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Hot Vegas Nights - The Trifecta

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Logan Chance

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There’s only two rules to being a male stripper in Vegas.
#1. Always be attainable.
#2. Never fall in love.
And I’ve been living by these rules for a very long time. I love my life. I’m one-third of the Trifecta, only the naughtiest male revue show Sin City has ever seen.
My days consist of working out, saving money, and entertaining women both on and off the stage. Until the moment, Clara walks into Big Willie’s and wants nothing to do with me.
She avoids me at every turn. And it drives me crazy. But, when she needs a date for her step-sister’s wedding, there’s only one person she can turn to. Me.
And I’m more than happy to be the piece of meat on her arm.
Date for the wedding, and nothing else. Only one problem, I find myself wanting more.
This is all new to me, and I find myself breaking both my rules. But this is Vegas, baby, and sometimes rules are meant to be broken.
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Logan Chance

Chapter 1


Three male strippers walk out of a bank.

Sounds like the start of a hacky joke, but there’s no joke when it comes to the Trifecta. Yes, we’re well aware the Trifecta sounds a tad bit pretentious, but we play it off and we make it look good.

Damn good.

I know we’re eye catching. This is what we do for a living. Make an entrance, and keep the attention on us until we’ve left the room. And here we are, our attention level is off the charts and we’re loving every second of it.

We’ve been the Trifecta since the moment we were born. My mom had the bright idea to name us Benjamin, Axel, and Damien, B.A.D, and let me tell you... we are. We’re bad for your heart, bad for your senses, and bad for your wallet.

All three of us were born, little clones of each other, all of us ten minutes apart. We’re brothers. We were born scrawny, premature, tiny triplet boys. Babies who when we first came out of the womb had a small chance of having a normal life, boy were they right. A normal life is not what we’re living and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

My brothers not so much.

They want out.

They want more. I’m just following them because we stick together. If I could have it my way, I’d live this life forever and never tire of it.

We’ve always stuck together.

Through thick and thin.

Or I should say thin to thick, because we aren’t thin anymore.

The scene we’re creating right now is one of my favorites so far, and that’s saying a lot because we’ve had a lot of scenes. I smirk as the three of us walk out of the bank. All dressed in fitted matching suits, tailored to make every woman around us want to be closer, and every man wants to know our secret. We’re powerful when we’re together. We know it. We use it to our advantage.

The Trifecta is in full force. We walk out of the bank, in calculated movements, drawing every eye to us. We never have to practice. Simpering women ask us all the time if we do our movements on purpose, pawing at one of us with lust in their eyes. We tell them the same thing, no. The triplet instincts are strong with us.

The sunglasses come on in one motion covering our bright green eyes from the hot sun. Our arms bend at the elbow, one at a time, unbuttoning our crisp white cuffs before pulling down our suit sleeves, the emerald cufflinks capturing and releasing the sun in sparkling brilliance.

We strut toward Damien’s, the youngest triplet’s, black Range Rover. Climbing in we shut the doors in unison blocking our shine from the staring onlookers.

As soon as we pull away from the parking lot we all let out a collective breath. The radio is shut off allowing our sighs to ping around the interior. After a moment, Axel, the second in line lets out a light chuckle. Damien follows and soon I’m in on it. Our chuckles turn into a full out raucous laughter. We laugh so hard if any of our patrons saw us they’d dry up like the Sahara.

But here we are under the protection of the dark tint of the SUV, laughing like giddy school girls. But in a manly way, of course.

“We did it gentlemen,” I say, attempting to get myself together. As the oldest, by ten minutes, twenty for Damien, I’m the one who keeps the Trifecta together, upholding our status and all we’ve worked for.

“Fuck yeah, boys.” Damien takes his hand off the steering wheel and gives the two of us high fives.

Axel’s the most excited about what we just did. We’re one step closer to getting out of the business, something Axel’s been waiting a long time for. Axel hates what we do for a living. Damien, always the one wanting to prove himself, sees it as a means to an end. Me, well, I love it. I’m good at it.

We’re all good at it, but I thrive off it.

“Now comes the hard part.” We roll our eyes at Damien. He’s always the one looking at the next step.

“Come on, Damien. Let us at least be happy for a minute before we have to think about all the hard work we’re in for. We deserve this,” Axel says, glancing at Damien through the rearview mirror.

“I’m just saying.”

“We both know,” I say, stopping Damien’s rant we’ve all heard countless times before.

“All right. I’m proud of us, and we did work hard to get the loan today. Let’s celebrate tonight.”

I grin knowing Damien’s happy. Hell, we’re all fucking happy. Our dreams are finally coming true.

“I’m in,” I say as Axel nods.

“After work tonight we’ll celebrate our first step of getting out of this business.” Damien pounds the steering wheel in excitement as we turn onto our street where our childhood house sits.