Kraken Under Pressure (Shifter’s Anonymous #3) Read Online M.J. Marstens

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When did my life become make-believe?
And all because I tried to stop being a sex addict, but thank my lucky dildos I am. Otherwise, I never would’ve met the men of my dreams. Or he friends ever (the sweetest titmouse and loveliest booby ever), but some major *sshats are trying to tear my world apart.
Namely, Dean Stiffd*ck and Dr. F*ckstick.
But I won’t let them hurt my loved ones, and now that I’m a mom, I’m not letting these wankers destroy everything that I hold dear.
I’m Belle Harper, and they messed with the wrong ho.


Chapter one


“Doctor, we're losing her!”

I double down on my concentration, intent on my task of saving the woman's life—as well as her babies. The nurse repeats her announcement in a second shout, making me scowl under my face mask. As if I need the reminder. I don't. Everything is on a precarious perch. The balance can tip one way or another—for better or for worse—depending on what I do next.

A tiny incision here—a flash of Belle’s vibrant hair.

An incision there—a flicker of the dead human woman's face.

I growl low under my breath, squinting my eyes hard to snap them back into focus. I thought the task at hand would drive every other thought from me, as well as all feelings and emotions. Instead, it's only heightened them. Danger presses in on me on all sides with every passing second as I come closer to losing another life. Tears sting my eyes, and I quickly blink them away, working furiously.

I couldn't save Belle, but I'll be damned if I don't save this human woman.

Finally, at long last, I pull the baby from the woman and pass it to a nurse—a nurse who is not a shifter and has been warned, but nearly drops the creature in horror. I barely give the furry newborn a cursory glance. I can contend with what it is later. Who knows what the Dean and his scientist have concocted. I have two other women who need my attention.

Hour after grueling hour, I do the exact same procedures until, one by one, the last three monstrous babies are delivered. I wipe the sweat from my brow, offering a prayer of thanks to the Gods of Emergency Surgery. Although attended by a barrage of nurses, I personally make sure all three women are in recovery. When I’m assured all are resting and well, I check on the woman who had the three-headed dog.

Cerberus, as Belle named him.

I’m beyond knackered, but trudge down the hall to her room, intent on seeing her. My mind needs verification that she’s alright before I pass out. Little Gryff's mum passed, creating an ache in my heart for her loss. It was not anything she should have ever suffered. I don’t want the same fate for Cerberus’ mum. The sorrow blossoming in my chest reminds me of my own loss. My mate is gone once more, but I trust Nestor—and the others—to get her.

I also trust Belle.

This isn't the first time that she's been captured by the Dean and his henchmen. If I recall correctly, she got herself free the last time. She might be human, but my Yank mate's no pushover. She’s brilliantly resourceful, and there's a lot at stake. I lean over the human woman, quietly checking her stats, making sure that everything is on the up and up. Once satisfied that she’s stable, I go to leave, but a hand grasps mine. The woman is now wide-awake. Her eyes alight with panic.

“Where's my baby?!” she gasps in distress.

“It's ok,” I soothe. “I'm Dr. Knight, and you’re at the hospital. Everything will be alright.”

“My baby—where is my baby?” she repeats.

I frown, unsure of what to say. I don’t want to upset the recuperating woman more. Her labor and seeing the other human mum die surely have created substantial mental trauma.

“Your baby is with some caregivers at the moment,” I answer vaguely, wondering how much she remembers.

Her eyes catch mine; steely resolve reflects in their brown depths.

“I want my baby—no matter what he is.”

So she does recall.

“I promise you, he's in the best hands. Right now, you need to rest in order to heal properly. If in a few days you would like to see your son, I will have him brought here,” I concede, knowing Sian and Elise aren’t going to like this—but it’s the right thing to do.

I think we just assumed her reaction would be like Gryffin's mum’s. One of disgust and repulsion for what she’s birthed. This woman is vastly different; she knows what her son is and still wants him. We must honor that. For the first time in a long time, a weary smile crosses my face. Belle might have named the little guy too soon. I doubt Cerberus would’ve been the woman’s first choice. Soothing the perturbed mum, I gently tuck her back into bed, staying until she falls asleep before walking out. Up ahead, a nurse is sprinting down the hall at me fast.