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His late awakening plus my years of pining equals one explosive reunion.

Five years ago, he was my history professor. The crush I had on the sophisticated, intellectual man morphed into love. As an older student and teaching assistant, I figured I’d take my shot. I asked him out as soon as the semester was over, only to find out he was married. Oh, and straight.
When he walks into the hotel, just as handsome as ever, the longing I thought was dead comes back hard and fast. I just have to get through his week-long stay, and then I can go back to forgetting he exists.
Until he drops the truth on me. Turns out, he’s not as straight as he thought, and the crush wasn’t one-sided. During his stay, we grow closer, but as the time comes to an end, I have to know, am I more to him than extra credit or is his Late Check In the real thing.

Late Check In is a former professor/student, single dad, small age gap, close proximity, bisexual awakening, quasi second chance romance. It is book 4 in the California Crush series, featuring endless sunny days, long stretches of beach, steamy nights, a colorful cast of characters, and men falling in love like waves crashing in the ocean. Book your vacation and meet the men of Hillcrest Hideaway.


Chapter One


“Did you bring the beer they asked for?” I ask as Fitz climbs in the back of my car and Atticus sits next to me.

“Yeah, we got a whole bunch,” Fitz answers.

As I drive, I think about everything that’s happened with London and Charles since Charles arrived at the hotel. I didn’t know London very well, but I knew a fuckboy when I saw one, and I didn’t think it would be so easy to lock him down. Now we’re about to go to their housewarming party in the little bungalow they bought a couple of months ago.

I want to be so happy for them, but honestly with everybody in the hotel coupling up, I’m wondering if I’m destined to be alone forever or if maybe I should just get over myself and stop pining for somebody I never had a chance with in the first place. It’s been literally years, and I haven’t been able to get over it.

“You’re quiet. What’s on your mind?” Fitz asks, bumping my arm from the backseat.

“Nothing, I guess.”

“‘Nothing you guess’ means something,” Atticus muses.

“It’s probably dumb.”

“Why don’t you tell us, and we can let you know if it’s dumb,” Fitz says.

“If anybody knows dumb, it’s Fitz,” Atticus says, earning a glare from his former friend.

We all took bets a few months ago that the two of them would somehow end up in love with each other, but we were very wrong. What is true though, is that they’ve managed to restore their friendship from many years ago, and they work well together. Theirs is definitely more of a brotherly relationship than a romantic one.

“Okay, I guess I could tell you guys. We all know I’m not exactly the type of guy who spends a lot of nights alone.”

Fitz snorts a laugh. “Go on.”

Shaking my head, I continue. “That works for me. You know, like, it’s intentional. I’ve never wanted to be tied down or anything.”

“But?” Atticus asks.

“But I always had plenty of people to hang around with. Now I’m getting to the age where everybody else is starting to couple up, and I’m not.”

“So are you feeling like you want to start dating more seriously?” Atticus asks.

“No. The truth is…” I pause, dragging my fingers through my hair. “The truth is I was in love with somebody once.”

“Oh, see, now we’re getting to the good part,” Fitz says.

“It was a long time ago, and he didn’t reciprocate it.”

“Are you sure?” Atticus asks.

“Very. He was my professor. I was his teaching assistant.”

“Oh, okay. So we got a little forbidden romance thing going on,” Atticus says.

“He was married.”

“Oh, you had an affair with him?” Fitz asks.

“No, guys. Not an affair. He wasn’t interested at all. He was married to a woman.”

“Oh, so not gay or bi or anything?” Atticus clarifies.

“Right. Married straight guy. He was also older than me.”

“Okay, so you’re pining for a married straight guy. Why?” Fitz asks.

“I don’t know how to explain why.”

“Try,” Atticus says. “We can’t help you if we don’t understand.”

Sighing, I nod. “There was this electricity between us, and I swear I’m not the only one who felt it. We spent way more time together than your average professor and TA needed to. As we got closer, you know, we talked about a lot of things, and I was positive that there was something there. A spark.”

“And then what?” Fitz asks.

“And then I stupidly asked him out one day. I didn’t know he was married. He never talked about his personal life. We just talked about life in general. He was the first guy that I felt like I could…” I pause, almost not wanting to admit it aloud, but it feels good to finally talk about it. “He made me feel like I could settle down with one guy. Maybe grow up a little. He made me want things that I didn’t know I wanted.”