan is foolproof. One of these summer afternoons, as we skate around the cul-de-sac Terrence lives on, he’s going to miraculously take notice of young, fourteen-year-old Ashley Taylor and be so thrown by her beauty, he’ll fall madly in love with her. The rest is history, according to her—she just needs to set the scene for love at first sight.

So, while I struggle to stay off the ground, Ashley glides past the Harding residence as if she’s a freaking Disney Princess, her strawberry-blonde locks swaying.

I can’t take anymore. I plop myself down on the hot curb, no longer able to balance without tripping. My ankles ache, and I’m way too thirsty and sweaty for my liking. If Terrence doesn’t happen by in the next fifteen minutes, I quit. I’m tearing off these rollerblades and marching home.

“Delphi! Come on!” Ashley calls from half a block away. She spins impressively right in front of the Harding residence, a 5.6-million-dollar home with no short supply of bay windows and a large stone fountain at the center of the circular driveway.

I wave at her but stay put. There’s no way I’m getting up, even with the hot cement sizzling underneath my thighs. I’ve earned this break!

A soft sigh leaves me as I stretch my sore legs out in front of me. Definitely not doing this again.

Ashley’s going to have to come up with a different plan for impressing Terrence.

She’s way too boy crazy anyway. We haven’t even started our freshman year at Westoria Prep yet, and already she’s desperately wishing for a boyfriend to walk the halls with.

I couldn’t be more different.

It’s not that I’m not interested in boys. It’s just that most of them suck. Most of them aren’t worth the time of day. I’d rather focus on acing my classes, stacking up my extracurriculars, and making it through a superficial hellhole like Westoria Prep in one piece.

Besides, it’s not like Dad would let me date anyone. I’m the daughter of Northam’s sophisticated, sharp-tongued district attorney, Ernest Adams—I’m not supposed to be anything but a perfect, obedient, straight-A student at all times.

An angel, basically.

I understand why. The Adams reputation is extremely important. Dad is Northam’s first Black district attorney. Mom was the first Black prima ballerina of Northam’s Contemporary Ballet Company. We’re one of five Black families living in Westoria, and I’m supposed to carry on their legacy.

The pressure to be perfect at all times is never-ending. But I can handle it. I don’t really have any choice except to rise up to the challenge.

Someday, I’m going to follow in Dad’s footsteps. Someday, I’m going to make him proud by graduating from his Ivy League alma mater Dupoint and becoming Northam’s first female district attorney.