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His Snow Angel - Mistletoe Montana

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Tory Baker

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Tyson Black grew up in Mistletoe, Montana and it suits him perfectly. It’s not that he’s Christmas crazy—like the rest of the town.
Sure, he runs his family Christmas tree farm, but he rarely goes into town. That is until he saw Eve Stevenson, the town librarian.
Eve is everything that Tyson is not. She’s shy, soft, sweet and completely innocent.
His exact opposite.
That doesn’t stop him from deciding to claim her.
He’s going to make her his, and everyone will know—because when he’s done, Eve will be carrying his baby.
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Tory Baker

“I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time.”

– Michael Phelps



Why am I not surprised that her car can be heard coming down the one-lane dirt road? Shaking my head, I return to helping the next customer load their Christmas tree into the back of their truck. As the owner of Mistletoe Christmas Tree Farms here in Montana, I take pride in everything I do. Hell, this place has been passed down from generation to generation three times now. Not that I thought I’d still be doing this alone at the age of thirty-seven years old. I figured I’d be settled down, a wife beside me, a child or three, and someone to hand this place down to when my time comes to an end.

I finish loading up the tree, shake their hands, and stand back as they set off to leave. My eyes never leave Eve’s car pulling into the makeshift parking lot. She may be shy and reserved in some ways, but it definitely isn’t in the way she carries herself. Oh no, her clothes tease my senses in every way imaginable. Even her work clothes, the soft dresses she wears. I can see every curve of her body with every movement Eve makes.

Today isn’t much different. She steps out of her small two-door car, her long hair flowing behind her in soft curls, reaching down to the base of her spine, to that ass. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve jacked off thinking about sliding my cock between those cheeks, coming all over them, my fingers buried in her cunt, my other hand teasing her tits that are way more than a fucking handful.

My eyes don’t leave her body, not even when she turns around and spots me. Oh no, I let her know, like I have many times over the past few months, that I want her. That’s when her shyness would come in to play. I’ve bided my time though. Tried to let her get used to the idea of the two of us. The smile she gives me, it’s different than her usual one. More inviting. That doesn’t mean I’ll allow her to tempt me with that smile. Last year, Eve attempted to tell me she’ll just put her tree on her car’s roof. It didn’t happen then, and it damn sure isn’t happening now. The only difference this time is that it’ll be me who delivers her tree.

She pulls out a beanie to place on the top of her head. That’s not what has my tongue thick with the thought of having her in my bed, writhing beneath me. Eve chose a pair of tight-as-hell jeans, only accentuating that ass of hers, and a flannel top with a puffer vest over it. It leaves little to the imagination and has my cock thickening with need.

My body gravitates towards her, my feet eating up the dirt beneath me. “Eve,” I all but grunt out.

“Hey, Tyson.” Her tone is so much softer than the way my abrasive voice came out.

“Hey.” I clear my throat, trying not to come across as a colossal dick.

“It’s that time of year, not that I haven’t been here during the spring and summer months.” Eve likes to come and take a peek when we’re not harvesting firs, pines, or spruces. I also have a part cleared off for some of the seasonal plants for the town of Mistletoe. It’s not a lot, but it definitely helps give me something to do during the down time.

“It’s been a year. Don’t tell me you’re going to try and persuade me to tie a tree to the top of your roof this year?” I question. I’m sure a smug look is covering my face by the way she rocks back on the heels of her feet, those plush lips being sucked into her mouth. A mouth I want to taste with my own.

“I can try, but you and I both know we’ll bicker back and forth until you’ll just throw it in the back of someone’s truck and make them deliver it to my place. Which is ridiculous, if you ask me.” Eve is referring to last year, before I gave in to the idea of wanting her as my own. I had one of my employees deliver her tree and set it up. It gnawed at my gut the entire time. It should have been me to do that for her. But I was pussyfooting around. Since then, though, I never let anyone do anything for her. In fact, most of Mistletoe knows my intentions, and the menfolk now know to stay well away from my Eve. It seems she’s finally getting with the program now.

“Call it what you will, you would have cussed up a storm trying to get it down by yourself.”