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FU: Fixer Uppers

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Devon McCormack

Daryl Banner

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I’ve never messed around with a guy before. Not that I haven’t been attracted to guys. The opportunity just never came up.

I stand at the front door, naked. My bro’s roomie, Scott, is pissed about how much noise I made with the girl I just escorted out of their apartment, but I figured we were alone, and I couldn’t help that she liked to scream out to let me know she was enjoying herself. Just like I can’t help that the raging boner I have right now is for Scott, not her. I don’t know what it is about the angry glare he’s giving me that turns me on so much, but I just want to tug on his curly brown locks and hear him call out my name as I show him a good time.

Scott doesn’t want anything to do with me. At least, I think that’s the case, but I learn just how wrong I am one night when we wind up tearing each other’s clothes off and racing for the bedroom. He blows my mind…and well, me too. We spend the next few days messing around before I head back to California. That’s supposed to be the end of it. But after my sister makes a crap investment on a rundown house near my bro’s apartment in Atlanta, I jump at the opportunity to help her fix it up. I don’t want her to have to stay with our parents, who I’ve avoided since I left for college–don’t get me started.

Scott volunteers to work on the project too, which gives us plenty of time to have a little fun together. It’s supposed to be about fixing up the house, but the more time I spend with him, the more I realize it’s not the only fixer upper Scott’s working on. He’s doing something to me–making me better. And even though I’m heading back home when this is all over, I don’t want it to end. Because I’m falling for Scott…so hard.

FU is a steamy standalone romance novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a totally adorable happily ever after.

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I kiss down the side of Tara’s neck.

She rolls her head back, moaning as she grips onto my biceps while I bury my cock inside her.

I’m giving her what she’s wanted since I saw her glancing at me from across the bar.

Adrenaline races through my body. Sweat slides down my face, and as a drop reaches my chin, it drips off and falls between her breasts.

I offer another thrust, and she screams out. She’s screamed a few times while we’ve been fucking, and each time, I just want to hear her do it a little louder because I like knowing how turned on she is, how wet I’m making her.

“You like that dick inside you?” I ask.

“Give it to me, Mikey!”

“God, you’re making me pre-come so fucking much right now.”

She arches her back and tosses her head from side to side, her red locks waving as her wide green eyes roll back.

I pull out, wrap my arms under her legs, and flip her onto her stomach. Grabbing her hips, I pull her to me as she pushes off the mattress and gets on her knees.

“That cock is fucking massive,” she says, gazing back like she wants to look at it one more time before I stick it inside her.

I could tell she’d be a good lay just by her game. The way she posed while I chatted her up by the bar. The way she shifted her hips as she made her way to the restroom before returning, her expression filled with lust and hunger. Her lips seemed to beg for me to slide my cock between them—something that didn’t take long once we got back to my brother’s place where I’m staying for the next week.

He’s out of town—doing field research in Belize for his Anthropology Master’s program, and I needed to visit my sister here in Georgia, so it was a perfect opportunity to escape the stress of my job and give myself a little vacation.

Now that I’m here, pushing back into this gorgeous screamer from behind, I’m so fucking glad I had time to take this trip.

I lean down so my torso is flush against her back.

Reaching my hand around, I play with her clit, massaging it while I continue thrusting.

She moans before she starts screaming out again.

“You really like that, don’t you?” I ask.

“Fuck, I’m coming.” She stiffens before her body twists in a series of jerks. She calls out even louder as I continue giving her what she needs—what we both need. Her climax is just turning me on even more.

The pressure in my balls builds until I grunt out my own excitement.

I curse and groan, my hands moving across her torso as I spew into the condom within her.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I groan as I cling to her body.

We recover from the intense fuck before I head to the bathroom real quick, dispose of the condom, and return to the bed. She rolls off the side and collects her clothes off the floor.

“Where’re you heading off to?” I ask.

“I’ve gotta work early tomorrow.” She slides on her panties. “I didn’t figure I’d be out this late.”

“What time is it?”

She glares at me. “Two in the morning.”

“Oh, fuck. Well, it was more than worth it.”

She beams. “Oh, I agree. But I’ve still got a ton to do.”

“You know, you could stay.”

She smirks. “You’re sweet, but no thanks.”

With her blouse and skirt in her arms, she grabs her purse off the nightstand and pulls out her cell. She plays with it for a moment before handing it to me. She’s pulled up her Facebook app. “Friend yourself.” I do and then hand the phone back to her. “I’ll have to hit you up again.” She scans my body, which I’m pretty damn proud of right now considering how much time and energy I’ve put into it at the gym.

We make small talk as she throws on her clothes. Then I lead her out of the bedroom to the front door. She turns back to me, her hair slightly messy from our fuck session, despite her attempts to tame it in the floor-length mirror of my brother Jordan’s room where we hooked up.

She glances at my dick. “You just want me to be reminded of that fat dong of yours, don’t you?”

“Were you planning on forgetting it?” I ask with a wink, and she smiles.

I open the door for her, and her mouth falls open. She shakes her head. “You are a conceited motherfucker, but a charming one.”

At twenty-seven, I’m hardly new to any of this. I know what I’ve got—and more importantly, how to work it.

Tara offers a soft kiss before pulling away and cocking a brow. “See you ‘round.”

“See you,” I say, kissing her once more and letting it linger before she pushes against my chest.

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