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Leo Tops Aries (Signs of Love #1.5)

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Anyta Sunday

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Why did Theo ever bet that a Leo could outwait an Aries?

Blue balls have never been so blue.

Leo Tops Aries is a short, erotic follow-up to Leo Loves Aries (Signs of Love, #1).

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Signs of Love Series by Anyta Sunday

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Anyta Sunday Books

Overcoming your obstinacy is a tricky matter this week, Leo, but you won’t rest unless you do. Look toward compromise and tackle your stubbornness into submission. If you don’t, you’re in for some sleepless nights.

Was it him, or were his horoscopes becoming unnervingly accurate?

Theo closed the mail his mom had sent and tossed his phone on the gray pleated comforter he’d pulled over his naked lap.

He rested against the cool headrest and took in Mr. Jamie Cooper’s childhood bedroom: The rug Theo’s palms and knees ached to become intimately familiar with; the dresser Theo imagined pressing Jamie against as he sank to his knees; the framed, smartass posters THE COMMA and THE APOSTROPHE Theo wanted to rattle…

He fished his hand under the blanket and palmed his arousal. Three days without sex with Jamie was killing him.

Why did he ever bet that a Leo could outwait an Aries?

Jamie walked into the bedroom, towel from his shower slung low over his hips. He hadn’t bothered to dry himself and water dripped from his sandy hair and trailed over the planes of his chest.

Jamie stretched and his gently muscled stomach flexed. He dropped a hand to his treasure trail and played his fingers through it, dipping his fingertips under the towel into the fringe of his pubic hair. Theo’s breath caught in his chest.

Jamie spoke, voice low, controlled. “Sure you can outlast me, Theo?”

Theo snapped his drooling mouth shut and looked up at Jamie’s amused expression.

Plastering on his best bored smile, Theo shrugged. “You’ll ask for it first, Mr. Jamie Cooper.”

“We’ll see,” Jamie said nonchalantly. He unwrapped his towel and used it to scrub his hair and dry his chest. His cock swelled and stabbed the air toward Theo.

Theo’s dick punched the comforter. Torturously, Theo ignored it and laced his fingers behind his head. “Say I win, Aries, and you can fuck me any way you want.”

The heat in Jamie’s gaze sent goosebumps racing over Theo’s chest, perking his nipples; he clenched his fingers together to keep from tweaking them.

The towel slapped against the floor and Jamie climbed on top of him, a warm and satisfying weight. Leaning forward, Jamie bumped their noses. Amused gray eyes made Theo shiver.

The barest swivel of Theo’s hips had Jamie pressing his thick length against his. They’d be touching it if weren’t for the damn comforter! He swallowed a moan and grinned at Jamie.

Jamie’s mouth curved and he whispered a kiss against the bow of Theo’s mouth. “Tempting, Leo. But very little could top watching you squirm.”

Jamie rolled off him onto his side of the bed, leaving Theo hot and bothered and hornier than hell. Overcome his obstinacy? With Jamie so blatantly pushing all his buttons? Never.

Theo punched his pillow, switched off the side lamp, and wriggled under the covers. Barely five minutes of glaring at the dark ceiling had passed when little bursts of air seeped under the blanket. The mattress quivered. Jamie’s breathing came out strangled.

Jesus. This man would be the death of him.

Theo curled onto his side and pressed his nose against the nape of Jamie’s neck, breathing in his old wood and dark vanilla scent. “Need a hand, Jamie?”

Jamie groaned and the quivering grew more violent. He rolled onto his back, stroking himself long and slow and then short and fast. Theo’s dick throbbed. “I’m handling myself fine, Theo. But feel free to touch me if you can’t resist.”

“I can resist.” Barely.

“Suit yourself.” Jamie quickened his pace and groaned as he shot over his lower belly. He lay there, boneless, breathing a little choked. He winked at Theo and dragged himself to the bathroom.

Theo immediately shot his hand under the blankets and gripped his dick.

With a knowing grin, Jamie came back. He crawled over Theo and kissed the top of the arm that Theo had under the blanket. Theo stopped stroking.

“Don’t stop. Clearly you need to jerk off.”

Theo let go of his achingly hard dick and put both hands once more behind his head. “Nah, I’m good.” Whhhhhy?

Jamie shook his head, lips twitching. “Change your mind any time.”

“I can handle it.” Shoot him. Shoot him now.

Looked like this stubborn Leo was in for a sleepless night.

* * *

“Coffee,” Theo murmured to Jamie’s mom as he schlepped into the kitchen. “Please. Coffee.”

He jumped as fresh-faced Jamie appeared from behind the open fridge, chuckling. “Morning, kitten.”

Theo scowled at him. This bone-weary, aching tiredness was all Jamie’s fault. Damn him for being nigh irresistible.

Jamie hummed to the song trickling out the radio and spooned natural yoghurt into bowls.

“Coffee,” Theo pleaded.

“Out of coffee, I’m afraid,” Mrs. Cooper said, drying her hands on her apron. “All we have is tea.”

Theo rubbed his eyes and rested his forehead against the cupboard. In his peripheral vision, Jamie plucked a banana from the fruit bowl and peeled it slowly, smirking.

Theo slammed his eyes shut.

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