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His Brother’s Wife

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Mia Ford

1979283753 (ISBN13: 9781979283755)
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Jason Banks works for his father, who owns a huge corporation. It’s family run, family owned, and more than Jason can take at times. He is close with his brother Jordan until he makes a shady move and ditches his beautiful wife Tiffany. Jason had always had a small crush on Tiffany, but he didn’t know the rules and wasn’t sure if moving in on his brother’s ex was taboo or up for grabs. His dreams may be for his happily ever after, but she just might have other ideas.
Tiffany Wells was a gorgeous buxom blonde who knew exactly what she wanted. She grew up in a home with two junkie parents, but that didn’t stop her from getting into NYU and eventually working for the largest Media Conglomerate in the country. She thought she had it all, the handsome husband, the amazing job, and the bright future. That is until her husband decided her diagnosis of disease was cause for a quick and speedy divorce. In the midst of her pain, her sulking, and her heart break she just might find relief with her ex-brother-in-law. But will it be a forever kind of love or a lead me into disaster epic fail?

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Chapter 1


The last place I wanted to be was here, sitting at this bar, waiting for my brother to come in, but it was our routine and I wasn’t about to make trouble between us—well, at least not more trouble than there already was. I was starting to feel like working for the family business had gone a completely different way than I’d anticipated. My father had created this media company with just the pennies in his and my mom’s pockets. Through the years and with some serious hard work, Banks Media had become a force in the business. We spanned seven countries and pretty much took over the media relations sector of journalism. Of course, it was destined for my brother Jordan and I to work at the company and then eventually run it together. On a business level, Jordan and I saw eye to eye, so running a company with him wasn’t what I was worried about. It was his private life that had come into question on a daily basis.

I saw the man every single day, including weekends when we went to our parents for events and cookouts. Spending that much time with my brother was a bit overwhelming in nature, especially when he had become the biggest douchebag I ever met. I was no saint, by any means, and never really had a steady relationship with any woman, but I was upfront and honest about it. He dragged his wife, Tiffany, through the mud and back. Jordan had fallen for Tiffany before they had ever spoken a word, not that I could blame him with her gorgeous blond hair, green eyes, and a body that belonged in a pinup ad, but it wasn’t until his father hired her on that he really got close to her. Everyone was ecstatic when they announced their engagement, she was one of the sweetest girls I’d ever come across, and Jordan actually seemed like he was settling down and becoming more patient and caring. Well, that lasted an entire three months, and now, we had to deal with this divorce that literally came out of nowhere.

The door swung open behind me, and Jordan’s smug laugh rang out as he greeted the bartender before slapping me hard on the shoulder. He pulled up a stool next to me and ordered a beer, a maniacal grin on his face. It was late, I was tired, and the last thing I wanted was to listen to him gloat about his impending divorce. I hoped he was worn out from the day, but that was too much to wish for.

“It’s almost over,” he chuckled. “On Monday, we will officially not be married any longer. Thank God, I have some good lawyers.”

“You mean dad had some good lawyers,” I grumbled, scooting his hand off my shoulder. It looked like I wasn’t going to be very good at holding back my opinion.

“What’s up with you? You seem a bit more tense than usual,” he said looking over at me. “And that’s saying a lot for you.”

“Just tell me,” I said turning quickly toward him. “Why the fuck would you give up on this girl after chasing her for so long?”

“She can’t have kids,” he said smugly. “I didn’t sign up for that shit.”

“You’re a fucking dick,” I said nodding to the bartender for my tab.

“How?” He turned to me angrily. “When I wanted a kid, to carry on this legacy because God knows you don’t have any prospects, she wouldn’t be able to give me that. It wasn’t what I thought it would be, so how is our marriage supposed to even work? What’s the fucking point of it?”

“So, what? You just said the vows and didn’t think about what they really meant? You know there’s more than one way to have a child, dickhead. You could adopt. There are thousands of children out there who need a good home.” I threw cash down on the bar and stood up, drinking the last gulp of my beer.

“What the fuck does it matter to you? Why are you so bent out of shape? Do me a favor, Jason,” he said, glaring, “shut the hell up and stay out of my damn business.”

“You never deserved that girl anyway,” I said grabbing my jacket and walking toward the bathroom.

My brother was such a dick, and here I was, giving him the benefit of the doubt, thinking she had cheated on him or something. But no, he’s broken up a home, ended a marriage, and broken a girl’s heart over something she had zero control over. I really felt for Tiffany. She didn’t deserve any of this. He was so stupid for throwing away a life with this girl. She would have done anything for him, and she’d kept him in line. Maybe that’s what it really was. He didn’t like someone else being in control, not that she was in control of this situation either. She couldn’t have kids. It was probably devastating for her to find out, and then, she goes to her husband, who is supposed to be caring and supportive, and he turns his back on her. I suddenly felt embarrassed that cocksucker was my brother.

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