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U.S. Navy SEAL Elias “Joker” Jackman had always chafed at his father’s yoke. He’s being groomed for an upper level military position, a career that was laid out for him before he was even born. After deploying to Niger, he has to endure a visit by his dad in an official capacity which includes all the pomp and circumstance. He reluctantly attends, but being under his father’s thumb provokes a reckoning he might not be able to stem. But when Joker gets a load of his father’s personal assistant, strait-laced and very beautiful Lt(jg). Philippa Thompson, there’s more than havoc on his mind—there’s seduction.

Pippa is thrilled to have been appointed as Admiral Jackman’s Flag Aide, handling the Admiral’s personal and administrative matters. It was a challenging but highly rewarding duty for a junior officer on her way to full Lieutenant. But a monkey wrench is thrown into her plans with the presence of the Admiral’s very gorgeous and flirtatious, irresistible son who entices her to let down her hair and loosen up her uniform. It’s going to be a battle to withstand the handsome Navy SEAL, but with her career hanging in the balance, it’s imperative. She’s glad to have Joker on hand when his father is the target of terrorists out to make a statement and which puts her squarely in the crosshairs. It’s pretty handy that Joker comes with seven steely, unyielding teammates who are all learning that their leader isn’t exactly what they thought.

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Outside the United States Embassy, Niamey, Niger

Every dog will have his day.

He was going to make sure he did. He had the phone he’d cloned from Lieutenant Elias Jackman to keep track of the lieutenant’s father Admiral James Jackman. His plan was to go to Naples, Italy, and look for his window of opportunity to take his revenge. But now he didn’t have to do that. The admiral was already here and would be for several weeks. That would give him enough time to plan his justified assassination of Admiral James…and maybe his son as well. In fact, he might just take out his son first to give him some idea what it felt like to lose someone he loved.

He pulled out the worn, wrinkled photo and stared down at it. His dad, in his flight suit. The admiral, in his capacity as leader of the strike force who was handling the Gulf War, had sent his father out without enough support, and he’d been shot down and subsequently executed by the Iraqis. It was their fault.

He had been denied his chance to serve. They didn’t like his answers on the psych evaluation. He’d wanted to continue with his family’s legacy, but that had also been taken from him. He was shamed and humiliated to be the only member of his family who hadn’t been able to join in the long history of service.

His only recourse was to go for the next best thing that didn’t require any stupid questions.

Security. It got him here in Niger to serve his country, but some people didn’t deserve to be here to serve when he hadn’t been allowed his due.

He was going to rectify the situation.

Inside the United States Embassy, Niamey, Niger

Lieutenant, junior grade, Philippa “Pippa” Thompson wished her boss’s son, Lieutenant Elias “Joker” Jackman didn’t have to wait, but the admiral had a meeting that went over the allotted time. It had nothing to do with her management skills, but everything to do with Ambassador David Ogden, and she couldn’t fault the ambassador. Pippa was used to changing Admiral Jackman’s schedule many times a day.

Often referred to as Loop because of the gold aiguillettes she wore on her shoulder, she was a pro and flag aide to four-star Admiral James Jackman, Commander of US Naval Forces Europe-Africa. They were based out of Naples, Italy, and the admiral managed overall command, operational control, and coordination of US Naval Forces in the European and African Command area of responsibility. For the European component, Admiral Jackman planned, directed, and supported naval operations in Europe during peacetime, contingencies, in general war, and as tasked by US European Command.

He recently oversaw the US response to the terrible terrorist attack in Paris only weeks ago, deploying Tier 1 Operators who worked with the CIA to track down and apprehend the people responsible for planning and implementing the strikes. Those same Tier 1 Operators and CIA head officer Rose Sinema were still pursuing the shadowy terrorists. The attacks weren’t over as intelligence hadn’t been able to identify the leader of the No Safe Haven group who took credit for the attacks. No Safe Haven’s agenda wasn’t clear except for the threat of attacking Americans anywhere in the world. Their symbol was an American flag with a red X through it and that chilling slogan.