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King (Rogue Rebels MC)

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Nicole Elliot

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I can’t let her go, no matter what. It’s just another job for the Club.
Until I walk in and see the one girl that got away.
Kidnapped, tied up, and gagged.
Oh hell no.
Nobody touches Valentina.
The only thing she should be tied to is my bed.
I remember how she used to scream my name.
How could I forget?
Those legs, those eyes, those lips…
I know her father sold her to the gang.
But she wasn’t for sale.
Try to take her from me.
My brothers and I?
We’ll kill you.
I’ll make them all pay for what they did to her.
Even her father.
I’m finally going to take what’s mine.

King is a super steamy motorcycle romance. It has a HEA and NO Cliffhanger.

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Chapter 1


This wasn’t the first time I saw Valentina Luis naked, but her body never failed to amaze me. Every time she undressed, it was like I was beholding her for the first time. It almost felt religious; sacred…she was flawless in her beauty. Her skin was the color of peaches and cream, perfectly smooth, and I ran my fingers over the shape of her. She was lying beside me, her breasts perky as she looked at me, stared at me…

Every time I breathed in, I got a whiff of her strawberry scented shampoo in the air, and it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

We were nineteen, and I knew Valentina had never been with anyone before me, so she was all mine. I possessed her. I reached out to play with her pale brown nipples, circling my thumb round and around them. Her soft lips parted, and she closed her eyes, throwing her head back in pleasure.

I caught her left nipple between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed, a low moan escaped her lips.

“You’re teasing me, Jesus,” she said throatily, with her head still thrown back and I smiled. I liked it when she called me by my name. My thumbs started stroking her nipples more, and she moaned again.

Valentina was still wearing her pink lace panties and had her thighs pressed together. I moved closer to her, feeling my cock throb in my boxers. Her father didn’t know about us, nobody knew about us…what was there even to know? We were sleeping together, I had taken her virginity, and now I was going to touch her pussy…that hot wet spot between her legs where no man had ever touched her before.

I slid my hand between her thighs now, and Valentina jerked her head back up to look into my eyes. Hers were large and brown and bright, I could see in them what she wanted, and she wasn’t shy about asking for it.

The insides of her thighs were soft, and I ran my hand over them, till I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy. I didn’t have to touch her panties to know that she was dripping wet. Gently caressing her thighs, my fingers traveled up, grazing her panties and then up her flat belly till they started circling her tiny belly button.

“Jesus! Please…” she moaned and threw her head back again.

“Not so fast,” I said gruffly.

She was my first too. I had always been a religious guy, it was the way I was brought up, and before Valentina, no girl was able to make me sway from my oath of celibacy before marriage the way she had. I was desperate for her, my body was ready and so was my mind, and the first time we had sex, it was explosive. Every time after got even better.

I reached for her nipples again, this time tugging at them and Valentina moved her hips, trying to convey to me what she wanted. I grinned as I leaned towards her breasts, and in a flash, my mouth was on her right nipple. She tasted just as sweet as she smelled, and my tongue stroked her nipple, sucked on it, nibbled and pulled.

Valentina moved, pressing herself against me, throwing her luscious chestnut hair over me as she positioned herself better. With one hand, I cupped her left breast, squeezing it and massaging it while my mouth remained latched to her other. I knew she liked me sucking her breasts; it made her even wetter.

We moved upwards, till she was pressed against the wooden bedhead and I continued to suck on her nipples, taking turns on each one. They were pebbled and erect in my mouth, and I licked and lapped till she was moaning wildly. I wedged my hand between our bodies, and my fingers traveled down till I was finally touching her pussy.

Her panties were wet, and through the thin lace, I rubbed her swollen clit, stroking it so that I knew she was ready for more.

“Jesus, please, I want you inside me,” I heard her say, as she weaved her long nails in my hair. My hair was long and dark, reached the middle of my back and she played with it, pulled it as I continued sucking on her nipples.

Gently, I pushed her panties aside and felt the warmth of her pussy in my hands. Valentina gasped from the touch, jutting her hips upwards to meet mine. My erect raging cock was pressed into her belly now, and she knew just how desperately I wanted her too.

I slipped a finger into her, pushing aside the folds of her pussy till I knew I was deep inside her. She gasped and moaned again, offering her body to me for the taking. I wanted her to come first. I wanted her to come several times before me because I worshipped her. Her pleasure was more important than anything else.

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