Incendiary in a Kilt (Hot Scots #12) Read Online Anna Durand

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He’s brilliant, quirky, fearless, and scorching hot.

I want Errol Murdoch—as my business partner, nothing more. The man has traveled the world searching for things no one else can find and solving riddles no one else can crack. Only a treasure hunter like him can help me find a hoard that archaeologists claim doesn’t exist. I have my reasons for fighting to prove them wrong, and I won’t stop until I’ve succeeded.
Errol is explosive in so many ways, but his hot body will not distract me from my goal. No way.
Ashley Hartman wants me, badly. All right, maybe she meant she needs me to find the Grand Canyon treasure for her. But she cannae keep her lips off me—or her hands either. Aye, she’s beautiful and sexy. But I’m burned out on dangerous missions. No, I will not shag her or go on her barmy expedition.
One bloody fantastic kiss won’t change my mind. Well, probably not. This might be the most insane hunt I’ve ever considered going on, but it could also become the most exciting adventure of my life.

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Chapter One


I thrust and pull back, thrust and pull back, over and over while sweat dribbles down my temples and my breathing grows heavier. Thrust, release. Thrust, release. I'm getting into the rhythm of my movements, and a long, low groan resonates in my chest as I approach that climactic moment when all the tension will evaporate. One last push… I groan and relax. There's nothing more invigorating in the world than that final thrust.

My cousin Magnus takes the dumbbells from me and sets them on the floor. "Are ye done yet? Or do ye mean to exercise until ye collapse? We both know why you're suddenly obsessed with working out, Errol."

"It has nothing to do with Ashley Hartman."

All right, maybe there is one thing more invigorating than exercise. But I will never shag that barmy woman. Donnae care how many times the lass knocks on my door and tries to seduce me into going on a pointless mission to find a treasure that doesn't exist.

Magnus locks his arms over his chest. "If you want to have a poke with Ashley, just do it. You'll feel more relaxed afterward."

"I will not touch her. The lass is off her head." I sit up, straddling the exercise bench. "She wants me to hunt for a phantom. The Grand Canyon treasure doesn't exist."

"So ye mean to go on behaving like Rory used to before he met Emery."

"No." I flash him a scowl. "I will never growl or snarl at Ashley. I willnae shag her either. So stop harassing me, Magnus. No barmy treasure hunt, no sex with an American lass, I'm done."

"But you love a good adventure."

Sighing, I push up off the bench and stretch. "Maybe I don't love adventure as much as I used to. I'm getting older, you know."

"You're thirty-seven, not eighty."

I check my watch. "Cannae haver with you anymore, Magnus. Your wife wants me."

"To help arrange the new exhibits at the Dùndubhan museum, ye cacan. Piper doesn't want to shag you."

"Well, she does need my body." With a wink and a smirk, I walk past Magnus. "To carry heavy artifacts for her."

Maybe I enjoy tormenting my cousin. Maybe I like to watch him squint his eyes and flatten his lips right before he calls me a cacan or a bod ceann. I don't mind anyone calling me a wee shit or a dickhead. I'm not that sensitive. It's possible I also enjoy hearing Magnus growl and snarl. Not my fault he cannae control his emotions.

I walk out of the exercise room, the one I'd installed in my house not long after the first time I met Ashley Hartman, while Magnus trails after me into the living room. The wife of my cousin Callum has set up a physical therapy clinic as well as a fitness center for people who don't have injuries, but I prefer to work out at home. In private. Not because I fantasize about Ashley Hartman while I'm doing that. No, I like privacy. That's all.

Magnus pulls the front door open but pauses there to look back at me. "Piper and I have news, but she wants to tell you herself."

"I'm going to see her right now."

"Aye. Be kind to her."

"Have I ever growled or snarled at Piper? No. You are the one who treated her like a criminal." I pat his arm. "Donnae worry. I'll give her a good firm hug and a big wet kiss for you."

Magnus shakes his head and walks out the door.

I take a shower and get dressed, then jump in my car for the half-hour drive from Loch Fairbairn to Dùndubhan. I donnae mind the drive. The country in Glencoe is bonnie, and though I've lived in this region all my life, I still love to admire the scenery. I make one stop—to buy flowers for Piper, since it sounds like she has important news to share—then I continue on my way to Dùndubhan.