Grumpy Girl and Orchids (Dirty Hoe Love #1) Read Online Brynn Hale

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She’s moody. He’s going to listen. And together they might grow beautiful love.

I do it all. I have to or it won’t get done.
Our plant shop, Dirty Hoes Plants & Decor, is busy and my single mom sister isn’t able to put in the time.
And then there’s the bookwork. Who’s going to do it, if I don’t?
But maybe there’s another reason I do it all…
When Dr. Quill Paisley steps into the shop, I’m immediately interested.
He jumps to action when I’m in peril and I can’t help but want to do the same for him.
He’s so sweet, so sexy, and so…unique and he gets to the bottom of my issues because he’s been where I have.
Can I let others in when and drop my need to do it all to have the happiness I deserve?

I don’t think I saved her…I just checked her out.
I’m an eye doctor and after blinding her with my phone’s glare, it was the least I could do.
And man, did I check her out.
Cali holds a lot inside of her and she takes on a lot of the burden in her family for the store.
But I can see her passion. She’s just tired and needs a day to relax.
And I help her do just that.
In the process I lose something I’ve protected for a long time.
My secret takes her by surprise and breaks our trust.
She’s as delicate and beautiful as the orchids she brings to my office, but will she see that her happiness and our happiness need nurturing, too?



With my hands firmly planted to my hips, I scan the room, contemplating all the other ways I could be spending a Wednesday evening. It’s not that I don’t want to be here, but that I’m always here. Managing the shop and helping customers is the easier part of this business, but I still have about twenty hours of paperwork to finish when I get home. A thought that silently eats at me as I force a smile.

“Hello, Mimi,” I say to the elderly woman who pushes a cart up to the register with an eager shuffle.

“Evening, Cali. How are things at Dirty Hoes today?”

I chuckle under my breath. The shop’s name coming from an octogenarian, a hip and cool eighty-eight years young is what she’s told me, is amusing. But the shop name wasn’t my idea. It was my sister Mari’s, the co-owner of Dirty Hoes Plants & Decor. I guess she thought the name would be cute and cheeky.

I’ve always thought it was a bit over the top but considering how many people come in just to see what we’re all about…maybe she wasn’t wrong that the idea would draw interest.

Although there was that one guy who brought in a stack of ones, he had the wrong idea of what Dirty Hoes really does.

I shrug. “No complaints. Business is booming, as you can tell.”

She looks around and sees the one other customer in the store, forcing a pained smile. “Yes, it looks quite bustling here today.”

The truth is, Dirty Hoes usually is bustling, just not so much during the week. With the weather shifting cooler and more and more people needing something to do, the weekends have gotten pretty crazy. It’s nice to see how many people in town have taken up gardening, especially after they put the community garden beds in.

“Is this going to be easy to take care of?” Mimi asks.

I check out the item I’m scanning, a small, potted cactus sports inch-long spikes out in all directions. Forcing a grin, I nod. “It’s a cactus, Mimi.”

“Right. So it’ll be a good one?” She just wants some encouragement and that’s part of my job. I’m just not feeling so encouraged today.

I let out a low, silent sigh and straighten my back. She deserves my best. “As far as plants go, you can’t really get anything easier than a cactus. It needs a good amount of light, a little water, and not too much babying. It’s a leave-it-be kind of plant.”

She nods, her hand shaking as she pulls a credit card from her wallet to pay for everything. “Good, good. You don’t think my cats will try to eat this, do you? Is it poisonous?”

Literally any other day I’d be more than happy to answer Mimi’s barrage of questions, but today’s been a trying one and I take a second to soothe the crabby monster inside of me.

“Nope not poisonous. It’s just a simple cactus. And if anything tries to eat it, they’re going to be pretty upset when they get a bunch of spines stuck in their mouth.”


“The quills, spikes, these…” I say, gently pricking my finger on one of the cacti’s pointy bits and quickly regretting it.

The bell above the door signals opening with a happy jingle that digs into my crabby spot and tries to lift me out. Not working today.