Inevitable Events (Love’s Reckoning #2) Read Online Rene Wolfe

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I’m a screwup has-been.
She’s a friend and my bestfriend’s sister.
We shouldn’t be together… but we’re inevitable.

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Seven Years Earlier


“YOU BASTARD! Don’t take my baby from me.” My mom’s up. She’s crying hysterically and ready to fight whoever’s at the door. “I won’t let you take him.” The confrontation gives her new life as she continues to stand guard with determination. It’s a stark change from just a few hours earlier when she was locked in her room with all the house sounds drowned out by the mellow crooning of a sad song playing on repeat.

I move to help her and that’s when I see Mr. Dane, the man that takes me to all my basketball games and ice cream afterward. The man that I guess is my mom’s boyfriend. Someone who bought her gifts and would spend time with her just because. I even remember asking if he was my dad and my question was met with silence from him. And, “Do you want him to be?” from her. Oddly enough, no matter how much stuff he bought us, I couldn’t answer her question. Especially on days like this, when he made her cry. They argue all the time. But today is worse. Today she won’t even let him in the house, and she has a harder edge to her voice.

“I warned you, Lana. You did this, not me. You want help, go find whoever her father is and ask him.” He pushes past her and comes right for me. I should’ve stayed out of sight. But I had to see what was happening and why her cries sounded different. Once he’s inside, he comes and squats in front of me. I’m nervous because I don’t know what’s happening or what I did wrong. My vision gets blurry, and I move to wipe the tears out of my eyes, drawing his attention.

“What did I tell you about crying, Cameron?” he asks, looming over me.

“That I’m not a baby.” I’m trying to see around his large body to check on my mom.

“That’s right. You’re not a baby anymore and you’re coming to stay with me for a while. Now go put on your shoes.”

He’s smiling like he didn’t just push my mom out of the way. Like she’s not even behind him, crying her eyes out. His smile makes me nervous, but I still do what he says because my mom said I always should. Nervous, I look at her… she has her head down, clutching a piece of paper with one hand, while gripping a handful of her hair in the other. Still sobbing. The sight makes my stomach twist in pain as I go to my room and grab my shoes, looking over at Nova, who’s sitting up in the bed with tears streaming down her face. She knows they’re fighting about her and hates when I leave her behind.

Still in my pajamas, I put on my shoes and come out of the room. My mom’s clinging to him, crying harder, and telling him she’ll do whatever he wants. But he’s not listening. He shrugs her off before grabbing my hand and walking me to the door. I look back at her and she’s still lying in the same place he left her, looking at me.

“Love you, Cam. Remember, Mama loves you.” Before I’m able to respond, he pulls me out the door and into the back seat of a shiny black car with tinted windows. Windows so dark that they cast a shadow over my house even with the sun out. We drive away and as I look out the window, the house gets smaller and smaller until I can’t see it anymore.

I shoot up from the bed, choking down gulps of air, fighting the suffocating feeling I get every time I wake up from that damn dream. My skin is moist and vacant of warmth against the damp sheets as I slowly become more aware of my surroundings. Constantly, my mind keeps going back to that day. Is it the most traumatic thing that’s happened to me since? No. But it’s a turning point in my life, I suppose. An incident that took me away from my family, introduced me to a tyrant, and stole my youth. It also led me to the best things in my life... my best friend Chance and his sister Cacey.

Like always, the thought of them calms me until a faint flowery scent hits my nose and I'm gagging again, only this time in disgust. The smell reminds me of the woman that left my room just hours ago. It also reminds me of my traitorous body and all the reasons I fill my bed with women who pale in comparison to my ideal. The lingering scent causes me to look around the darkened room, to ensure I’m alone, before falling back on my bed in relief. It’s the same process but a different day. Staring up at the ceiling, I focus to steady my breathing once again. Maybe one day it won’t be like this. Maybe one day I’ll be able to trust my dick enough to risk the relationships closest to me and go for the real thing.