He’s a Keeper (Valley Falls Strikers #5) Read Online Bree Kraemer

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Being the new guy on the team is hard enough but when Benji Melton, the Strikers new goalkeeper, walks in on one of the physical therapists completely naked in the locker room, things go from bad to worse.
Now all he can think about is Cassidy naked in his bed, which would be fine if she wasn’t giving him the cold shoulder at every turn.
Oh, and did he mention that Cassidy just happens to be the owner’s sister?
Yeah, this is not a good start.
Cassidy has spent the last four months stewing over the team’s new goalkeeper.
He walked in on her naked and had the audacity not to react. He just walked away like it didn’t even matter. As if seeing her naked was just another day at the office.
To make matters worse, she had to spend an hour every day helping him rehab his groin injury.
His groin. A place very close to a part of his anatomy that she absolutely did not think about when she was alone in her bed at night.
She need to know what he thought of her body was driving her mad. The best way to handle that would be to ask him.
What could possibly go wrong?

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Chapter 1


The mornings when the weight room was quiet were her favorite times.

No guys grunting as they lifted or incessant chatter about soccer.

It was just her, a treadmill and music pumping through her headphones loudly to drown out the pain in her muscles.

A little more than a year ago, this wasn’t her life. Enter Shane Bradley, her long-lost brother, and owner of the Valley Falls Strikers Soccer Club.

Only he hadn’t been long lost and he wasn’t really her brother.

It was a long story that she was pretty sure she’d be telling for the rest of her life. It was either that or text the link to the article to people who asked. That explained it all better than she ever could.

Easier in theory but it never failed that they had even more questions after reading the article.

The condensed version was that her mom had worked for the Bradleys as a maid when Shane was only a kid. She ended up pregnant with an abusive man’s baby and told the Bradleys after they found her with bruises all over her body. Stephen Bradley claimed Cassidy as his own legally but never told anyone. After he died, Shane found out about her and searched her out.

End of story.

Not technically, but it was the bare bones.

Now she had a brother who wasn’t really her brother but absolutely acted like it, a job with his team as a physical therapist, and more friends than she could handle.

She wasn’t complaining. It was the opposite. She was grateful for everything Shane had done for her and still did for her. It was just weird.

She’d grown up Cassidy Bradley, the illegitimate daughter of one of the wealthiest men in America. She was still Cassidy Bradley only now she knew she wasn’t really Stephen Bradley’s daughter even if Shane and everyone else treated her like she was. Sometimes it felt like she was a fraud.

She didn’t deserve to be here, to have this job and this life and these friends. She feared that one day it would all go away. That Shane would come to his senses and realize she wasn’t really his sister so he didn't need to keep her around.

That fear consumed her sometimes, even though there was no sign of that happening. Shane had embraced her into his life and showed no signs of that changing.

The fear was all hers.

In her head.

Which was why, several months ago, she’d started going to therapy.

It helped. Some. But there were still days—like this one—when she felt like a fraud.

Trying to shake off the feeling, she shook her arms by her sides and rolled her head from side to side. She’d always loved working out but now more than ever. The feeling of accomplishment after finishing a workout helped balance her. Something she desperately seemed to need.

After another thirty minutes of lifting, she called it a day and hit the showers.

Her least favorite part of her workout.

Thanks to Benji Melton.

Even thinking his name made her face flush and her heart beat faster.

Which made her even angrier.

She did not want to think Benji was hot. She did not want to picture his chiseled chest when she closed her eyes and she definitely did not want him as the star of her dreams.

This was all his fault.

Four months ago, she'd traveled with the team for two weeks of winter training in Florida. For normal matches, she didn’t travel with the team. That was a job for the head trainers and senior PTs. But during winter training, the whole staff was asked to be there.

At the time, it sounded great to her. Fourteen days in sunny Florida instead of snowy Michigan. Sign her up. Even if it meant she had to drive, thanks to her random fear of flying.