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Happy Place - Rainbow Place

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Jay Northcote

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A first kiss from a younger man leads to a sexual awakening…
George’s strict upbringing has left him ashamed of his sexuality. In his forties now, he's yet to come out or even kiss a man - until he meets Quentin.
Quentin has had enough of bad relationships with men who won't commit. Still raw from the last one, he’s not ready to try again. But George is sweet, and helping the older man get some experience might be a fun diversion.
Swept rapidly into a deeper connection than they bargained for, they face a dilemma. George isn’t ready to come out, and Quentin wants a boyfriend who isn’t afraid to be seen with him in public. Can they find a way to navigate the unpredictable waters of their new relationship and find happiness together?
Contains: Age gap, gay first times, sexual exploration, out for you.
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Jay Northcote


New Year’s Eve

“That’s awesome.” Quentin squinted through his glasses in the dim light as he jotted down some notes: making new friends, bringing people together.

He’d managed to strike up conversation with one of the blokes from the local rugby team at the bar—Wicksy he’d said his name was—and it was interesting to hear his perspective on Rainbow Place.

It was very cool that the local rugby team were regulars at the LGBT-friendly café in Porthladock, which had caused such a stir when it had opened back in the spring. When the café was targeted in a homophobic attack, Quentin had covered the story, and the team were among the people who’d rallied around to help clean up.

Quentin was currently working on a follow-up piece about Rainbow Place and its impact on the local community, and this was exactly the sort of content he needed. “I’m trying to get a few personal stories from regulars. Would you be prepared to meet up and talk to me more another time?” he asked. “It’s a bit noisy tonight, and I don’t want to keep you from your friends.” New Year’s Eve was a daft time to be trying to interview people, but Quentin hadn’t been in the mood for going out and partying with his mates—so here he was.

“Um… I guess?”

As a journalist, Quentin was used to people sounding uncertain when agreeing to talk to him, but at least it wasn’t a straight-up refusal. “Brilliant. Can I take your number?”

“Yeah, okay.” Wicksy recited his number and Quentin added it to his notes.

The red-headed barman came to take Wicksy’s order, putting an end to any conversation, so Quentin sat back and sipped his lemonade as he let his gaze drift around the crowded room.

As midnight approached, Quentin’s mood was sinking lower. He’d wanted to stay to see the New Year in, but what was the point when he didn’t have anyone to kiss? He picked up his glass and swirled the contents around. The ice had melted into the dregs of his lemonade, leaving mainly water with just a hint of sweetness, but he drained it anyway before slipping on his jacket. He tucked his notebook into his pocket as he began to weave his way towards the door. The café was one big dance floor tonight, with most of the tables pushed aside.

Quentin paused for a final look, and something bittersweet tugged in his chest at the sight of all the happy, dancing people. It was wonderful to see a place like this thriving, but the atmosphere of merriment only highlighted his loneliness. He’d thought he was over what had happened with Robert, but apparently he still had a way to go. As the current track drew to a close, Quentin started to move again. But then the music died completely and a voice he recognised made him stop and pay attention.

“Excuse me, excuse me….” Microphone in hand, Seb, the owner of Rainbow Place, was pushing his way through the throng to stand in the centre. “Thank you, darling.” Quentin felt a pang as he saw Seb smile adoringly at his handsome partner, Jason. “That’s better. Hopefully most of you can see me now. Good evening, everyone!”

The crowd roared their approval, and Seb waited for them to quieten down before continuing.

“It’s almost midnight, but before we get to the countdown I want to thank you all for being here with us tonight. This is our first ever New Year’s celebration here at Rainbow Place, and I hope it will be the first of many.” A few cheers died out quickly as he continued. “It’s been an amazing year. When I decided to open an LGBT-friendly café in the wilds of Cornwall”—that won him some laughter—“I wondered if I was making a huge mistake.”

He paused, and a voice from behind Quentin yelled, “Get on with it!”

Seb continued, unfazed. “When this place was targeted by haters before we even opened, I thought the business was doomed to fail.” He paused, and you could have heard a pin drop in the silence. “But you proved me wrong. The local community rallied around—LGBT+ people and allies alike—and together we proved that love wins!” Seb lifted one arm high, fist clenched, and the crowd went crazy, clapping and cheering.

Quentin joined the applause, a swell of emotion tightening his throat and making his eyes prickle.

“Sooooooo!” Seb waited for quiet again, grinning. “After that perfectly timed speech, it’s now less than one minute till midnight. So, are you ready for a countdown?” Jason handed him a phone and he looked at the screen. “Nearly time…. Okay. Ten, nine…”

That was Quentin’s cue to leave. Already embarrassingly emotional, the last thing he needed was to see all the loved-up couples snogging the New Year in. Head down, he hurried for the door, bumping into a few people and muttering apologies as he went.