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Knocked Up and Punished

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Penelope Bloom

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“Yes, Sir.”
Two simple words changed my life.
One night. Complete surrender. Total submission.
That was supposed to be it, but there’s one complication,
I’m pregnant, and he has no idea.

She was like a bird with a broken wing… something small and delicate that wandered into my club, completely out of place and completely beautiful. One look and I knew I had to have her. I wanted to make her mine, to protect her, to claim her.

All these years and I have never taken a submissive, but that’s about to change. I’ll teach her how sweet surrender can taste, and I’ll show her how a real man treats a woman. She’ll learn that she’ll never feel as free or alive as when she’s cuffed and bound, completely at my mercy.

I’d sworn off dominant men, locked away my need for submission. I’d given my trust to one too many men who abused it, and all I wanted was to move on. To heal.

But one look at Jayce and I knew I’d never met a true dominant before. He radiated power and command. He carried the promise of something better–something real.

For just one night, I gave him what I thought I’d never give again: my submission. I let him take me and dominate me. I let him shatter my world with the heat of his body and the brush of his lips on my ear as he whispered the words that were my undoing. “You’re mine, princess.”

But he bound me in more ways than one that night. I’m pregnant, and he has no idea.

*As always, this is a totally SAFE, full length standalone book with a happily ever after, no cheating, and plenty of steam.

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Am I really going to do this?

My heart is thumping, my hands are clammy, and I can’t seem to catch my breath, but I’m here. I told myself if I just drove here, maybe the conviction would melt away. Maybe I’d realize how ridiculous I’m being and just go home–back to waiting for the next handsome tragedy to come walking into my life.

When I close my eyes I can still hear the sound of his shouting last night. I can feel the hot sting of pain on my cheek and the slow afterburn of shame that followed. His words still linger in my mind like poison. Fucking cry. That’s all you’re good at.

My hands clench and my eyes sting, but I hold back the tears. I push them back with the force of my anger alone. I won’t cry over him. I don’t care how much pain he caused me or that my eye is still dark and bruised from when he hit me. He doesn’t get any more of my tears.

I told myself I would stay away after Cade. He called himself a Dom and he called me his submissive. I trusted him to show me the kind of relationship I’ve craved in the deepest corners of my mind. Instead, he took advantage of me and abused me.

So I’m swearing off dominant men. But after one look at my overdrawn bank account, I can’t give up my job at the club. It pays triple what I could get anywhere else. Besides, my brother, Kyle, will be there to keep an eye on me, and if Cade has the nerve to show his face at the club again, I’ll just stay near Kyle until he’s gone.

I let out a slow, shuddering breath.

I can’t think about Cade. I won’t. It only makes me feel stupid and embarrassed. Ashamed, even, that after all this time I still can’t seem to pick the right guy.

I approach the front doors of the building, which is planted between an Italian restaurant and a abandoned movie theater. Two bouncers stand in front of the door in dark suits.

“Is Kyle here tonight?” I ask one of the men, whose name I still haven’t learned.

“Yeah,” says the taller of the two. “He’s working the floor tonight.”

“Thanks,” I say, slipping inside the door they open for me.

The interior of the club has an old speakeasy kind of atmosphere. A huge bar dominates the main room, and several staircases and curtained doorways extend beyond the main entryway. The men and women in the club are dressed in sleek and elegantly classy clothes that make my own outfit feel too simple and bland, but it’s the best I could put together with my budget. Some people wear masquerade style masks, but others make no effort to hide their faces. The club even smells expensive–like fancy liquor and cologne. Music thumps through the air that can only be described as erotic. The beat is driving and moves through everyone in the room, from the way the women move their hips as they cross the room to the way couples gyrate on the dance floor.

I feel so out of place here, but something draws me to this world. It’s like an invisible string that I can’t break free from–the farther I move from it the tighter the pull gets until I end up here again.

I tuck some hair behind my ear and start walking through the crowded club, unable to stop from brushing shoulders with people as I go. I find Kyle leaning against a wall by the bar. He’s wearing a tight black shirt and has a bored look on his face. He smiles when he spots me, but his expression falls when he notices my black eye.

He pushes off the wall and rushes toward me, concern written all over his face. “Where is he?” he asks.

“Stop,” I say softly. “I appreciate it. But I don’t want you to go trying to kick some client’s ass. We both need our jobs.”

“You think I care more about my job than my little sister?” His eyes are hard and piercing, already scanning the crowd for Cade.

“Kyle,” I say, putting my hand on his arm. “I just need you to keep him away from me if he comes back. Okay? Please let me try to fix the rest. Maybe I can convince the owner to ban him or something. But I need to do it myself,” I add more quietly.

He watches me for a long time before letting out a long breath and nodding, jaw clenched tight. “But if he tries to lay a hand on you, I’m going to break his fucking arm off.”

“Fine,” I say with a small smile. “Do you know anything about the owner?” I ask.

“You haven’t met him?”

“You have?” I ask, a little surprised. “I’ve only been allowed to meet the bouncers and the bartender since I started. I’m not even supposed to go into any of the rooms beyond the lobby yet.”

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