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Hostile Work Environment

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Dark Angel

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Innocent intern who is very flirty.
Billionaire boss who defines the word filthy.
This workplace is about to get very, very dirty.

When I set eyes on her I knew I wanted only her.
When she spoke I knew no one else would ever matter.
More than just beauty, she had something I prized.


A purity for me to defile.
A decency I want to turn sinful.
She has nowhere else to go. So now she works for me.
I bought her memories. Her body. And her home.
Now it’s time for me to own the final piece of Lily.

Her soul.

Come enter this hostile work environment through this standalone romance from Dark Angel. No cliffhangers or cheating and guaranteed HEA!

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I’m looking out the window over the expanse of the city which holds so many of my future conquests. I am determined to develop as many city blocks as I can get my hands on. My need for money and monopoly guides my every move and I am certain I will have every one of my desires fulfilled. Unfortunately, one desire keeps popping in my brain, in a way that is unfamiliar.

My cock is hard against my pants as I think about Lily. For some reason, I cannot shake her from my mind. While I’m used to controlling and consuming women, none have ever garnered control of my feelings like she has. Lily is different, that is certain. But the fact that I think about her constantly and have been doing so for a year throws me off guard and I’m not sure what to do with all this emotion. Fuck. I have to have her, and I will. But beyond that, my thoughts linger in a vision of the future that includes Lily beside me at all times. I can see us living together, being together, and traveling together. None of my conquests have ever been at this level. Usually, I wine them and dine them, and sort of throw them away. No one has ever held my interest beyond the initial chase, so it’s unusual for me to be sitting here, pining for some woman, who I know I already contractually own. I sigh. At least she’s mine for the foreseeable future, but I will have to find a way to maintain that.

I have never wanted someone so much, and I have never wanted anything that I couldn’t just take. Some old part of me wants me to be able to just let go, but my entire being fights against such an idea.

This ongoing argument is not rational for me, a man of great wealth and power. Normally I can buy whatever and whomever I want, but Lily I know is different. She doesn’t appear to care about money, and maybe that’s something she’s inherited from her father. He was a fool not to sell to me immediately, but Lily’s no fool. She wears her heart on her sleeve and with an innocence like that, I just can’t seem to see myself taking advantage of her or ever turning her away. Man, I’m in deep and this thing’s only just begun. The image of her touching her sweet pussy in front of me has me going hot. Every time I think of it I start to get hard and I imagine my cock being the first to penetrate her little, untouched hole. I would destroy it and lay claim over that and every other part of her. I would own her body, mind, and soul. She’s mine already but I have to cement it. I have the cream of the crop in my hands and I’m never gonna let her get away. The fact that I’m even imagining this thing going longer than a year has me wondering what the fuck I’ve gotten myself into. This is not who I am. I am not one to fantasize about the future, let alone with some girl my cock hasn’t even tasted yet. But I’m ready. Whatever Lily throws my way, I’m ready to contain her. She’s gonna be mine and it’s gonna be hot. I’m gonna show her the depths of joy like she’s never even imagined and then she will be by my side forever, for want of will and not coercion. Pretty soon I won’t need a contract. I’ll have her eating out of the palm of my hand and she will beg me for more. She already wants to beg. I can tell. This is going to be the best sex of my life, and the only sex of hers. Untouched, unbegotten, I will have my way with this beautiful creature and she will come to depend on me for everything.

One phone call and my thoughts come to a screeching halt.

“What is it?” I bark into the phone.

“I’ve got Mr. Salinger’s secretary, holding on Line 1.”


“She wants to confirm your appointment with him about the convention center.”

“Right.” Shit, I almost forgot. “Yes, yes, tell him it’s still on.”

I hang up, disappointed to be pulled out of my thoughts of Lily. This matter does concern her, though, so my thoughts are not entirely misplaced. I wonder how she will feel about me executing the sale of her home to some big shot developer…and that makes this odd, because thoughts are turning towards emotion rather than desire.

Salinger wants to place a convention center right on top of the place where Lily lives, so her precious memories will be at stake. I know she is like her father in wanting to preserve the home and the lives of the tenants who already live there. A part of me wonders if she’ll be mad or disappointed with me for this sale. Will it make her push me away? Will she, my newfound desire, find a way to hate me for this? I can’t believe I’m even considering another person’s feelings, but I can’t let this give her a reason to doubt me. I’m gonna have to tread carefully on this one.

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