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Lace (A Material World #1)

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K.C. Wells

Meredith Russell

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When Shawn’s best mate Dave breaks up with his girlfriend, Shawn tries not to get his hopes up. After all, Dave’s still straight, right? Wrong. Dave reveals he’s bisexual, and that pounding you hear is Shawn’s heart. He’s loved Dave for so long, but he’s not about to jeopardize their friendship by telling Dave how he really feels.

But when Dave discovers Shawn’s little kink, it opens up a whole new chapter for the two friends. Except Shawn can’t help but worry – if there was no kink, would Dave be there? And is Shawn brave enough to find out?

A standalone short story of lust, lace – and love….

This is a standalone erotic romance for readers who are 18+. 24,460 words

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A Material World Series by K.C. Wells

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K.C. Wells Books

Meredith Russell Books

~ 1 ~

“You take sugar in your coffee, don’t you?” Shawn called out as he spooned coffee into the mugs.

“Nah, gave it up,” Dave called back. “I’m sweet enough.”

Shawn smiled to himself. Never a truer word was spoken. Dave was all kinds of sweet, always had been since they were kids. Shawn’s mum used to say Dave didn’t have a mean bone in his body, and she had a point. Dave was the peacemaker, the one who could always see everyone’s point of view, and as a result, everyone liked him.

Shawn really liked him, but that was another story.

He poured boiling water into the mugs, before reaching into the fridge for the milk. “You still haven’t told me what you’re doing here.”

He caught Dave’s snort. “Wow. Feeling the love. Do I need a reason to visit my mate on the weekend?”

“No, of course you don’t.” Shawn put the milk away. When he spied the packet of chocolate-covered biscuits standing next to the biscuit tin, he grinned. The way to a man’s heart, and all that. And the way to Dave’s heart was definitely chocolate.

Except his heart’s taken, remember? Caroline? The receptionist from the gym?

Shawn didn’t want to remember. Dave and Caroline had been dating for about three months, ever since Dave had taken the plunge and asked her out. Hence the reason why his visits had become more infrequent. Considering that he and Dave had previously spent a good deal of their weekends together, Shawn wasn’t coping well with the separation. Of course, it didn’t help matters that he’d been in love with his mate for virtually the whole time they’d known each other.

Not that I’m ever going to share that particular piece of information.

A lot of Shawn’s gay friends often told tales about seducing straight guys, but that just wasn’t Shawn. What made him even more sceptical was that a lot of their stories revolved around copious amounts of alcohol and subsequent loosening of inhibitions. When Shawn brought a guy to his bed, it had to be because they both knew what they wanted.

The thought made his heart sink. And when was the last time you brought a guy home? Long enough that he was thinking about buying shares in a company that manufactured lube…

Shawn pushed down hard on his brief flare of frustration, and carried the mugs and biscuits through to the living room where Dave was sprawled on the couch, shoes kicked off, long legs crossed at the ankles. Fuck. He had bare feet. There was something about bare feet that really pushed Shawn’s buttons.

Except that bare feet could be added to a list of Shawn’s buttons, and as buttons went, that was one of the more innocuous ones.

Dave craned his neck to look at Shawn, placing his phone face down on his belly. His eyes lit up. “Aw, choccy biscuits. Mate!” He scrambled into a sitting position and reached for the packet. “How did you know? God, I need a chocolate fix.”

Shawn chuckled. “When do you not need a fix?” He put Dave’s mug on the coffee table, before taking the armchair, curling up in it and tucking his feet under him.

Dave tore open the packet and the top biscuit shattered into a million crumbs all over his jeans, sprinkling themselves onto the carpet. “Fuck. Sorry.”

“Leave it. I’ll run the hoover round later.”

Dave nodded and tipped what crumbs were left carefully onto the table. He took out a biscuit and bit into it. “Mmm, plain chocolate. My fave,” he said around a mouthful of digestive. As he got another out of the packet, he sighed. “Can’t remember the last time I had chocolate.”

“Really? How many times have you been here and there hasn’t been chocolate in some form or another?” Then Shawn smiled. “I forgot. You haven’t been around here for a while.” He kept his tone light. It was the closest he’d get to censure, and the moment he said the words, he feared he’d gone too far.

Fortunately, Dave appeared to have missed that part. “Yeah, well, I’ve been watching my figure, haven’t I?” he said gloomily.

“What the fuck for?” Shawn gazed incredulously at Dave’s toned body, the well-defined arms, the muscled thighs encased in tight jeans. He knew exactly what that gorgeous body looked like—he’d seen it often enough when he accompanied Dave to the gym. Although he always made sure to avoid taking a shower at the same time as Dave.

Shawn didn’t need any more torture.

“Had to keep in shape for Caroline, didn’t I?” Dave huffed. “Not that it matters anymore.”


“Why not?” Shawn’s heart hammered as his mind leaped to the obvious answer. They’ve split up. He’s single again.

Not that either of those options did Shawn any good. There was no way he was about to make a move on his very straight best friend.

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