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Her Mate - Badlands Territory - Shifted Love Crossover

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Fiona Davenport

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Luke Besnik wasn’t looking forward to visiting the Badlands Territory. His alpha has given him the impossible task of talking some sense into his selfish sister. But the moment he met Adley Hoyt, his trip was more than worthwhile.

Adley has yearned for a fated mate ever since her adopted parents told her about shifters. Just when she almost gave up hope, Luke turned up in town. Discovering she was meant to belong to him was a dream come true—until she realized his connection to the girl who’d made her life miserable for the last year.
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Fiona Davenport



My cell phone dinged with a notification as I was shoving the last bite of the leftover lasagna my mom had heated for my lunch into my mouth. After swallowing and flashing my mom an apologetic smile, I pulled my phone out of my pocket to check the screen. Although my mom wasn’t a fan of electronic devices at the table, I was glad I hadn’t waited to check to see who the message was from. “I hate to eat and run, but Kace needs to see me. Sorry about cutting my visit short, Mom.”

“Do you know what the alpha wants to talk to you about?” she asked, twisting her hands together.

I hated seeing how anxious she’d become over the past few months. “No, but I’m sure it isn’t anything bad. He’s been vocal about how happy he is with my contributions to the pack. There isn’t anything to worry about.”

Ever since my sister fucked up and got herself a temporary transfer to another pack, my mom had been nervous about my place in ours. Although our alpha had been more than lenient with Heather’s punishment after she had tried to cause trouble for his new mate just because she was human, my sister’s absence had hit my mom hard. My mom had hoped Heather would clean up her act, so her exile from the pack wouldn’t take too long. As the months added up, my mom’s mood worsened, and my frustration with my sister grew.

Heather had still been hurting for another pack mate who had become a loner after being denied by the human female fate had paired him with. She’d had a crush on Aaron ever since he saved her from drowning in the river when she was ten—if that was even the right word for it since shifters didn’t feel a physical or emotional pull toward anyone other than their fated mate—but that didn’t excuse the shit she’d pulled. One of our most sacred rules as shifters was not to interfere between mates, but Heather hadn’t been willing to listen to reason. It pissed me the fuck off that my mom was paying the price for her transgression just as much as she was.

Her brow was still wrinkled when she nodded and said, “Okay, but please come to see me as soon as you’re done speaking with Kace.”

I crossed the room and wrapped my arms around her body, lifting her off her feet as I gave her a fierce hug. “I’ll always take whatever excuse I can to stop by and visit you, but there really isn’t anything to worry about. Do me a favor and take a bath, read a book, or have a glass of wine while I’m gone. Take some you-time; you more than deserve it.”

She smiled at my suggestion, and some of her tension melted away. I wanted to do a fist pump but limited myself to brushing a kiss across her cheek before heading toward the door. If my mom knew how worried about her I was, she would just have something else to be anxious about, and that was the last thing she needed. I wished I could do more to help, but Heather wasn’t prone to taking my advice. Taking other people’s feelings into consideration—even our mother’s—wasn’t something my sister often did. She was young and spoiled. I hoped her punishment would help her mature, but I was losing faith that anything would open her eyes to the damage she’d done.

That was a concern for another day, though. My alpha was waiting for me, and he didn’t like to waste time. Especially not since his mate had their first child. Kace was an excellent leader who cared deeply for every member of his pack, but he fiercely protected his schedule so he could carve out as many hours each day as possible to spend with Larissa and Talon. His mate and pup were the center of his world, which was exactly as it should be when a shifter found the person who was fated for them.

Since my parents’ house wasn’t too far from where Kace lived, I decided to jog over. It only took about five minutes before I was knocking on his front door. “Come in!”

I paused inside the doorway, my lips curving up in a grin at the sight of the tough alpha who fearlessly led our pack with a tiny, sleeping baby strapped to his chest. I didn’t want to wake Talon, but Kace waved me closer. “Are you sure you don’t want me to come back after his nap?” I whispered.

“No, once he’s conked out, it would take a lot more than us talking to wake him up again.” Kace pointed at the smoke detector on the ceiling. “I don’t even know that the blare of the alarm would bother him.”