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Her Italian Wedding (Sweet Treats #9)

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S.E. Law

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What are these strange holes in the wall? I murmur. The two Italian truckers merely smile mysteriously. Would you like to try, cara?
I’ve always dreamed of traveling, but never had the chance.
When the club offers to send me to Italy for a “demonstration,” I jump at the opportunity.
Supposedly, Italian men adore curvy girls, and I have just the right amount of sass and spirit to satisfy them. But Matteo and Domenico are more than stallions.
They’re hardened, muscular, Italian stallions who like to CLAIM their women.
They show me a wall with very interesting cut-outs and tell me that it’s for my pleasure.
But what happens when I discover I’m carrying their baby in my belly? Will Matteo and Domenico leave their homeland, or will I return to the United States alone as a single mom?
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Sweet Treats Series by S.E. Law

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S.E. Law



“Hey guys,” I sing. “Thanks for coming!”

Natalie and Naomi give me hugs as they enter the lounge. We’re in a large, spacious room at the Lodge and it’s festooned with red, green and white streamers. There’s a cake to one side along with other sweet treats, and girls are scattered about the couches, laughing and talking.

“Wait a minute,” says Naomi with a mock frown while looking at the streamers. “It’s not Christmas, is it?”

“No,” I laugh. “I’m going to Italy! That’s what this party is for, remember? Red, green, and white are the colors of Italy’s flag.”

Naomi throws her arms around me while giggling.

“Of course I knew that red, green and white are Italy’s national colors,” she laughs. “At least I think I did,” she giggles.

Meanwhile, Natalie rolls her eyes and thrusts a gift into my hands.

“Just a little going away present from me, Gary, and Gascon,” she says with a wicked smile. “I think you’ll like it.”

I look at her with my eyebrows raised.

“Is it something I can open in front of everyone, or is it something that I should wait to do when I’m in private?”

Natalie lets out a peal of laughter, tossing her curly brown hair back.

“You can open it here,” she says with a giggle. “It’s not that crazy, at least not by Dads and Daughters standards.”

We all laugh while joining the other girls on the couches. The atmosphere is relaxed and easy-going because we’re a close-knit group. We’re the daughters of the Dads and Daughters club, and the ladies have gathered today to throw me a going away party. I’m headed to Italy next week to help start a new Lodge, and it’s going to be fun. Of course, I don’t quite know what I’m getting myself into, but that’s okay. As a First Daughter, I’ll have first dibs on the Italian truckers traveling through Milan, and that’s worth it to me.

But this afternoon, quite a few ladies have come together for my big sendoff. There’s Natalie, whose glinting brown eyes tell me that there’s a naughty something in her gift. She’s with Gary and Gascon, two handsome truckers who were introduced to her through the use of glory holes.

Then, there’s Naomi, who met her boyfriends, Aaron and Andrew, while being pounded on a washing machine. It’s a dirty story as well because evidently, she used an XL sized toy while balancing on top of a washer. Aaron and Andrew got one glimpse of that naughtiness, and they wanted Naomi for keeps.

Plus, the other ladies have stories just as scandalous, and it’s wonderful. I adore them all. We get along well because we all perform nasty and taboo acts with our men. The dads in our club are gorgeous and handsome truckers, so why not?

Ladies laugh and chatter around me while digging into their food. There’s a lavish spread on the side table, and unlike many women-only parties, my friends actually eat. I see Layla wolfing down some guac with chips, while Sienna helps herself to another huge cupcake. Good girl. We’re all bigger sized, but the men in Dads and Daughters appreciate it. They adore our curves, and worship the generous assets that we bring to the table.

Suddenly, June stands up and claps her hands. She’s curvy too, with wild brown curls and a sassy look.

“Hey everyone, let’s gather around for the gift opening,” she announces. “Melissa’s leaving for Italy and I want to see what everyone got her. Dried spaghetti? Tomato sauce? An apron that says Tutti Frutti? Wait, is that even Italian?”

I mock groan a bit.

“You know, I’m not bringing that much to the Continent. I want to travel light, and Italy’s a first world country. I can buy everything I need there.”

But the ladies giggle and ignore me before seating themselves in a circle on the couches. Gaily wrapped presents are placed next to my chair, and we all laugh and chat a bit more. Then I pick up one of the packages, and read the card.

“Oh thank you, Layla,” I say with a smile at the beautiful girl with honey-colored hair. “What a nice sentiment.”

Layla laughs and smiles. She recently had a baby so I’m grateful for her presence today. She could easily say that she’s busy or that her child’s sick, but instead, Layla’s taken the opportunity to see me one last time before I go.

“Of course,” she says graciously. But then her smile becomes wicked. “Wait until you see what it is.”

I rip through the wrapping paper and then stare at the gift. It’s a four pack of baby bottles, each one with a different colored nipple.

“Wait a minute, is this for me?” I ask with confusion.

“Of course it is,” says Layla indignantly. “Who else would it be for, silly?”

“But I don’t have any kids,” I reply, totally flummoxed. “These bottles are clearly for babies.”