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Just One Promise (The Carter Brothers #3)

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Tory Baker

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Heath Carter, is the youngest of three brothers, and forever labeled the jokester. It seemed the only thing he took serious was his family and work. That was until he saw Audrey in a crowded bar, dancing as if she didn’t have a care in the world.
She cast a spell over him and it’s one he never wants to disappear.
Audrey thinks all Heath wants is one night. She’s in for a surprise.
Heath has just one promise to give pretty little Audrey. He’s going to spend forever making her happy.
Tory is back with the latest installment of the Carter brothers and this brother definitely turns up the heat. So, grab a fan. You’re going to need it. Remember with every Tory book you’re going to get insta-love, and enough sweet with a dash of spice to satisfy.
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The Carter Brothers Series by Tory Baker

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I was going to be the last one to fall, I knew, my brothers knew it, hell even our mom knew it. Being single never bothered me. My family, the ocean, and work were always my main concerns.

Getting married, having a family of my own, I doubt I’ll ever see that, so for now I have everything I could possibly need.

Even with Rome and Mason creating their own families, they still make sure I’m a part of their lives in every way possible, we’re still as thick as thieves. Their wives even carry on with our antics. Summer and Quinn being the perfect fit to them, we’re family in every sense of the way, but sometimes a man needs to get out of his own head.

I’m walking downtown when the sounds of the local bar and tavern lure me in, maybe I’ll have a drink or two, walk home, and finally be able to shut my eyes and sleep.

The music is so loud you can hear it on the streets, locals and tourists are surrounding the area. Making my way in and towards the bar I shout to the bartender, “Bud Lite, bottle, please.”

He nods his head in acknowledgement. I throw a ten-dollar bill on the bar when he slides the bottle my way. I take it and make my way further inside, not really looking to sit or dance, but just to see what all is going on.

Bodies are jam packed on the dance floor. There’s hardly any room, yet my eyes spot a girl with her hands up above her head, hair flowing down, body shaking, and she’s like a beacon of sunshine in a dark storm. When she turns around and her eyes meet mine with a smile on her face. I know it, this is the shit that made my brothers fall like a sinking anchor in the ocean.

“Damn,” I grunt out, as I make my way to her. Our eyes never leave one another’s. It takes some maneuvering, but I get to the woman I know will drop me to my fucking knees.

The beer still in my hand, my other snakes around her hip, grasping it, making her completely aware of my presence.

“I’m Audrey,” she’s on her toes as she stops dancing to tell me her name.

“Heath, pleasure to meet you,” I smile back at her. Audrey goes back to dancing, pulling me into her body. Our hips dancing to the rhythm she’s set, and I find myself following her lead.

I’m sunk, just like my brothers. I’m finding I may like this feeling after all.



Heath and I locked eyes as soon as we saw one another. I’ve never been this forward before, but something about his soulful grey eyes, the way his smile tilted up, how the dimple popped out on one side of his cheek, the golden bronze hair he has cut close on the side, yet messy on top. And he was looking directly at me.

When he got closer, feeling him against my body, so close you couldn’t fit a sheet of paper between us, his whole body surrounding my smaller frame. I felt every nuance, from his broad shoulders, down towards his tapered waist, and the not so unnoticeable bulge that had my fantasizing just how big he was everywhere else. Not to mention legs that seem to be just as muscular as the rest of him. Heath’s whole presence was surrounding me.

Our bodies together move seamlessly and effortlessly, as if we were meant to be on this dance floor.

I lick my lips, parched from dancing. Sweat glistening on both of our bodies, using my hand as a fan to cool myself off.

“You want a drink?” Heath questions.

“Yeah,” my voice is raspy, barely above a whisper.

“Let’s go then,” we move through the throng of people, his hand never leaves mine. It’s not a loose hand hold either, my hand is firmly ensconced in his, even squeezing my own every now and then when people try to break us apart. Heath never lets me go.

We stop abruptly at the bar, he dips down, leaning into me. Tingles shoot through my body when I think he’s going to kiss me. When he moves closer to my ear and asks, “What do you want to drink?”

“Sprite, please,” I huskily whisper into his ear. I thought maybe for a split second he didn’t feel the chemistry between us, but I know it’s a lie. From the way his body locked up when I was the one responding to his question. I know Heath feels the exact same way.

It makes me resent that I’m only here for another week, though who knows maybe he’s not from around here either.

“You got it, darlin’,” his hand slides out of mine and I instantly feel its loss.

I watch him bring his bottle of beer up to his lips as he takes a sip, the way his throat works, it shouldn’t look that sexy, but it all works for him. His hand moves to the small of my back, bringing me to stand in front of him.