Heir to His Court (The Fae Prince of Everenne #3) Read Online Alisyn Fae

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Mirror, mirror in my abyss, who is truly the Darkest Fae in our midst? Renaud may taste my blood on his lips, but I have his son’s blood on my hands.

The time for secrets is coming to a close. We must both step onto another killing field—far from Everenne—but fields soaked in lies turn into mines to destroy us all.
Perhaps resistance is futile. . .I have never heard of a halfling who repudiated a bond of a High Fae Lord, especially a mad Prince who is willing to kill to keep.
But I will brace my feet in the sand and hold my weight. I will not be swept away in the storm between the Old One at my back and the Ancient approaching my front.
Resistance may be futile, but my mother’s strength forms the marrow in my bones. I am the blood of an Ancient, after all.
You will not tame me easily, my Prince.
. . .I weary of this, Lady Aerinne. Of your resistance, of your rashness. Do you think my patience infinite? Have I inadvertently taught you I would stay my hand because I love you?
No longer.
Your secret is finally mine, the shadow in your mind you have kept hidden from me—you are learning to navigate the board, halfling.
Learning to seduce a Prince.
You will feel the weight of my wrath. The force of my want. Bend, or break. . .I care not. You are mine.
I have ensured it already. I have welded us by blood and seed, and when the flower bears my fruit. . .
Checkmate, my Princess.
An Heir for our Court.
You think I play the long game. Now you understand I play the eternal game.
Your move.

*HEIR TO HIS COURTis a high heat fantasy dark romance, Book 3 in the Fae Prince of Everenne series. This is not a standalone and ends on a cliffhanger. Night In His Eyes and Blood On His Lips must be read first.





I called his name over and over, gripping its texture, bracing under its force, tugging myself into consciousness along the jagged, pulsing thread of our bond. His focus settled inside my chest with the weight of a Vow until that weight had a name, and a purpose; body. Self.

I, Aerinne, Lady of Faronne, also Aerinne Kuthliele, was embroiled in war with the High Fae Prince of Everenne.

A war he would not surrender, even to win my love. Surrender meant letting me go, and that, he would never do.

This knowledge also settled in my chest with the weight of a Vow.

Blinking, I opened my eyes, staring up at the glistening white ceiling, the silver inlaid designs and rich murals depicting nightmares. . .but if I tilted my head, the nightmares morphed into sea creatures and crashing waves.

I yearned for both, finally understanding the decades long emptiness that had haunted me. Cold seeped into my back as I shifted to adjust the ache. Movement caught my attention and I turned my head.

I didn't know how much time had passed while Nayya had me trapped in her dreamscape. Now returned to. . .reality. . .every inch of my skin felt it. Not a part of me remained untouched by hands and tongues and teeth.

The Prince knelt at my side, black hair brushing the floor, eyes that fought between silver and blue, feral. Power behind glowing irises almost sentient in its own right; sentient, and waiting. Watching me. Constantly weighing the next move, and the move a hundred after that.

“Renaud,” I said, and it took me two tries to form something that resembled speech. “No more.”

There was no pain at my neck. He had not let them take my blood—I would have given it. I would have given it.

And taken it in return, perhaps.

The creature in my abyss that responded to blood and pain reached out a taloned hand and began to claw her way out. No. Not yet.

What did I fear?

Myself. Mostly.

The Prince shook his head. “Sweet halfling, did you think I was done with you?” He flipped me onto my stomach, his hands cruel but his fingertips a caress, pulling my hips up as he rose behind me. “I am not even close to done with you yet.”

Jagged, burning darkness filled me, and though there were no screams left in my chest, I opened my mouth for one more—

—and shook my head sharply, dislodging the images as I pressed my hands onto worn wood floorboards, orienting myself with a grimace.

A girl could get whiplash from all these set changes. I would need to learn to defend myself from this kind of mental manipulation. If we were of the same bloodline, they should not be able to fling my mind about with impunity.

Renaud stood above me as I sprawled on the floor of Faronne house's dining/war room, his back to the large window overlooking the courtyard, the drapes pulled to the sides.